Food Pic of the Week

“Kwablo’s Place”

Our apartment in Harlem

FYI: Kwablo is the combination of the hubby’s and my names.


Since gazpacho is typically served in a glass in Spain, I guess this could be considered a drink pic of the week. Another similar dish, salmorejo, is served in a bowl. 

gazpacho, spanish food,

What is not shown in this picture is that I added a bit of Tanqueray to my glass. The hubby told me that some folks in Spain put a little vodka in their gazpacho. I figured why not try the same with gin. Oh, I was told that Tabasco sauce is never added to gazpacho; I like my food to have a bit of a kick. Oh well, I have been known to be a bit of a maverick. 

Do you eat/prepare food in an unorthodox way?

For example, topping a pizza with pineapple and ham (i.e. Hawaiian pizza) . . . which is totally acceptable by my standards. 🙂

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Random Thursdays

-I’m saying it. I don’t think NYC Marathon is happing. As a matter of fact, NYRR just should call the fall racing season a wash. That said, I would not mind a spring NYC Marathon, but I realize that the logistics of postponing a marathon of this magnitude would be a nightmare. 

-#WFH. It looks like my office will not open before July 15. 

-Not sure how much of this quarantine I can take. Well, I don’t mind working from home, but not really being able to do anything socially is the annoying part. Y’all know that I do enjoy a nice brunch and general late weeknight slorin’. Also, y’all know that my pessimistic a** will continue social physical distancing until Feb. 2021 because we have a couple more of these COVID-19 infections coming our way. 

-Why would Mel’s do this to me?


Although my Bday is June 25th, there’s no that this bar will be open by that date. That said, $40 for a 4-hour all you can drink is a pretty damn good deal. 🤷🏿‍♂️ The bar probably sent this because they know there’s no way that they’ll be able to honor the deal. Sneaky, sneaky. 

-Or just anything in general during this quarantine. 


-I’m glad (I think) that my back is fine. It does feel nice not to fear sneezing. However, I am a bit scared to start running again because it seems like I get an injury every time that I get into a nice running groove. It does feel nice not to fear sneezing. 

-Oh yeah. Last week was the 9 year anniversary of my hooding ceremony. 

ooIcpesDTG2YtO6fuSudjA_thumb_4821Looking back at this, I wish that I was not “too cool for school” and purchased the damn digital pics of the event. The picture above is one of the proofs. Actually, I think my parents did buy a package. I’ll have to check on that. 

An LOL at the hooding ceremony. NYU hosted a little breakfast before the ceremony for the PhD and MS/MA folks who were getting their hoods. At first, I was not going to attend bc the breakfast was at 8:30 am and figured that breakfast was going to be bagels, pastries, stale a** coffee, and watered down a** juice.  Oh boy, was I surprised when I arrived at Lincoln Center for the breakfast. By “breakfast”, NYU meant COCKTAILS . . . at 8:30 am. They were serving champagne, mimosas, screwdrivers, and bellinis. Although I’m a bit of a lush, I will say that the quiches and crabcakes were pretty tasty. Also, the bartenders had very HEAVY pours for the booze. No wonder NYU is considered the party school of the elite NY schools. I got my drank on . . . at 9am. After receiving my doctoral hood, here was my internal dialogue

Me {After receiving my hood}: I gotta pee. Ok, my last name starts with the letter O, and they are announcing S’s so we should be done soon.

Me {again}: F*CK! Thy still have to hood all of the MS/MA folks.

{Looks back and sees a sea of folks in purple waiting to be hooded}

Me: Why did I have all of those damn screwdrivers before this thing?

Me {random}: Where will my family and I have lunch after this thing? I guess I can distract myself from peeing by finding a decent restaurant on the Open Table app that will accept last-minute lunch reservations for a party of 10.

Let’s just say that I could not WAIT until the 3 hr ceremony was over because homeboy had to p*ss like nobody’s business. Then, finding the stupid restroom was a whole ordeal.  

-I wonder if I should show up to my Zoom meetings like this?

Over it
The epitome of over it.

What randomness are y’all up to?

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Geez, can’t I catch a freaking break?

Last week, I wrote a post about getting back into my running groove (link to old post, ***), which sounded all great. So . . . um . . . yeah, I screwed up my back AGAIN. Maybe this is message from some divine entity telling me that I should give up running during this quarantine. 

The general plan was to start running my 6 miles a day, which was going well on Monday and Tuesday. 

Wednesday, the hubby and I ventured outside of NYC to go on a hike. 


It looks like we left the city right in the nick of time on Wednesday. 


Back to the story:

I must have some bad footing during the hike because my lower back has been hurting since the hike. It was not an “Oh, my back hurts” kind of pain; it was more like an “Oh crap, do I have to the ER for this sh*t” for this kind of pain. Except for stretching, I guess there is not much that I can do about it. 

Well, I did have fun on the hike and the weather was perfect  . . . too bad I screwed up my back for the rest of the week. 

A few pics from the hike

Random II:

Not too sure about this piece of advice, NYRR. How does this work running in NYC?


There’s no way in HELL that I will ever leave a water bottle unattended anywhere in NYC. 

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Food Pic of the Week

“Kwablo’s Place”

Our apartment in Harlem

FYI: Kwablo is the combination of the hubby’s and my names.

What was on this week’s menu?


Buttermilk fried chicken and with ensaladia, which is Spain’s take on Rusian potato salad. This one has potatoes (duh), peas, carrots, red peppers, and tuna. This potato salad is like a new form of crack.

Cocktail of the Week

The plan was to make a Basil Tanqueray Smash (something that I saw on Instagram), but the grocery store did not have basil so I went with mint instead. I will say that this beverage is quite “summery” and refreshing. 


Components: gin, muddled mint leaves, and simple syrup. I wonder how this would taste with frozen watermelon cubes. 

It seems like I’m really getting into adding random herbs (I guess mint and basil are not so random) into my spring/summer, quarantine cocktails. I think that I’m going to keep this trend going.

Next up: a cocktail with either lavender, lemongrass, dill, oregano. Honestly, these were the first herbs that popped into my head, but I wonder why I was randomly thinking about lavender. Oh, I’m about to hop into the shower after posting this. 

An LOL moment: 

A few bars/restaurants in the neighborhood have started opening up for carryout orders. To support one of the businesses on my block, I purchased a $14 margarita. 

After drinking about half of the margarita (which was more juice than “fun”), I was like “why did a spend $14 + tip for a drink that I could have made at home?”. I should have gone with a “bougie” aperol spritz or appletini. 😉 I’m joking about the appletini. 

Happy Memorial Day Weekend (aka Summer Kickoff). 

Any plans for Memorial Day Weekend?


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Things to do for getting my WFH life back on track

-Check my work email only 2-3 times a day. I feel that constantly checking and responding to 80 million emails throughout the day is bringing down my work productivity. 

-Do stretches and a few low impact exercises (e.g. planks, squats, burpees, etc.) every 1.5 hours.

-Smoke less cigarettes (that might be a toughie). My smoking has significantly increased because I don’t have to leave my “office” to have a smoke. 

-Get to bed by midnight so I can do my daily runs at 6 am. 

-Actually start following my task calendar. 

-Start making next step career plans by networking and requesting more informational interviews. I’ve been kind of doing this, but I think that I need to up my game. 

– Get back to taking my online professional development courses on LinkedIn Learning. 

-Update my LinkedIn profile and professional website. 

Food Pic of the Week

“Kwablo’s Place”

Our apartment in Harlem

FYI: Kwablo is the combination of the hubby’s and my names.

We’re still food pic’ing from home . . . stupid pandemic. I have a feeling that my 40th birthday (June 25) is going to be quite lame this year. 😦

Anyway back to the food. 

The hubby decided to hook us up with some octopus.


This was the first time that I’ve eaten octopus outside of a restaurant setting.

Tapas Night 

tapas, torilla espanola, spanish food, food

Olé for tapas night, which included pulpo, croquetas de jamón y queso, and tortilla espanola. Every thing was pretty amazing. 

One cool thing about quarantine cooking is not spending a crap ton of money on these meals. We would have probably (and easily) spent $80 for 1/4th of the food at a Spanish restaurant. Even more, because I have been known to guzzle down a bottle of wine.  Technically, it’s the hubby, not I, who is doing the majority of the cooking. That said, I did open the bottle of wine and washed the dishes. 😉 

What has been your best dish while quarantine cooking?

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