Random Thoughts Thursdays

  • Is it me or did this week zoom by pretty fast?
  • So this happened today. 


  • Why is Amazon annoying? I needed to reset my password so I was sent a validation code to my email address, put in my validation code, was asked the expiration date of my credit card. Here’s the problem: I no longer have that credit card, and now I have to call them to reset my stupid account. Now, I don’t even want to order the damn item. 
  • I need to buy new underwear and t-shirts. Oh and some new work clothes. 
  • This weekend, I have a 10K race so I guess this race will be a litmus test to see if I can attempt this marathon in a few weeks. 
  • What is all the hype around the iPhone 11? No one really has been able to tell me what’s so great about it. That said, I probably should upgrade my phone, which is an SE. I rarely update my phone unless it is super damaged. Although my current phone is old as hell, it works fine and has no damages/cracks. Actually . . . my is having some battery issues. 
  • I love this album. 


  • My employment tuition exemption benefits kick in in a few months. I’m wondering if I should “go back” to school. I’m thinking of maybe an MS in higher education administration, Sanskrit, or feudal farming 😉
  • I’m back on 16:8 intermittent fasting and hitting the gym more often. Perhaps, I can lose a few pounds before Hawaii in a few weeks. 
  • Oh, I need to buy vitamins. 


NYC Marathon Training Update

Well I’m back . . . not really.

A week later, and my hip feels a bit better. This hiccup in my marathon training plan made me a bit depressed. I think my hateration has converted into marathon training FOMO/depression. I am a member of a couple NYC Marathon FB groups, and I was getting annoyed with folks’ weekend long run posts. What was I doing yesterday? Eating pizza and watching old episodes of “Married with Children”. Random: I love the episodes where the Bundys and the D’Arcys visited England. Over the past couple of weeks, I have not done much of any physical activity. Yes, I’m having a hip issue, but it really does not prevent me from doing other physical activities such as biking, stair climbing, or weight lifting. I think it’s just a case of me being lazy and unable to adapt to not training for NYC Marathon. Also, I have been overeating (and drinking) quite a bit over the two weeks. I’m sure gaining more weight will not make life easier when my injury heals.

That’s gonna change TODAY.

I’m going to try my hardest to start 16:8 fasting again and hitting the gym at least 4 times a week. Although the NYC Marathon may be out of the question, I am going to Hawaii next month. I really do not want to be swimming or hot-tubbing with a shirt on (even with my tinea versicolor spots).

Keep hope alive

I am still on the fence about NYC Marathon. According today’s email, NYRR has informed me that I have the Grete’s Great Gallop 10K this Saturday. I guess that I can use this race/gallop to see where I am with this hip thing. Since we are about a month away from NYC’s marathon, I’m hoping that I can run at least half of it, and run/jog/walk/crawl/uber the rest of it. I wonder if NYRR will let me smoke during the marathon if I decide to walk the second half. It feels a bit of a waste to “defer” until next year and pay the registration fees again. Y’all know that I’m cheap as hell. Ok, time will tell.

Trying not to cry over the spilled milk – Madrid 2020

If the hubby wants to visit his family in Spain during the spring; perhaps, I can tack on the Rock n Roll Madrid Marathon to the trip. It would be nice to run an international marathon; I’ve only run a half marathon in Montreal. Well, I was supposed to do the full marathon, but I was injured (of course). Eh, we’ll see. Madrid’s marathon looks like it will take you all over the damn place. 

Screen Shot 2019-09-30 at 11.05.52 AM

Since I am not really running, what the hell do I write about in a running blog?!!!

Random Thought: Quickie Post

It has been a while since my last post, but I was living in Hatersville, USA. 


I think it’s official that I will not be running the NYC Marathon. My hip is still bothering me, and I was pretty much told to let it rest for a couple more weeks. By the time it heals, there will not be much time to finish training. I believe we are 38/39 days away from the marathon. Oh, well I guess. Had I known this was going to happen, the hubby and I could have planned a longer Hawaiian vacation. 

Oh, to stay on theme with Random Thursdays. Yeah, I know that it’s Friday. I have been noticing these random ass patches on my shoulders and back. taSVjpV6SzCG92x5%M+ciw_thumb_363d

It turns out that I have tinea veriscolor.

Tinea versicolor is a common fungal infection of the skin. The fungus interferes with the normal pigmentation of the skin, resulting in small, discolored patches. These patches may be lighter or darker in color than the surrounding skin and most commonly affect the trunk and shoulders. Tinea versicolor, which is also called pityriasis versicolor, is not painful or contagious.

The fungus that causes tinea versicolor can be found on healthy skin. It only starts causing problems when the fungus overgrows. A number of factors may trigger this growth, including:

  • Hot, humid weather
  • Oily skin
  • Hormonal changes
  • Weakened immune system

Just fuckin great. 

Have a damn good weekend. 

Random Thoughts Thursday (Hater Edition)

  • I’m a bit in hater mode. Since I’m injured, I have major FOMO seeing folks’ training updates on their blogs and social media.
  • Why in the hell does TicketMaster charge a goddamn $13 service fee? I’m going to a show in a few weeks. The tickets are around $39 which makes the service fee is like 30% of the ticket price. FYI, I’m pretty cheap when it comes to live shows. There is no one that I’m going to pay more than $100 bucks for a ticket. Hell, nowadays, artists’ concerts are on Youtube.
  • Oh, I’m going to see this nut.
    • “No, no era yo. La que lloraba amargamente abandonada en un rincon. No, nunca fui yo. La que vivia de migajas y sobras de amor.”
  • This is how I feel during my post-work commute when I take the bus. I don’t get why people bring so much crap with them on the bus.


  • I think that I’m going to remove my work email account from my phone. I wonder if there is a way to stop work emails from going to my phone between the hours of 7 pm and 6 am? I guess I could always put down the freakin phone.
  • I know mental illness is not a laughing matter. Buuuuuuut. Can I go ONE day without being harassed by someone wanting something? I guess that I should be thankful that I do not have any mental issues (for the most part), but damn. This is partially related to my job because I spend most of my day answers questions from or about my students. 
    • Oh, the other day, I was called a not so nice word because I would not give a person a cigarette (I was down to two) or money (who carries cash nowadays?).
  • I think that I need an NYC break. Fortunately, I have some work trips lined up – Hawaii in October and Anaheim (Disneyland) in November.
  • Why must people bike on the FREAKIN’ sidewalk? If you are too scared to ride a bicycle on the street (especially those with bike lanes), then don’t ride a bike.
  • How much money would you spend on the medical care of a pet? One of my Facebook friends’ FOURTEEN-year-old dog has been through T-cell lymphoma (or was it leukemia), THREE rounds of chemo, and at least eight blood transfusions. The chemo has caused some kidney failure, hence all of the blood transfusions. As a dog lover (well a floppy-eared dog lover), I totally understand that pets are a part of the family, but it just seems like this person’s family is prolonging the inevitable. Talking about: send thoughts and prayers. Maybe God is trying to call the dog home, but y’all keep blocking his attempts.

Food Pic of the Week

Miss Mamie’s Spoonbread Too (***)

2366 W 110th Street, NY, NY 10025  

Bring me some soul food!!!!


Sorry for the blurry picture, but I was too hungry to mess around with my camera and take a sharp photo. Well . . .  I was a bit drunk so the blurriness probably looked normal to me. Actually, this new brand of contact lenses sucks because by 10/11 pm they get all gunky which causes cloudy vision in one or both of eyes. On one hand, I have not slept with these contacts because the cloudy, late, night vision annoys me to the point where I have to put on my eyeglasses by 10/11 pm.

Ok, I got way off the point.

I dropped by this restaurant after some boozing on the Upper West Side, technically I was in Hamilton Heights. I have not been to this restaurant for a LOOOOONG time. I believe my last visit was back in 2003. Because of the crappy food and “attitudie” service staff, I swore it off. Sixteen years later, I came back. I will say that I was thoroughly pleased with my most recent visit. The picture above is the soul food sampler, which comes with fried chicken, catfish, some “ribs”, and three sides. Everything was amazingly good. Also, my drunk ass had a nice little time chatting with the folks at the adjacent table. I’m surprised because the most recent Yelp reviews give this place a one star . . . out of five. Either I was really drunk and did not mind the food, or I visited the restaurant on one of it’s few good days. That said, I probably should go back in another 16 years so I will not risk having another bad experience.

HA! What a small world. One of the managers knew my grandfather and his cousin from his time in VA.

Random Thought Thursday – Marathon Training

Now that I have finished five weeks of training for TCS NYC Marathon, I can share some insights about my (lack of) progress.

Training in General:

  • Training has been going so so. I have been sticking to my long runs (with the exception of this weekend), but I could be a little more focused on my weekday, shorter runs . . . especially if want to get faster.
  • I am not a morning runner, but I’m definitely not a post-work runner either.
  • Do foam rolling and ice baths actually work? I’ve done ice baths after my last three long runs and have not really observed any changes/increases in recovery.
  • I have really enjoyed incorporating swim days into my training seasons. Perhaps, I will try to find a cheap, indoor pool so I can continue to swim during the fall and winter. During the summer, NYC has an open lap swim program, but all of the pools (or the ones closest to me) are outdoors so this will not be a suitable option for winter in NYC.
  • I have been kind of indifferent to my training runs. Since I have this Hawai’i to New York flight two days before the marathon, I’ve resigned on the idea that I’ll get any type of PB for this marathon. Looks like this will be another “run how you feel” marathon.
  • I have not been complaining about the heat that much.
  • Honestly, I do not miss logging runs with a wrist GPS tracker.
  • I have not kept up my commitment to running with my running groups. One group meets after work, but I feel like I’m too slow for the other group that meets in the morning. Actually, I’m going to try . . . again to run with these groups.
  • Lordy, I had to mute a couple of Facebook NYC Marathon groups that I follow. I swear people need to learn how to read and search for information before asking simple questions. This was apparent when NYRR opened the transportation and baggage options for the marathon. Folks were freaking out left and right. Sh*t like:

How do I get from my hotel to the ferry or bus?

I’m pretty sure that you can use Google Maps or even MapQuest. 😉

  • Oh, while I’m being a hater. An administrator of one of the Facebook NYC Marathon groups is planning a gift exchange the day before the marathon, which is a cool idea. HOWEVER, the person is like if you sign up for the gift exchange and do not come to the exchange, there will be SEVERE consequences.

Like what the hell is he gonna do? Bash my knees if I don’t bring the gift? download.jpeg

  Call my father and tell on me? Put me in marathon jail?

Probably one of the weirdest songs on my long run playlist.

  • What do with all of those race medals? Convert them into refrigerator magnets. That was my arts and crafts plan during one of my days off, but I ended up running errands and drinking wine all damn day.
  • I’m really on the fence of switching from Crunch Fitness to New York Sports Club (NYSC).  I have been a member of Crunch Fitness since 2008/09 and have been fortunate enough to live and work close to few locations. However, now, the nearest Crunch gym is a bit out of the way (40 or so blocks) from work AND my apt. Yes, I know, first world problems. Why should I drag my ass 40+ blocks, if there are TWO NYSCs within walking distance to my apt and job? I will admit that on Monday, this kind of pissed me off.


I dragged my ass 40 blocks and THREE avenues to this adversity?!!’

Also, NYSC is slightly cheaper, and word on the street is that NYSC has special deals if you are switching gyms. I just gotta double-check how many NYSCs are available with the passport membership.

If you have any fall races on the calendar, how is your training going?