Random Thoughts Thursday

Why is it such a struggle for me to start a morning run?

-The alarm clock does not go off. Now that the hubby has lost a few pounds on the Whole 30 diet, he does not snore as much so his snoring doesn’t wake me at 3, 4, and/or 5 am. Also, the nightly fireworks that would run from 10 pm to 3 am have stopped (thank the Lord). 

-I can never find all of my running stuff. Where’s the other sock? Where’s the other calf sleeve? Where’s the running tank that does not make me look like a big rig? This still happens even when I lay out things the night before. 

-I (or someone else) misplaced some things, e.g. keys, wallet, shoes, and I have to spend 10 minutes finding them. Once, I found my keys in the freaking freezer.

-My iPhone and/or Apple Watch battery is low, and I have to spend 30 minutes to charge these devices 

-I’ll bullsh*t on Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter for a hot minute. Those “unusual facts” Buzzfeed articles are addictive. 

-Sometimes I make the mistake of checking work email before heading out, and I’ll answer one or two important emails. Then I’m like, while I’m here with the laptop open, I might as well answer these other emails. Next thing I know, I composing and sending emails for the next hour. 

-I get all of my clothes on and ready to head out, and my body tells me that I have to poop . . . again. I normally poop as soon as I wake up, but sometimes I have two to three rounds of pooping before leaving the apt. 

-Ok, I’m out of the apt and making my way to the park. Crap, I forgot my bottle of water, mask, and/or Apple Watch.  

-Crap, one side of my earphones does not work, so I gotta buy a new pair from a random bodega. 

Speaking of earphones for the newer iPhones. Why do some of the wired earphones require Bluetooth? Or did I buy some bootleg earphones?

What things prevent (or rather delay) you from starting your morning run?

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Weekly Runcap

Now that it has finally hit home that NYC Marathon has been canceled, I’ve been at a bit of loss about what do next. Actually, I know what to do next . . . coming up with a plan is the troubling part. Right now, I’m pretty much running just to run, which might not be such a bad thing. It might be a nice change of pace (no pun) to run without being tied down to an actual running plan. Since I am still getting my bearings about my next training steps, I’m not going to give a day by day description of what I did last week. I will say that I have been (unsuccessfully) trying to slow down to run fast. Well . . . It’s not I can slow down much more since I’m already a bit out of shape. Outside of running, I’m still doing a combination of Shaun T’s Insanity and Cize or Hip Hop Abs. 

Virtual Running Challenges

It looks like hell has frozen over, and I’ve signed up for and PAID for two virtual running challenges for the remainder of the summer. 

NYCRuns Subway System Challenge will have registrants run the entire distance of the NYC subway system, which is about 245 miles. 

One NY Virtual Challenge will have runners run from Buffalo, NY to NYC. Since this distance is 1000K, I probably will not complete this challenge with the remaining time left in the summer, but I would like to see how far I can go. According to the distance that I’ve have entered so far, I would need to run 9.48 miles per day for the next 56 days.  Yeah, that probably will not happen. 

Whole 30 Diet


Last week, I mentioned that the hubby has started us on the Whole 30 diet (Link, ***). We’ve been on it for about a week now, and I’m starting to see some positive effects (with exercising) even though I am not 100% following it. I’m still drinking, and yesterday, I had half of an amazing pizza, but I’ve lost about five pounds over the past couple of weeks. I think the hubby has lost a couple of pounds too, and he is not snoring as much lately, which means I’m getting more sleep too. One piece of TMI, I’ve noticed that my poops are a bit “cleaner’. 

Random running shots from the week

What are folks’ experiences with massage guns?

Screen Shot 2020-07-06 at 8.11.48 AM

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Random Thursday – Fireworks

So are these nightly fireworks just people celebrating (whatever) or a conspiracy?

As some people may have seen and heard (emphasis on heard), folks in NYC and other major cities throughout the U.S. have been shooting fireworks every night for the past few weeks. Often the fireworks start around 8 pm and go on until 2, 3, 4 am. I think I heard the last one go off around 4:12 am this morning. Quite frankly, this has been pissing me the hell off. 

The Gothamist reported, using data from NYC 311 (our hotline to complain about crap in the city), that the number of fireworks complaints significantly increased this year compared to others. 


With 6,000+ complaints so far, over 60 times more than the total number of complaints for the past five years, something definitely is going on in 2020. 

A few possible explanations about the increased number of fireworks. 

Ain’t sh*t to do theory

People have been quarantined for the past few months, and folks are just blowing off steam. Since clubs, bars, lounges, and other forms of public entertainment are defunct for the foreseeable future, shooting fireworks is an easy form of entertainment outside of the house. Can’t folks watch Netflix? You can drink, smoke, and carry on with friends while launching them. Since many 4th of July and other summer celebrations have been canceled due to this pandemic, firework retailers have been selling fireworks at dirt cheap prices. Some retailers even have buy one, get two (or three) free deals for certain large types of fireworks. 

Protest theory

The last few weeks have marked the rise of many protests and movements against police brutality and racism in the U.S. (as well as in other countries). I guess the fireworks are supposed to be another form of protest. 

Since many of these protests have called for initiatives to defund police departments, this is a way for local police departments to show citizens that they are in fact needed. I guess this could be considered a protesting the protesters theory? Kind of like the Blue Flu (a type of strike by law enforcement when a large number use sick leave at the same time). Social media outlets have shown fireworks going off right in front of police precincts with law enforcement pretty much doing nothing to stop it. In my neck of the woods, I know for a fact that some have been going off right in front of a firehouse and near a police precinct. Here’s a video of fireworks being set off right in front of a Brooklyn firehouse (link: ***)

Government Psychological Warfare

There have been some murmurings that the light and noise from the fireworks are being used to desensitize us to the future increase of police and/or military force. Basically, if we hear fireworks on a nightly (and early morning basis) over a month or two, we will not notice when the police (or other entities) start firing military-grade weapons. I’m not sure about this one for this case, but I do know that the U.S. military often uses this technique. However, there have been several nights where I was like are those fireworks or gunshots. Proponents of this theory feel that the nightly fireworks are way too elaborate (and numerous) for random folks to shoot them for sh*ts and giggles. A couple of folks on Twitter had mentioned there were unattended trucks containing firework randomly left in their neighborhoods. Kind of how drugs and guns were left on cargo trains that mysteriously broke down near poor neighborhoods during the early 80s. Unfortunately, these folks did not show any pictures of the firework containing trucks in the post, so who knows. 

Perhaps, there is a combination of these factors contributing to this massive increase in fireworks. I guess we’ll see what the next few weeks will bring. However, I really hope this crap ends soon because I would like a full night of sleep. Then again . . . Since I’m waking up earlier, I am starting work at 5 am, which means I finish the majority of my work by 1/2 pm. 

What do you think? The increase in the number of fireworks is a conspiracy or Nah?

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NYC Marathon (???) Training 2020 Week #2

Well, the word is out, and we know that the TCS NYC Marathon is not going to happen in Nov.

NYC Marathon

Courtesy of The New York Times

Although many folks are upset, I agree with the New York Road Runner’s (NYRR) decision not to hold this international, multi-day, 50,000+ runner event. Also, I’m glad NYRR let us know in June (and at the beginning of most folks’ training plans) rather than waiting until Sept or Oct to cancel. I will say that NYRR has provided some very fair deferment offers. One can claim a guaranteed entry for ’21, ’22, ’23. Also, one can receive a full refund of his/her entry fees or donate the fees to NYRR’s outreach programs. 

Even though I kind of knew that the marathon was going to be canceled, I had planned to train for it and to run the second half the marathon’s course on Nov. 1st. I think that I’m going to modify this plan because I am not in any kind of shape to train for a marathon. I gotta face facts. 

The main reason for changing this plan: I’ve gained a good 10 pounds since March, which has made me super slow . . . not that I was a super-fast runner. This is really sad because I was LOSING weight while training for Madrid’s Marathon, which was supposed to be held in April. Stupid pandemic. Overall, my cardio “strength/power” has significantly gone down over the past few months in quarantine. At this point, I can hardly get through 3 miles without taking a walk break. So I do not see myself doing any type of long run (10+ miles) anytime soon. Rather than training for a full marathon, I think that I’ll focus on training for a half marathon with emphasis on improving my cardio stamina.


Planned: Rest day

Completed: Shaun T’s Insanity (22 min) and Hip Hop Abs (31 min)

I tried Shaun T’s Insanity back in the day and had decent results until screwing up my lower back. This time around, I am being a bit more cautious and modifying moves to the “backbreaker” exercises. I honestly thought that Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs would be a bit more intense, but I think I’ll just do this as a form of a cool down from Insanity. 



Planned: 4 mi

Completed: 1 mi 

It was just one of those days. NYC recently moved into Phase 2 of reopening the city. I started out on my usual route in Central Park, but I just was not feeling it because the outer Central Park loop was just way too congested with adults, kids, and dogs. Also, I started the run around 4 pm and just was not super motivated. Hey, something is better than nothing . . . I guess. 


Planned: 5 mi

Completed: 4.25 mi

Central Park

I did some easy, “fast” loops on the makeshift track in Central Park’s Great Hill. I did not finish this workout because my phone and Apple watch keep buzzing with 80 million people telling me that NYC’s Marathon was canceled.  

Oh, I had a pre-birthday party with some neighbors from our apartment building. We went a little nutty with the bday cake. 



Planned: 3 mi

Completed: Shaun T’s Insanity and Hip Hop Abs

I woke up a bit late . . . Hey, it was my birthday, and I figured that it was ok to sleep in. Although I did not do a run, I did a couple of my Shaun T workouts. Since it was my bday, the hubby and I headed to Jacob Riis Beach for a few hours in the sand and surf.

The “No Swimming” sign in the middle scared the crap out of me. I was trying to be bougie and rented a Zipcar rather than taking public transportation to this beach. It takes about 45 min to drive to this beach versus ~ 2 hours to take public transportation. I would have been pissed if I spent money on a car rental to just sit on the beach. I’m one of those people who must go into the water when visiting a beach. I know that some folks are content with sitting and chillin’ on the sand. Fortunately, a few minutes after setting up shop on the sand, we saw some folks swimming. OMG. The water was soo refreshing because it was the perfect temperature . . . just a couple of degree above ice cold. 

This year, some friends and family threw me a surprise Zoom bday party. As most folks know I’m not a huge fan of Zoom parties, but it was nice to kind of hang out.

Birthday Cake

A yummy three-layer red velvet birthday cake. So much for losing a few pounds. 


Planned: Rest

Completed: Rest, I was quite hungover from my bday celebration. 


Planned: 9 mi

Completed: 3.58

The plan seemed simple enough. Run south along the Hudson River, make my way to Central Park, and run back to Harlem through the Park. 

It was this run that made me kind of decide that I need to stop wasting my time and pretending that I’m in decent enough shape to train for a full marathon. I was weak, tired, and uninterested in running to Harlem once I hit Central Park. Hell, I was all sweated out BEFORE starting the damn run. Once I reached Central Park and knew that I was not planning to run a single inch, I texted the hubby to meet somewhere in Harlem for brunch. 

Brunch at Settepani, Harlem, NYC

As you can see, the champagne brunch really lifted my spirits.


Planned: Rest

Completed: Insanity and Hip Hop Abs

I think that I figured out ONE of the many reasons why I have been such a struggle running lately. My hip flexors are extremely weak, which I noticed while doing Hip Hop Abs. 

Well, that was my week, which was filled with struggling runs, some HIIT, a pandemic bday celebration, and brunch. 

Random question:

In your neck of the woods, have folks been going crazy with fireworks for the last two weeks? By crazy, I mean shooting fireworks from 8 pm till about 3/4 am EVERY-FREAKING-NIGHT?


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Random Thursdays

-I’m saying it. I don’t think NYC Marathon is happing. As a matter of fact, NYRR just should call the fall racing season a wash. That said, I would not mind a spring NYC Marathon, but I realize that the logistics of postponing a marathon of this magnitude would be a nightmare. 

-#WFH. It looks like my office will not open before July 15. 

-Not sure how much of this quarantine I can take. Well, I don’t mind working from home, but not really being able to do anything socially is the annoying part. Y’all know that I do enjoy a nice brunch and general late weeknight slorin’. Also, y’all know that my pessimistic a** will continue social physical distancing until Feb. 2021 because we have a couple more of these COVID-19 infections coming our way. 

-Why would Mel’s do this to me?


Although my Bday is June 25th, there’s no that this bar will be open by that date. That said, $40 for a 4-hour all you can drink is a pretty damn good deal. 🤷🏿‍♂️ The bar probably sent this because they know there’s no way that they’ll be able to honor the deal. Sneaky, sneaky. 

-Or just anything in general during this quarantine. 


-I’m glad (I think) that my back is fine. It does feel nice not to fear sneezing. However, I am a bit scared to start running again because it seems like I get an injury every time that I get into a nice running groove. It does feel nice not to fear sneezing. 

-Oh yeah. Last week was the 9 year anniversary of my hooding ceremony. 

ooIcpesDTG2YtO6fuSudjA_thumb_4821Looking back at this, I wish that I was not “too cool for school” and purchased the damn digital pics of the event. The picture above is one of the proofs. Actually, I think my parents did buy a package. I’ll have to check on that. 

An LOL at the hooding ceremony. NYU hosted a little breakfast before the ceremony for the PhD and MS/MA folks who were getting their hoods. At first, I was not going to attend bc the breakfast was at 8:30 am and figured that breakfast was going to be bagels, pastries, stale a** coffee, and watered down a** juice.  Oh boy, was I surprised when I arrived at Lincoln Center for the breakfast. By “breakfast”, NYU meant COCKTAILS . . . at 8:30 am. They were serving champagne, mimosas, screwdrivers, and bellinis. Although I’m a bit of a lush, I will say that the quiches and crabcakes were pretty tasty. Also, the bartenders had very HEAVY pours for the booze. No wonder NYU is considered the party school of the elite NY schools. I got my drank on . . . at 9am. After receiving my doctoral hood, here was my internal dialogue

Me {After receiving my hood}: I gotta pee. Ok, my last name starts with the letter O, and they are announcing S’s so we should be done soon.

Me {again}: F*CK! Thy still have to hood all of the MS/MA folks.

{Looks back and sees a sea of folks in purple waiting to be hooded}

Me: Why did I have all of those damn screwdrivers before this thing?

Me {random}: Where will my family and I have lunch after this thing? I guess I can distract myself from peeing by finding a decent restaurant on the Open Table app that will accept last-minute lunch reservations for a party of 10.

Let’s just say that I could not WAIT until the 3 hr ceremony was over because homeboy had to p*ss like nobody’s business. Then, finding the stupid restroom was a whole ordeal.  

-I wonder if I should show up to my Zoom meetings like this?

Over it
The epitome of over it.

What randomness are y’all up to?

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Random a** Thursday

-Ugh, COVID-19

-It never fails. I start running again, then get another injury within a few days. Fortunately, I think this injury will resolve itself in a couple of days. I probably slept in a weird position on the sofa and pulled a muscle in my upper back. 

-LOL. Last weekend, I sat on a panel to discuss how to explore non-academic careers with a Ph.D. One of the attendees made my day with this comment about me on Twitter.


To be honest, several people have asked me if I do voiceover work or if I sing, especially now that I’m constantly holding more Zoom meetings. Something to consider. Eh . . . I’m too lazy to figure out how to do it. 😉

-This Pandemic board game is too intense.

It took us about 45 minutes, which included viewing a 7 min YouTube clip, to learn how to play, and I’m not 100% sure that we were playing correctly. I mean, the instructions consisted of an 8-page, 8×11 booklet. I needed a freaking smoke and a stiff cocktail to get through it. 

Unfortunately, we ran out of basil leaves so I could not properly prepare my DIVOC cocktail. 

-It’s strange that I thought I would have more time for side projects during WFH, but it seems like there is never enough time for everything.  Some of my side projects include updating my professional website and LinkedIn profile, starting a biomed/higher education blog, making infographics of my previous scientific projects, and taking some more LinkedIn Learning courses. After looking at computer screens all day, I’m just out of steam by 6pm. 

-It’s a tough one between Aaliyah and Mary J, but a slight edge will go to Aaliyah. 


-Oh I attended my first Zoom party (for Eurovision), and it was not too bad. I just wish the host of the party did a couple of test runs to work out his Zoom issues, but it was decent attempt. I’m still not 100% sure why/how Israel and Australia compete in Eurovision.

-I know this is probably super ignorant, but I did not know that black folks lived in Israel. 


This Eden Alene the would-be Israeli representative for Eurovision 2020.  

-Speaking of Eurovision. Because of COVID-19, 2020 is the first time that Eurovision has ever been canceled in its 60+ year history. 

-Eh that’s all the randomness for me today. 

Getting Back to the Grind . . . I think

Quarantine running

Getting back into quarantine fitness has been a bit slow, but I went on a few runs last week. I will say that it was nice getting back out there, but it was tough because

  • I have not done anything physical in April,
  • It’s tough running with a buff around your face. 
running, central park

Central Park running.

It pretty much did my standard 6.1 ish mile run in Central Park.


It was a bit tough getting back into the flow because it was quite hard breathing through the buff. At certain times, with the accumulation of sweat, running felt like a light version of waterboarding. 

Also, I definitely felt the effects of not running (and chain-smoking) for an entire month. I ran easy intervals (0.75mi on and 0.25mi off) for my 6.1mi loop. Before my running hiatus, I was experiencing some pain in the lower part of my left leg. I figured that the month off would have been beneficial; however, I’ve noticed that the pain is back. 😦 So, I am a bit concerned about this pain and not sure what to do about it. . . if I can do anything about it.  Perhaps, my quarantine life weight gain is putting extra stress on my almost 40 years old bones. 

Below is the elevation map of Central Park’s 6.1 mi outer loop. 


Perhaps, I should have started running a flatter course and built up to Central Park’s rolling hills. Whatever is going on with my leg, I need to figure it out because I would like to begin training for NYC’s Marathon  . . . which probably will not happen. But, better safe than sorry. Also, I would like to get back to my 2020 resolution of running a half marathon every month, with the exception of April. 

Random question: Is it too soon to award virtual race medals in the form of coronavirus particles?


Have you been running with a mask? If so, how has it affected your running?

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Random Thoughts Thursday

Yeah, I have not been posting regularly because nothing really has been going on. I will say that I’m very grateful that I have my health, a job, food in the fridge, and a roof over my head. Things definitely could be a lot worse so I’ll try to keep that in mind as I start my bullet points of rants. 

  • First things first, I am so over this quarantining, but I understand why it has to be done. 
  • I have been a bit in a crabby mood, because I’m supposed to be somewhere in Spain drinking like a fish, eating like a pig, smoking like a chimney, and recovering from Sunday’s marathon.  
  • Not to be a hater (although it is what I do best), but I do not think NYC’s Marathon is happening on Nov. 1. I hope that I’m really wrong. That said, I will train for it anyway. 
  • My fitness has gone downhill during the month of April. I do not think that I have done anything besides work, eat, drink, smoke, and sleep. 
  • BUT, I plan to get on some kind of fitness regimen starting May 1. Instead of flattening the curve, I need to start flattening my belly. 
  • Since everyone else is doing it (at least on Twitter), I dyed my hair for sh*ts and giggles. Nothing too crazy. 

hair dye

  • Is it me or does it seem like people what to meet more frequently because of this  COVID thing? Um, every comment, concern, or email does not require a Zoom meeting, a new Slack channel, and/or a new task force/committee. f9d20d44-cbd9-44ad-a2ed-c29a598bece9_text.gif

To be perfectly honest, I hate the term ‘task force’. How is that any different than a committee . . . or even a quorum?

  • During this thing, I think the hubby and I have watched almost every episode of Law & Order: SVU. Now, we are weaning ourselves off of SVU, by binging Survivor. 
  • Speaking of Survivor, it sucks that Hulu only has partial seasons. What am I going to do with episodes 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, and so on? 
  • Oh, never ever order wines from Nakedwines.com. We ordered a 12-bottle crate of wine, and ALL of the wines so far (we’re on bottle #7) have been crappy. I guess you get what you pay for. Well . . . one bottle does not count because I used the Rosé to make Frosé. 


My take on the frosé, which I call the Frosei (a combination of Frose and my middle name, Osei). While cleaning the apt, we found quite a few happy hour vouchers. Game on once this COVID19 thing is over. 

  • Back to the crappy wines. I have a very strong suspicion that one of the wines made my pee burn. I wake up one morning, and I’m like great . . . I have a hangover AND my piss burns. The wines are so bad that I really want to send them back to the company; they would not even have to give me a refund. 

Screen Shot 2020-04-28 at 11.11.56 AM.png

Adios, mi amigo. 

  • The hubby did an amazing job with his first pineapple upside-down cake. 


Enough stalling, time to get to work. 

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Is this thing over yet?

I think that I have hit the wall regarding this coronavirus-induced isolation because Monday I woke up in a crabby mood, which lasted all damn day. I kind of miss having physical, personal connections with folks . . . even with those whom I do not like that much. 😉


I find that coffee and whiskey sometimes helps.

wfh, whiskey


I have been trying to bike the outer loops of Central Park, which really helped out my hip a bit. Now, I just have to worry about the pain in my lower leg. I think the hip and leg pain were caused by my WFH crappy chair; however, my new office chair arrived the other day. Hopefully, my leg will get a little better because I would really like to get back to running very soon. I have a feeling that legs are important when trying to run. In order to keep up with my 2020 resolution of running a half-marathon every month, I have to run 13.1 miles at some point in April. 

Speaking of running. I have a feeling that I will be extra bummed out in a few days because I was supposed to running Madrid’s marathon in a couple of weeks. It looks like  the EDP RNR Madrid’s mascot, Runerto, is still keeping active en casa. 

runerto, edprnrmadrid, marathon,

I’m still a bit confused: why would a mascot from Spain have the name Runerto? Since the spanish word for run is correr, shouldn’t the bear’s name be something like Correrto or Correblo? 


Ok, I small WFH rant. I am becoming tired of the following question: what is the protocol for situation X

The following responses that go through my head: 

  • The protocol is we have no protocol. 
  • Why would you think we have a protocol, how many worldwide pandemics have we experienced in the past few years. Worldwide pandemics that have shut down our normal way of life.
  • Que sera, sera. 
  • Please do not speak to (or email) me for at least another 24 hours days. 


During this time, I have been devoting some time to take some online professional development courses through LinkedIn Learning and general networking by having informal interviews. Well . . . I plan to schedule those interviews. 

COVID-19 annoyance with New York Sports Club (NYSC)

Ok, New York State has shut down all gyms in the state and in the city. Could someone tell me why NYSC is still charging membership fees? The Gothamist just published this piece a couple of days ago.

NYSC, new york sport club, covid-19

Courtesy of The Gothamist

Here’s my annoyance with this situation: 

  • NYSC agreed to ‘upgrade’ everyone’s membership to elite status, which means you can use any gym in the area including some of the more fancy NYSC locations and  have access to online content. If all of the gyms are closed, then why would anyone be interested in having the option to visit a fancy NYSC location? Also, I do not think that anyone is interested in paying 59 – 99 bucks a month to access online workouts, many of which can be found for free. 
  • Word on the street is that NYSC has laid off a huge chunk of its staff . . . except for the execs making 6+ figure salaries. If the majority of the corporation’s workforce has been laid off, then what are membership fees for? If folks were still being paid, I do not think I would mind that much if we still had to pay a fraction of our membership fees. I have a feeling that NYSC will be involved in a couple of class action suits in the near future. 
  • Only means of contacting NYSC is through their online questions page. It’s damn near impossible to contact anyone at NYSC . . . unless you bitch and moan on Twitter. For example, Grubhub is doing things right. The other day, I ordered some BBQ, but I was charged even though I did not receive my order. Although the restaurant was listed as open on Grubhub; in reality, it was closed. I contacted Grubhub through its chat feature and the charges were reversed immediately. 

Speaking of ordering food online, this is a valid question


This question could and should be applied to Olive Garden’s and Red Lobster’s never-ending breadsticks and cheezy bread. 

TFH (Teaching from Home)

I know that we have to do it, but I am not really feeling online teaching. Well, I do appreciate being able to teach in shorts and a T-shirt. This semester, I am teaching a hands-on biology laboratory course. However, we cannot do any of the experiments because you know . . . corona. Instead, the dept has seen all the instructors Youtube videos of the laboratory experiments. The issue I’m having with TFH is the lack of engagement from my students; it’s like pulling teeth to get some of them to participate. Honestly, I’m not 100% sure if my students are watching Netflix or Hulu while I’m teaching.  To be honest, I probably would be watching Law & Order: SVU in the background too. When I started side-gigging as an adjunct professor, I always told myself that I would never be that professor who assigns participation grades, but COVID-19 has changed this. Oh well . . . it is what it is. 

Have you hit your COVID-19 limit yet?

How do you manage not flipping over a bookcase?

I would not knock over a bookcase because I think that I am more of a flip over a table type of guy. 

WFH, table flip, lefteye

table flip, RHONJ, over it


Stuff to do while WFH

Earlier this week . . . I think. Lately, it seems like all the days are combining into one really long and annoying day. I posted this article from Science Magazine, ‘Working from home because of COVID-19? Here are 10 ways to spend your time‘, which has tens things that one can do during this time of uncertainty. Starting next week, I’m going to try and put most of these into action. 

1.Take care of yourself. 

I guess that I’m kind of sorta doing that. For the most part, with the exception of grocery and liquor stores, bodegas, and food delivery services, NYC is pretty much shut down. I have been trying to run 6 miles a day when it’s not raining.


I’m a little worried about my fitness “plan” because it is supposed to rain this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Perhaps, I can revisit some of my Beachbody workouts. I have been paying for this subscription for God knows how long and can’t remember the last time I did one of their workouts. 

2. Learn a new skill

Work has a subscription to Lynda.com . . . actually, it’s now LinkedIN Learning, which has a bunch of online courses for professional development. I would like to relearn Python, so I’ll do that course. Also, I think that I’ll check out some courses on project management, web content and design, strategic planning, and career development. 

3.Revisit that long-forgotten project. 

I have been meaning to start a blog that will focus on issues in biomedical research and higher education. I may have set up a WordPress account for it. 

4.Promote your work online.

Eh. Not really sure what I would promote. 

5. Create a graphical abstract of your work. 

Although I’m no longer doing science, my personal website has the abstracts of my scientific publications. It probably would be easier for a visitor to understand the crap I used to if it was in a visual format.

6. Apply for funding

This would be useful for the post-bac program that I direct.

7. Think about your career plans. 

I really need to decide on the next career step . . . and soon. Sometimes, I kind of wish that I continued with the science stuff because the next steps were pretty planned out and more clear. I’m three years into this career change, and I’m kind of unclear what the next step is or even how to move up in my organization. Now that COVID-19 is here, so many things for the future are very unclear.

8. Conduct informal interviews

Definitely planning on doing this.

9. Be nice to your fellow humans

I’ll try not to be sassy unless it’s absolutely necessary. 😉

10. Do fun stuff

Like what? All of my fun stuff is drinking in bars and hanging out. What fun can you really have during a quarantine? Well, I did buy a box of crayons so I could color something, but the store did not have any coloring books. 


Yes, I got the 64 box. When I was a kid, my mom would never buy the 64 box (with the crayon sharpen). Her reasoning was “What do you need 64 for crayons for?” I mean she was kind of right. How many shades of blue does one need?

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