Random Thoughts Thursday

-I need to get back into my training plans because my half and full-marathons are getting closer by the day. I took a few days off for recovery and to deal with smoking cessation. Also, I just received this email from NYRR.

-Not sure if I’m a fan of folks coming back to the office. It has been so nice to live out my only child syndrome as the only person in my office suite.

-Looks like the heat is back.

-While I somewhat agree with the decision of not allowing Sha’Carri to run her individual event, I thought for sure she would be allowed to run the 4X100 relay. Hopefully, she can come back stronger than ever.

-Come on, people. I cannot go through another year of this pandemic sh*t.

-This meme cracks me up. I stay sitting on ready with my hydration by drinking at least 120 ounces of water a day. I never know if I need to be hydrated for a run or for a bunch of gin-based cocktails.

Question of the day:

-Have ever been so over something that you do not want to be around anything related/associated to that thing?

-How are you dealing with the working from home to working in the office transition?

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  1. I will admit in this safe space that I am looking forward to my husband maybe going back into the office one day a fortnight or something. I will call it only child syndrome, too, I like that! GIVE ME MY OWN SPACE, I need my massive house all to myself in the daytimes.

    I feel sad for Sha-Carri but I have been encouraged by the mainly positive news coverage I’ve seen of her. Such a shame she’s not doing the relay.

    And yes, I don’t want to look at any football ever. I haven’t watched a full match of the Euros, because Iceland weren’t in it and they’re my team. Then I wanted Spain to get through (my people, a bit) and now “we” are in the final and urgh. But I might have to watch just because it’s a sort of defining moment (I’m rubbish with football even though I work on sports books for my job, and ask my husband inane, stupid questions through the whole thing, just to make it even more fun). However, no punditry or reading about it afterwards. I am proud of the anti-homophobic, anti-racist stance of the team and its diversity, though.

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    • Lol. My hubby is a sous chef and was out of work for the 1st few months of the pandemic when many restaurants shut down. I’m surprised that we survived each other with my cranky ass working from home and him being home all day. This was one of the reasons why I asked my boss if I could work on site 3-5 days, provided that I get tested for Covid on a weekly basis. It made a world of a difference.

      This year (in NYC) the Euros have been very popular. Maybe it’s me, but it seems like more people are talking about them and more bars are showing the games than in previous years.

      Have a great weekend!

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      • Oh, cripes! At least mine was working, too, although he had a habit of wandering up to my office and interrupting me, and until he got different headphones I could hear him booming away on meetings all day. We definitely did our mandated hour of exercise at different times during the first lockdown just to escape each other!

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