Ouch: Medical Update

It’s always something

Well, I guess that it is my own fault for not dealing with this sooner.

For some time, I have been dealing with some pain in between my ring and pinky toes on my right foot. Using my arm chair MD, I’ve self-diagnosed myself with a “kissing corn”. Warning: graphic picture below.

Although my kissing corn situation is not as bad as the one in the picture. This is cause by constant friction between two toes resulting in excess skin growth. The constant friction and pressure can lead to inflammation and ulceration. Sometimes this can be caused by the widening or misaligning of one or two bones in the foot.

Originally, I had a minor pain here and there associated with this thing. I could not wear dress shoes, which was no biggie because I don’t like dressing up all that much. I did see a podiatrist who told me not to worry too much, but I would have to get surgery to shave down a bone a bit. Honestly, I pushed this advice out of my head because I was so close to the marathon and didn’t want this to ruin it. Shit, marathons are expensive. I started to have some intermittent pain while was in Spain but I attributed it to my shoes being too tight. I mean, I ran a 5K and the NYC marathon without any pain a few days later. I did have some (probably related) pain in the sole of the same foot, but it was in a different location of my foot.

Now, two weeks post marathon, things drastically have changed. There is pain in this toe, even when I wear my widest shoes. I tried to find some toe separators in three different CVS in my neighborhood. However, CVS in my hood never have anything but bullshit and annoyance.

Lord, the other day, a couple of kids were playing around on the train. I thought to myself “if one of these damn kids step on my damn foot, I’m punching BOTH of their parents”.

Ugh, the drama continues because I have to go to Indianapolis for the next few days for work. Basically, this means a LOT of walking. Plus, I’m supposed to wear a suit for this adventure. I guess that I’ll be riff raff and wear a suit with my running shoes. In this situation, I would wear my Addidas Sambas because, for my style they can go with most things. And by “my style”, I mean lazy, casual who begrudgingly dresses up when he has to. Why wear a tie or a suit when you don’t have to? But, even these shoes are far too tight for my foot.

More to come later. Hopefully, treating this will not mess up my race plans. I still have two more races (a 4 miler and a 15 K) that I have to complete to gain my 9 + 1

Has anyone experienced a kissing corn or something similar?


Vacation Recap: Madrid y Yo

A week before the NYC Marathon, I had this nutty idea to travel to Madrid with the BF so I just wanted to give a quick recap of my randomness in Espana.

Before I begin, I was Mario for Halloween.

Of course, we always have preflight drinks and we decided on Long Island Iced Teas because you get more bang for your buck.

I don’t understand why they were so light in color. Hell, we even got a couple for the road … the flight.

The trip was a little intense because the BF, who is Spanish was going to visit his familyimg_3867 for his Father’s 70th birthday at the end of the week. When his friends from the north of Spain learned about the trip, the BF and his friends decided to combine vacations for 5 days in Madrid. What did that mean? The seven of us shared an Airbnb in Madrid, which reminded me of MTV’s Real World. Actually, that part was not as bad as I thought it would have been. I will say that the six women got ready pretty fast and did not spend a lot of time in the bathroom. Yes, there was only one bathroom.

Since I was the only non-Spaniard in the group, I did not get to see as many tourist attractions as I would have liked. However, I did not make a huge fuss about it.

One thing that I loved about this experience was the constant amount of feedings. That’s one of the reasons why I did not make a big fuss about not seeing everything (or anything) that I wanted. As long as I was fed, I was a happy camper. Almost every bar gives you some small bites when you order a beverage so now I understand why those folks eat so damn late. 

Even on our first day, we accidentally found a bar that served 1€ mimosas ALL DAMN DAY.

I could have stayed there all day.

During our last trip to Spain, the BF and I were in Madrid for less than 24 hours. This time it was nice to explore the city for a few days. Unfortunately, the weather was kind of rainy for most of the trip. Because of the rain, we pretty much had to stay indoors, which meant more beer/booze and food.

Mahou beer pretty much “sponsored” our trip.

For me, Mahou beer is a little too light in flavor. After about two of them, I would have to upgrade to something stronger.

We went to an Asturian (a region in the Northern part of Spain) bar for some cider . . . and more food. This region is known for its cider and the specific way of pouring it. In order to get the full-bodied flavor of the cider, the cider must his the glass at a certain angle. The people from Asturias can pour it correctly without the fancy apparatus. When non-Asturians do it, you just end up with a whole bunch of cider on the ground. 

The bar’s decor was quite amazing and the food was even better.


You can even eat inside of the cider barrels. Also, somehow we managed to get these funky hats free of charge. This actually worked out quite well for me, because I left my cap at the Airbnb.


The food, because you know that I’m always ready to eat.

I could have pretty much eaten Spanish tortilla, Jamon Iberico, and octopus/squid every day that we were in Spain. 

Lol. One evening the BF’s friends threw us a “wedding reception.”

I guess that it’s hard to find same sex, interracial cake figurines in Madrid.

The city was pretty fun for sloring. We had an opportunity to partake in some Halloween festivities and other randomness. 


One thing that I like about Spain (or maybe it’s a European thing in general) is that your drinks are served in huge ass goblets with the mixer on the side. Surprisingly, gin is quite popular in Madrid. Unfortunately, Spain really does not do seltzer water, but I guess 7-Up is fine. 


Btw, everyone knows that Thalia is the better artist that Paulina Rubio. 😉


Look, it’s the cancer that I studied during my postdoctoral fellowship. 


This picture brings back memories of dissecting the tongues and esophagi of mice. 

Some other random sites. 

So that was Madrid. We also went to Placencia, Spain because the BF was going to surprise his parents for his father’s birthday. This is a region in the western part of Spain that many folks do not visit. There’s not much to do in this region, but it is perfect if you want a couple of quiet days in Spain. Lord knows that it was quiet. Oh, there are some medieval ruins but I did not have a chance to visit them. I think the BF went with his family after I left. They always do the fun stuff when I leave the country. 😉


In terms of cuisine, this area is known for its wild boars. OMG. This was the BEST meal that I had in Spain. The meat pretty much melted in my mouth and the presentation was quite nice. Looking at this picture is making me hungry again. 

Ok, coming back to the States was a HOT mess. We had a lot of turbulence with a lot of folks screaming and crying. The sad thing is that many people were coming to NYC for the marathon; I saw a lot of NYC Marathon jackets and Spanish flags on the plane. The woman next to me grabbed my arm several times during the flight and vomited a couple of times too. At one point, I thought the plane was going to go down. After ~60 minutes of turbulence, there was some more BS. The weather in NYC was really bad, and we had to land in Boston and stay on the plane for about 3 hours. We were supposed to land in NYC at 6:30 pm. Basically, we got to NYC around midnight, and I did not get home til about 2:00. 

What a great way to begin NYC Marathon weekend. In addition to getting home super late, I had to run a race at 8:30 am on Saturday, then run the marathon on Sunday. Although I did not meet my goal during the marathon, I have to say that I’m proud of myself for completing the race with the minimal amount of sleep during the entire week before the marathon and a trans-Atlantic trip. 

All in all, the vacation was great and I cannot wait to visit again. Hopefully, I/we can include Barcelona on the next trip. 

I really would like to rebuild on my Spanish speaking skills. I found it really difficult to speak with the BF’s parents (outside of the general niceties)  because they don’t speak any English. It’s so sad that I let my Spanish speaking skills dwindle. In college, I minored in Spanish and did a study abroad program in Ecuador so I was semi-fluent at one point in my life. Actually, let me correct this statement. My issue is that I do not want to make any mistakes while speaking. Since I do not want to make any mistakes, I tend not to speak as much as I would like. Most of y’all know that I am a chatty MF’er. For the most part, my comprehension is OK (depending on the accent) so I know what going on. But, I can speak Spanish when I’m drunk because I do not care that much about screwing up or making up words as I go. As a matter of fact, give me a couple shots of anything and I’ll chat until the cows come home. That’s why I’m able to meet folks on vacation when I travel solo to Latin America . . . I’m tipsy/buzzed/drunk for most of the trip. 

Random Thursdays: Marathon Addition

Yeah, Yeah, I know this is a day late, but I was busy. After posting my update about the NYC Marathon ( *** ), I had some time to reflect on it and some other random things. I’m borrowing the theme of this Random Thursday update from A Tall Girl in a Small State’s blog. 

1. I would like to become a faster runner, circa my 2009 days. Can a brother get a sub 4:30 marathon, again?aA13Vqp_700b_v2 2. Surprisingly, I’ve made a full recovery from this year’s marathon. By Wednesday, I already was biking to and from work.   

3. I’m serious that I want to drop 20 pounds over the next few months. I’ve already started intermittent fasting again and beginning to put together a diet/food plan.


4. With regards to #3, I also have created a weekly workout plan.

5. Hopefully, I can continue to run 3-4 times/week during the winter months. I want to be able to run a half marathon at a moment’s notice. That was the plan for last year, but I had a stupid back injury which prevented that plan. 

6. I think that I may run the Manhattan Half Marathon. Maybe not, running 13.1 miles in NYC during January doesn’t seem like any fun. Seeing pictures of folks with frozen eyebrows, eyelashes, mustaches, and beards still haunt me. Oh, I hope that I am selected to run the NYC Half via lottery. Perhaps, luck may happen two years in a row. 

nyrr half

7. Speaking of running shit, I need to decide if I want to renew my Front Runner’s membership, join Black Men Run, or another running group.

8. Speaking of memberships, I’ve finally reached 100% of my 3 Gb limit for WordPress. Now, I have to decide if I want to upgrade my WordPress account.

9. Now that the marathon is over, I am excited to get my Friday nights and brunch Saturdays back.


10. I still do not really understand the point of Instagram. That said, go find me at Swosei12

11. Perhaps, I should cut down on the smoking because I’ve managed to smoke more since starting this job in 2018.


12. I kinda want to run a half or full-marathon outside of NYC. Wasn’t I supposed to run Philly’s Half Marathon?

13. I wonder if it is ok to “borrow” towels from my gym since it has increased the monthly fees from $81 to $94 bucks.

14. Why are people still wearing their Marathon medals? I get the day after or maybe even two days after. But, you are wearing the medal on Thursday?!!! C’mon!

15. Although the marathon is over, I’m excited that my next race is only a couple of weeks away.

be prepared

16. Maybe I’ll join a book club.

17. I wonder if I can squeeze in 45-60 min runs during my workday?

18. My cheap ass is still annoyed that medal engraving was $25 bucks.

19. These people are still my favorite folks from the marathon.


20. I wonder if NYRR would ever change the route of NYC’s marathon? I guess Staten Island would still have to be the starting/staging area.


21. One thing it did not mention in my previous post, the Michelob Ultra signs during the marathon. Even if my guts were on fire, I would never drink an ultra light beer. 


22. We were really lucky for the nice weather during the marathon. It rained the day before and the day after the marathon. 


23. If you are ever in the W. Village and want a no-frills, full-body massage for $35, this is the place to go. After my post-marathon massage, I want to treat myself to one every month. 


24. Now, that I am done with this marathon, I can focus on some health issues . . . mainly the issues in my stupid pinky toe. I may have to have a portion of my bone removed/shaved down.  

25. How do you get over the post-marathon blues? Also, how do people feel about wearing finisher shirts before/during an event?

26. I have to complete only two more race to obtain guaranteed entry into 2019’s marathon. 

0.2. Hopefully, I’ll be complaining about and reflecting on next year’s marathon. 


TCS NYC Marathon Update!!!

Let’s do this

Quick highlights:

  • Due to a foot injury during Mile 17/18, I did not meet my goal of 4:45 😦
  • This was the first NYC marathon where I ran the entire length of the Queensboro Bridge. 
  • It was the perfect day for a marathon. The previous day and the following day were really nasty and rainy. 
  • My new jock strap was AMAZING; I had no groin chaffing. 
  • This year more people called me K.O.S instead of “kos” or “cos”, compared to previous years. 


I was a little fearful that I would be too jet-lagged to run 26.2 miles. Actually, y’all made me fearful of being jet-lagged. I spent a week in Madrid, came back to NYC on Friday (technically Saturday; I’ll get into that with my vacation update), ran a 5K race on Saturday, then the marathon on Sunday. 

The marathon expo


I did not really spend too much time at the expo; I’m pretty much an in and out kind of guy when it comes to being around large crowds of people. Also, I cannot stand waiting longer than 30 minutes for anything. That said, I pretty much received my bib and shirt within 20 minutes. I will say that NYRR really has its shit together when it comes to the Marathon expo. . . I just wish that it was not so far west. 


The marathon village

Somehow NYRR assigned me a VERY low number for my bib, which meant I was in the first wave of runners. There must be a way to change your bib/wave assignment. The first issue is that last corral in Wave 1 had a predicted finish time of 3:30. Clearly, I am not at that level of running. The second issue is that you have to check your bag with your assigned corral, which means an even longer walk to pick up your bag when you finish. 

img_3546Taking the ferry to Staten Island probably is one of my favorite parts of the marathon. I guess because I rarely go to Staten Island. For some reason, I was not as chatty with my fellow marathoners on the ferry as I have been in previous years. Perhaps, this attitude was due to listening to Lana del Ray’s first album.


I feel kind of bad because I know that I spent most of the ferry ride rolling my eyes at people. Well . . . In my defense, a pair of women were a little too damn chipper (aka annoying) for 6:00 AM. 


But, I did manage to smile . . . somewhat (in my PJs) in the start village. 

Ok, this pissed me off a little bit. At the marathon expo, I purchased all of my Gatorade Endurance Gu’s. What do you mean they were giving them out for FREE in the start village? I could have saved $7.  


The marathon:

Mentally, I told myself that I would run the marathon like this: a 2-mile warm-up, followed by four 6-mile runs. For this marathon, I did not take as many photos as I have done in the past, because I was running kind of strong.  

2-Mile Warm up (Staten Island and Brooklyn)

Clearly, this is one of the best parts of the marathon. Everyone is stoked and ready to tackle running through the five boroughs of NYC. 


Instead of running with the first wave, I decided to start in the last corral of the second wave. I probably should have started with the third wave. 

First 6-mile Run (Miles 2 – 8, Brooklyn)

I was kind of killing it during this “run”. Because of my crappy training and a week vacation of eating like a pig, drinking like a fish, and smoking like a chimney, I was basically aiming to run a sub 5-hour marathon. At this point of the marathon, I was running a 4:35ish marathon, without exerting too much energy. The Bay Ridge/Sunset Park portions of the marathon probably are the most energetic because of the freshness of the crowds. 

Second 6-mile Run (Miles 8 – 14, Brooklyn and Queens)

I was still running pretty strong. My music playlist really got me through this section, because the Hasidic section of Williamsburg is really quiet compared to the other neighborhoods. This portion of the marathon was more of a snoozefest for me. The halfway point is right around the Pulaski Bridge, which takes you into Queens. Although my Apple Watch said that I hit a 2:08 half-marathon, I knew that I was running pretty fast and had plenty of energy left in my tank. After looking at my race results, my time for the halfway mark was 2:13. Clearly, I was on track for a 4:45, maybe even a sub 4:45   marathon.  

I do not understand why my Apple Watch’s GPS is always off compared to the official results. I know running to the tangent of the course makes a difference. BUT, I was manually marking the 6-mile segments. In the end, it did not matter, because the watch’s battery died somewhere around mile 19. Something that has NEVER happened before. I think that I forgot to turn off the watch’s WiFi so it spent most of the marathon searching for a wireless connection. 

Third 6-mile Run (Miles 14-20, Queens, Manhattan, and the Bronx) 

It was during this part where the shit hit the fan, but that will come later. My beer club volunteered at the Mile 15 fluid station, and it was quite invigorating to see them. Mainly, to shut up the haters who are always like “how can you run a marathon when you drink and smoke so much?” Bitch, it’s because I have evil on my side. That said, it was nice to see a bunch of people that you know, right before the Queensboro Bridge, which is the hardest part of the marathon for me. I would have taken a picture with them, but I did not want to stop because I was making good time. Had I known that I was going to fuck up my foot later, I would have taken a couple of shots with them. 

I was so proud of myself for running the entire length of the Queensboro Bridge, which was a first for me. I even managed to put in a few fartleks on this bridge. 


The second memorable part of this marathon was entering Manhattan . . . for the first time. The energy of the crowds really powered me through; maybe, it gave me too much power. Somewhere around miles 17 and 18, I felt I weird pain in my right foot. It felt like someone was stabbing my right foot every time it hit the ground. This was the first time that I walked during the marathon (aside from the selfies on the Verrazano Bridge). At first, I thought it was a passing pain, but it was clear that I would have to deal with this for the remaining 7-8 miles. Then, I was crushed. At this point, the following thoughts rushed through my head: 

  1.  Hell no to a 4:45 marathon (my original goal).
  2. You must be out of your fuckin’ mind for a 4:35 marathon.
  3. Bitch, you would be lucky to finish for a sub 5:00 marathon.

At that point, I started texting and curing out the marathon on Facebook. Although this part was a struggle, I did see the free beer folks, and they remembered me from last year. 


Since I was in pain and did not give a fuck at that point, I had three “shots” of beer with them. That probably was a mistake. 

More shit hitting the fan (no pun intending). Something else happened to me for the first time during this marathon. I was really gassy (maybe it was the beer) around mile 18. I did not want to risk sharting all over myself. I could not find a porta potty to save my life; I eventually found one around Mile 22. I was quite annoyed with NYRR over this. Throughout this marathon, there were porta potties all over the place. Since upper Manhattan and the Bronx are not as “glamorous”, as the other sections of the marathon,  NYRR kind of dropped the ball with the lack of porta potties. 

The marathon photographers always manage to catch me bitching about the marathon on Facebook. 


Last 6-mile Run (Miles 20 – 20.2, Bronx and Manhattan)

The only thing I remember in the Bronx was how much my foot was hurting, and thinking “where the hell is a goddamn porta potty?”. 

Ok, I finally found a portapotty around Mile 22. I opened the doors to two of them. Looking at all of the poop, piss, and used tampons/pads on and around the seats, made my asshole clinch like nobody’s business. Pretty much, I was like I rather shit on myself (or in some bushes in Central Park) than to put my ass cheeks anyway near this.  Basically, I was all about finishing this thing with the pain in my foot. 

Another cool thing about this section was running through my neighborhood (around Mile 22). I probably could have gone home to take my dump. Actually, that would not have worked, because I did not have my keys. 



For some reason, running through my neighborhood gave me an extra boost of energy. I was walking/struggling and someone was like “I see you at the bar, and you better start running”. That’s all I needed . . . at least that part. 

This is getting long and I have to pee. 

Central Park was Central Park. Basically, you are done but you are not really done. It was a very pleasant surprise to see Cat ( *** ) in the Park. Although I was almost done, I still had to walk a bit so I could not sprint to the finish. Also, I always forget about that little hill right before the finish. It’s strange that I forgot about the hill because I ran the Abbott Dash to the Finish Line, which has the same finish as the marathon, the day before the damn marathon. 

Anywho, I completed it in 5:08 so I was a little disappointed with myself. Oh well, feet smell . . . I guess. Eh, at least I did way better than last year, so I guess Operation Redemption was not too much of a failure. 


Outside of getting a medal, this was the second best part of finishing. 


Taking off my shoes while walking to get my bag. I was like a woman who has been clubbing all night in heels and decides to walk around the city barefoot because her feet hurt. 

Now, the best part of finishing. This is especially for Runeatralph ( *** ).


I actually had two cigarettes back to back. These Marlboros are from Spain, and I don’t think the Europeans put that much nicotine and tar in them. 

Post-marathon, I hit up Crunch gym to do some much-needed stretching and bathing. I have to say that there was minimal chaffing this time around; my new jock strap worked wonders. 


Another marathon first:

Since this is the first time that I’ve ever lived near Central Park, I decided to get my medal engraved. In past years, it was not worth it to wake up early and drag my sore ass from Roosevelt Island or Brooklyn to wait in a line and get my medal engraved. This year, I think it helped that my body was still on Madrid time (6 hours ahead of NYC). – I woke up around 6:30 am (thinking it was much later)  the day after the marathon. 

Am I crazy to think this? NYC Marathon medal engraving used to be free, right? Had I known that it was going to be $25 dollars, my cheap ass would not have done it. Of course, I did not know NYRR charged for this service until after waiting about 40 minutes. At that point, I figure that I might as well do it. Did I just make up that engraving was free for previous marathons? 


Oh lol, the BF came with me get the medal engraved. Here’s a sample of our conversation after getting my medal engraved. 

BF: Kwamicito, I’m going to buy you one of these finishing jackets. 

Me: Bah, all of this shit is going to be overpriced. 

BF: [Looking a the price tag] $250!!! What the fuck?

Me: Told you. 

BF: I’ll buy you booze. 

Me: Even better than the jacket. 


BTW, I really LOVED the design of the finishing shirts. 

Long Overdue Update

I’ve been MIA for a bit, but it was for a very good reason. I was vacationing it up in Madrid!!!! OMG, it is a great city for foodies and winos. Well, wannabe foodies and alcoholics. I think that I’ve probably gained 10 pounds. I’ll give a greater update later.

Ok, it’s finally here. The TCS NYC Marathon 2018. Actually, I’ll be glad when this is over. 


Obviously, there will be an update about this, but the expo got me really excited for tomorrow. Today, I plan to chill on the sofa bed, do some stretches, and prepare my bags because I have an early wake-up time. Also, I think that I’m still a bit on Madrid time too. I do not think it will be too bad because I had to wake up at 6:00 AM this morning to run Abbott’s Dash to the Finish 5K. 

If you want to follow me tomorrow, check out the bib. 


Oh, random. I do not think that I’ve mentioned this, but I have finally joined the world of Instagram. So, find my ass, Swosei12

Random Thursday & A To-Do List

Even though NYC Marathon is 9 days away, I need to get all of my marathon crap together by Saturday. Against most of you folks’ advice, I decided to go to Spain with the BF from Sunday to Friday (he’s staying until Sunday). Basically, I got three days to get my marathon sh*t together. Since I’m arriving back to NYC on Friday night, I do not want to be running all over town on Saturday (aside from jogging the Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K race to the finish and picking up my marathon bib from the expo).

First, a shameless plug. Here’s my bib number if you will be watching the marathon in any of the five boroughs. Holla at your boy. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 1.24.20 PM

Crap to do before Sunday:

-Although I have not picked up my bag check bag, I want to have all my post-marathon crap that I want to check in one location of my apt. These items include a change of clothes, my tooth, cell phone adapters, cigarettes, lotion, (oh) and deodorant.

-Although I do not know what the weather will be like on Nov. 4th, I want to lay out a couple of marathon “outfits”.

-Find some disposable clothes for sitting in the cold before my marathon wave starts. Now, I wish that had not cleaned out my closet and tossed out my raggedy jeans.

-Purchase my marathon snacks, especially my GU’s and shit, hand sanitizer (so I can sterilize the seat of the portapotty if/when I need to poop before starting), and purchase a dumb book for me to read while waiting to start.

-Pray to the shipping gods that my all of my crap from Amazon arrives before Saturday. The thing that’s most important in this shipment is my external charger/battery case. 

-Make sure that the songs that are on my iPhone are actually downloaded on the phone. so I will not “stream” music and drain my battery during the marathon.  

Hmmmm, before writing this, the list in my head seemed way longer.

Random Stuff:

-Tapering is kind of fun. I wish all runs could be tapering runs. Yesterday, I really enjoyed my 3-mile run. Maybe I enjoyed because I know this training “plan” is coming to an end. Oh wait, didn’t I say that I was training to run the perimeter of Manhattan (32 miles) sometime in December?


-After God knows after how many years, I finally joined Instagram. I kind have to use it for work (recruitment), but I decided to make a personal account. 

-I love how Harlem converts itself into Halloween mode (or as I call it Harlem-ween). 

-If anyone brings this up later, I will deny, deny, deny, but Cardi B is kind of growing on me. 


-I keep getting facebook ads for these stupid briefs. After swiping past this the dumb AD for weeks, am kind of intrigued. Perhaps, men have to think outside of the box when it comes to underwear. Basically, the dick and nuts penis and testicles are placed in separate compartments. Eh, but I’m too cheap to drop $40 bucks on this BS. 


-Did y’all know Bill Clinton has co-authored a trashy crime novel?


Of course, I checked it out from the public library. I figure that this can be my traveling book for my upcoming trans-Atlantic flight. By traveling book, I mean to bring something that I SAY I will read, but it will sit in my carry-on bag for the duration of my vacation. 

I think that it may be over

Less than two weeks away from the NYC Marathon and I still have not been able toimg_3092 complete a 20-mile run. Work, life, and a slight pain in my shin have gotten in the way of my training. 

Big question:

At this point is it even worth it to attempt a 20-mile run this week?

My longest run was 18 miles, which was completed a couple of weeks ago. 

I guess this will be another marathon where I’ll run the first 13.1 miles strong and see where the rest of the marathon takes me. I really wanted to redeem myself from last year’s disastrous performance. 😦

Now changing topics:

This weekend volunteered at the Rising New York Road Runners Jamboree


Although this volunteer event was an opportunity for me to get my +1 credit to have guaranteed 9+1 entry into next year’s marathon. Since I believe in NYRR’s concept, especially with the work that the organization does in the various NYC communities, I actually would like to get more involved with the organization.

The good: The event was pretty amazing. It was fascinating to see some amazing young runners.  This jamboree was a purely for fun competition so there were no winners or loses for the various events (55 m, 200 m, long jump, shot put, and 200 m relay). 

Also, the Armory’s track is very beautiful. I think it has been about a decade since my last visit and it still looks just as nice as it did back then. 


The struggle: Ummmmmm, what was the point of volunteering? I was assigned to the long jump event. Basically, I did nothing but sit around for four hours. You can gauge my interest in the picture below (from NYRR’s Instagram). I’m the black guy on the bottom right corner.  


Oh BTW, this young girl in the USA socks was amazing. She killed it in all of her events. 

Now changing topics (again):

Now, that I’ve finished this hot mess of a book. 


I’m on to my next book. 


That’s it for me in this random post. I guess that was not much of a training update. 

Let’s see what y’all are up to.