Training Update Fred Lebow Half Marathon: Week 4


My Thanksgiving to NYE (holiday to holiday) run streak did not really go according to plan. That said overall, I had a decent training week.

One update. I finally did it and joined New York Sports Club (NYSC). Now, I just have to remember to cancel my Crunch Fitness membership. Although NYSC gyms are not as nice as Crunch gyms, the monthly fees are cheaper and getting to and from the gym is more convenient. For example, there is an NYSC location five blocks from my apt and another one that is walking distance from work. I’ve already seen the benefits of joining NYSC. After running in Central Park, I can stop by the gym to stretch or fit in an extra workout on my way home.

Monday: Rest

The plan was to run 5 miles, but we got caught up in all of the traveling delays. We could not leave VA until late in the evening, and I did not have time to fit in a run. I guess that I screwed up my holiday to holiday streak run within five days. Oh well, feet smell.

Tuesday: Crosstraining 

Wednesday: 2 mi treadmill strides

I did this run at my new gym. Within minutes, I became quite annoyed because many of the treadmills are in dire need of repairs. During the workout, I had to switch treadmills four times. I was not trying to be picky like Goldilocks, but I did not trust running fast on some of the treadmills. One treadmill’s speed controls did not function properly, and I was not trying to break my neck.

Thursday: 3 mi speed run

In an earlier post (or five), I mentioned that I was a bit disappointed with one of my running groups’ Monday night easy runs. On Thursday, I gave the group one more try with its speed workouts and was quite impressed. Although the speed run group is smaller (probably due to the colder weather), the folks seemed a bit more inviting and friendly (aka not as cliquey) as the Monday group. Also, I did not know the Great Hill in Central Park has a nice little circular path that can function as a bootleg track for speed workouts. Good to know for future speed workouts.

The workout was pretty straight forward – 3 minutes hard followed by 3 minutes easy. Although the workout was pretty fun, I wished that I was a little longer (look a my lazy ass wishing for a longer workout); we only ran for about 30 minutes after the warmup. Oh in it’s a small world news: the coach of the workout and I grew up more or less minutes away from each other in Va. Beach, and she almost attended my high school. I look forward to going back next week.

Friday: Rest

I was supposed to cross-train but went out draaaaankin.


My biggest pet peeve in NYC, Cash Only bars. C’mon people, we are almost wrapping up 2019. Get with the times and stop trying to avoid paying taxes.

Saturday: Cross-training and intense stretching

Nothing to really write about here.

Sunday: 8 mi long run and quick cross-training session

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_3cb2I gotta say that I really enjoyed this long run even though I started out very sluggish. I think that I’m getting used to running in 30-degree weather. Since my upcoming half-marathon is more or less a baseline marathon, I’m not sure how hard I should be pushing myself on these long runs. At mile 4, I ran a “fast” mile then fartleked for the rest of the run. At the end of the run, I still felt like I could run a couple more miles.


HA! It seems that NYC Runs was hosting its half marathon so I guess that I inadvertently ran a chunk of a half-marathon race. I really need to start looking into NYC Runs’ race calendar because I would have registered for this run just to see where I am in half-marathon fitness. Now, it seems that you have to register 8 months in advance for NYRR races.

On to Week 5 of training 


See you in the streets. 

Training Update Fred Lebow Half Marathon: Week 3


A quick recap

I hope everyone had great Thanksgivings. My week of working out was not super eventful, but I put in the work . . . at least.

Random question: Has anyone tried Strava’s Summit?

Fred Lebow Half Marathon

Monday: Completed 4 mi | Planned 4 mi

A simple Monday morning run that took me through Randell’s Island with a touch of the Bronx before going to back to Manhattan.3Bh+ydoaShiAdUuhIvJM0w_thumb_3ae8

There was not anything too eventful from this run with the exception of this fence Eat Me design.


Tuesday: Completed 2.5 mi; X-train – Brawl | Planned 5 mi

Since I did not have much time to run the full 5 miles, I decided to do some intervals on the treadmill. I could have run the full 5 miles, but I really wanted to check out a newish class at Crunch Fitness. 

Essentially, Brawl is a 45-min boxing-based cardio class. Let me say that this cardio class kicked my ass. This class showed how much work I really need to do (in addition to running) to get my ass back into shape. Besides the general shadow boxing and punching body bad stuff, there was quite a bit of HIIT portions of the class.

Thursday: Completed 3.2 mi | Planned 4 mi

My first run for my Thanksgiving holiday break in Virginia. I did this run in one of the local parks in Portsmouth, Va. It was a nice run along the water and kind of sorta around a cemetery. 

Random: Bacchus, my deceased beagle’s full name was Simonsdale Bacchus Beagle. I totally forgot that I purchased Bacchus in the Simonsdale section, which is near this park.


The neigborhood where Bacchus’ canine lived.

I wonder if any of Bacchus’ littermates are still alive.

Friday: Completed 4.1 mi | Planned 2 mi

Look at me running in my birth city of Norfolk, Va. Although I only had to do 2 miles, I wanted to burn off some of turkey and wine from Thanksgiving dinner. It was kind of nice running in the downtown section of Norfolk, which I have never done before. This was the area where we used to hang out when I came home for Thanksgiving and Christmas vacations during college. 

 Saturday: Completed 6.7 mi | Planned 7 mi

I guess this technically was supposed to be my long run. However, I was very hungover. . . Actually, I’m surprised that I woke up, drove 30 minutes to Mt. Trashmore Park, and did this run. Mt. Trashmore has a special place in my heart because this park was the site of my high school’s cross country meets and many practices. 


The “long” run was nice, but it felt like I was struggling through most of the run . . . more because I was hungover and was not really feeling it. After I finished, I was glad that I powered through it, with the exception of the last 0.25 miles.

Although I was not feeling the run, which essentially was two (or was it three) loops around the park, I did push myself and climbed the largest hill (twice). near the end of the run.

Sunday: Completed 1.7 mi treadmill recovery strides for| Planned Rest

Man, Sunday was quite yucky in southeastern Virginia. Probably, that was the case for most of the east coast. I decided to use a free pass to Onelife Fitness,  do an easy recovery run and spend time really stretching.


Going to this gym made me realize one thing – I need to switch gyms ASAP. No, there is not a Onelife Fitness in NYC, but going to this gym made me realize that I’m a bit over Crunch Fitness. I’m over this gym because it is not convenient. Actually, when I finish writing this entry, I’m going to email Crunch’s membership department to see how I can go about canceling my membership. Oh snap, now I just received a Cyber Monday email to join New York Sports Club (NYSC) for $1 down, no membership fee, and $59/month for most of the NYSC locations. My current Crunch Fitness membership is about $110. 

It was nice to be home, but I’m glad to be heading back to NYC . . . if my flight is not canceled because of the storm affecting the northeast. Being able to drive to workouts was a huge pro while training in VA this week. I had to chuckle about driving 4 miles to run 3 miles in a park.

Here is what’s on the docket for week four. 


Training Update Fred Lebow Half Marathon: Week 2


Let’s start this update with a couple of instances of f*cksh*t

F*cksh*t Item #1

I was not selected to run the United NYC Half Marathon. 

United NYC Half Marathon

I guess during 2020, I will have to try my hardest to obtain guaranteed entry by running 4 our of 6 NYRR Five Borough Series. By registering for the Fred Lebow Half Marathon, I’m already on my way. 

F*cksh*t Item #2

Speaking of “rejection”, my application for this round of BibRave Pro was rejected. Like I mentioned on IG, it’s a good thing that I do not let crap like this define who I am. 


I’m already in one bougie-esque social group (Yelp Elite). At least, I get free booze and food with Yelp, and I’d rather review restaurants than granola bars. I’m dissing because I’m hater mode. So, congrats to the new BibRave Pro class or whatever that dumb email said. Martin Lawrence said it best in his “You So Crazy” comedy show – Fuck ’em, girl! Fuck ’em!


Ok, on to the week of training. 

Monday: Completed 4.2 mi | Planned 3 mi

Ok, I have gone back and forth with this topic, but I think that I’m officially over the Harlem running group . . . at least its Monday runs. Perhaps, I’ll check out the Thursday speed workouts. I’m over the Monday runs for a couple of reasons, which might be due to my personality rather than the group (more specifically my pace group). I think that my annoyance level was at a 7 out 10 before the run (mostly because of work). Also, it was a bit chilly and rainy on Monday. Y’all know that I don’t like to run in the rain or snow. However, I have to start getting used to running in these weather conditions because it probably will snow or rain at some point during the Fred Lebow Half Marathon. 

I really wish that the group would post the routes BEFORE the runs.  It’s nice to knowaBiykUG3TRyPUQ6nCK55GA_thumb_3a6d what I’m getting myself into before a run. On Monday, I really wanted to do a flat, easy run, but we had to climb a fuckin hill. Had I known there was going to be a hill during the run, I probably would have skipped Monday’s run. Actually, the pacers probably did not know there was going to be a hill because most of the run seemed pretty random and half-assed. Also, we were supposed to run 3.5 mi, the run ended up being 5 mi. Yes, I logged 4.2 mi  because I left the running group during the run. I was over all of the back and forth randomness. 

Tuesday: Completed Rest | Planned 4 mi

There just was not any time to do my run, and I was quite pooped from work. So I grabbed some happy hour beverages. 

Wednesday: Completed 3 mi and Zumba  | Planned 4 mi

A simple 3 mi run from my apt to my Zumba class – no biggie. I cannot remember the last that I attended a Zumba class (probably back in September), but I am sooooo out of Zumba shape. Recently, my instructor attended some Zumba conference so he changed up the Zumba routine and made the class more intense. Aside from my “out of shapeness”, I enjoyed the more up-tempo class. 

Thursday: Completed Rest | Planned Strength training

Phew, work kind of broke me so I “rested” by grabbing a few drinks with a friend. I did work out my jaw muscles by eating a massive slice of pizza at Koronet Pizza (***). 


Koronet Pizza

Koronet Pizza where you can buy pizzas slices larger than your head.

Saturday: Completed 6 mi | Planned 6 mi 



Oh, I thought I was supposed to run 5 instead of 6 miles and was doing something extra by making up for the 2 miles that I was supposed to run on Friday. However, I had to channel my inner strength and motivation to start this run, because the temperature was around 32 F. I will have to get over this because (as I mentioned above) my half marathon is right in the middle of January. I did not feel super cold during the run so I think that I have a plan for a 32 – 35 F running outfit. 

The run was a bit of a struggle because several portions of the FDR Greenway were closed. Man, the city has been fixing this greenway for the past two damn years. A portion of the run was a bit of back and forth. I guess that’s what I get for hating on the Harlem Runs group. 

Sunday: Competed Strength Training | Planned Strength Training

Yeah, it may be time to change gyms. I mentioned that my gym is being renovated so there’s crap and junk all over the place – making even less space to workout. There is the option to go to another Crunch gym, but I hate the setup/arrangement of the other nearest location. Oh, well I guess this is something that I should revisit after Thanksgiving. 

Next week: 

Now that I kinda have two weeks of baseline running under my belt, I can start adding speed and hill workouts going forward. 

Fred Lebow Half Marathon

Shoot, there was something else I was going to mention, but I forget. Oh well, hasta luego. 

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Random Thoughts Thursday

Some random thoughts for the week.

-Boo! Maybe next year.

United Half Marathon

– I think that I’m over my Harlem running group.

-I went a little crazy purchasing winter running gear; hopefully, it will serve me well while training for my January half-marathon.

-I’m coming down with a cold, but so far there is no yucky green mucus . . . yet. Fingers crossed.

-Folks have to pay to volunteer?

I currently volunteer as a mentor for a high school program, and the program would likeFriday Meme to create an ambassador program for the mentors. Basically, ambassadors would schedule and set up meet and greets for the mentors. Could someone tell why the program wants you to give them at least $200/yr with a two-year commitment to be an ambassador? Let me get this straight. Y’all want folks to take on extra volunteering roles, BUT you want folks to pay to volunteer? Isn’t that the opposite of volunteering. Someone make it make sense.

-I guess that I’m going to have to incorporate some hill workouts while training for the Fred Lebow Half Marathon.

Fred Lebow Half

Fred Lebow Half Elevation

-Who’s excited about Thanksgiving and holiday movie season?

-Also, can you believe that Home Alone is 30 years old? Also, what the hell did Kevin’s dad do for a living to pay for all of those folks’ trip to Paris for Christmas?

-I think it’s time for another WordPress photo purge. I’m surprised that I still have not upgraded to a plan with more storage. Oh well. We all know that I’m a cheap bastard.

-The week after next, I’m going to try to start going to sleep at 11 pm.

-I’m still debating if I want to apply to this MS program in education. Starting next semester,  I can start taking up to seven credits per semester for free.

-I’m out

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Training Update Fred Lebow Half Marathon: Week 1

Ok, we are back at it for another half marathon.

I have registered to run the Fred Lebow Half Marathon, which is scheduled for Jan. 19. IvWya1C9iQaSsRNMsgiYQ5Q_mini_3985 think this is the only NYRR half marathon that I have not attempted. I’ve been a bit scared to run this half because it’s smack in the middle of January, and New York is quite cold in January. I have seen post-race pictures of guys with icicles in their facial hair. Y’all know that I cannot stand doing stuff, besides smoking a cig, in the cold. Also, I’m not a huge fan of running a half marathon in Central Park, which is about two loops. I guess that I have gotten over this because I have completed NYRR’s 12, 15, and 18 mi training runs for the NYC Marathon.

I mainly signed up for this marathon because of my FOMO from sitting out TCS NYC Marathon. It’s NYRR’s first long race after the marathon. Actually, I lie, NYRR has a 60K right after the NYC Marathon. 

Another reason that I signed up for this Half Marathon. I think this race will put me at a decent baseline to prepare for and run the United NYC Half Marathon (if I’m selected for the lottery) in March and start training for Madrid’s Rock n Rock Marathon in April.

Completed Miles/Planned Miles: 14 mi/17 mi

Sunday: Competed 3 mi/ _

Lordy, it has been a while since my last run, and boy did I feel it. The plan was to run to the gym and lift before heading to a bottomless broozy brunch. I was annoyed after completing this run because my gym is renovating … once again so it was a cluster fuck of gym equipment everywhere. Plus, there is no longer any place to stretch and foam roll. Every time my gym “renovates”, there’s less and less space. CAN I HAVE SOME FUCKING SPACE TO STRETCH?!! So annoying. Perhaps, this the push I need to cancel my membership and join NYSC.


Enjoying bottomless mimosas . . . for 2 hrs.

Monday Completed 3 / Planned


Easy run to and from the Bronx. Actually, one of these days, I think I’ll do a run to Yankees Stadium. Aside from the Bronx 10 mile, which I have only run two times, I really do not run in the Bronx.

Tuesday: Completed 4.07 mi / Planned

I had a nice little run that incorporated one of my favorite running spots in Central Park, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir.


Fortunately for me, I finished the run just as it was about to rain. Phew!

Wednesday: Rest

No run since I was traveling to Anaheim, California for a conference.

Thursday: Completed 4.01 mi / Planned

A nice little run around a section of Disneyland. Man, the traffic lights in Anaheim are super long.


I did a loop of Disneyland’s perimeter.


I wonder how much Mickey and Minnie Mouse ears go for these days?

Man, some families don’t mess around when it comes to Disneyland. I started my run around 6:30 am, and there were large groups heading to the park.

Friday and Saturday: Rest

Unfortunately, I came down with a cold and was a bit tired from traveling, conferencing, and getting caught up with time change. On Friday, I woke at 3 am PST; I guess that I was still on EST. Although I did not run, I did walk to Denny’s (0.2 mi) and eat an All-American Grand Slam Breakfast. So the walk to Denny’s counts, right?



That’s it for my first week. I’m a little bummed that I am sick, and I hope my cold will not get any worse. Right, now it’s a head cold, but I feel that the green, gross mucous is coming in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

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Food Pic of the Week

Here’s another one from Hawai’i.

Tangö Contemporary Cafe (***

21288 Ala Moana Blvd. , Honolulu, HI 96814 

Damnit, I forgot why this place is called Tangö. I think our waiter said it was a combination of the two owners’ names (one from Hawaii and the other from some Scandinavian country). 


Shredded Duck Confit Hash

We pretty much (well . . . I made the husband) come to this restaurant just for this dish. Hands down, this dish was the best breakfast that I had in Hawai’i. I know that the dish isn’t the prettiest, but the taste was quite fabulous. Plus, the Bloody Mary was out of this world!


Random Thought Thursday

Let get into some randomness

I need to get more inventive with the names of my running playlists


-Since I registered for a half marathon in Jan, I’m a little scared of training in the winter months of Dec and Jan. Man, I hate doing stuff outside (except smoking, I guess) in the cold.


-I really want to start swimming again and need to find a cheap pool that’s close to home/work. 

-I am thinking of a fun trip to celebrate my bday in June. It will be the big 4 – 0. Maybe Perú again. No, Pananá. Wait, Colombia. Shit, I don’t know. Perhaps, the hubby and I can combine forces and celebrate both of our birthdays since they are 31 days apart. 

-Am I the only one who sanitizes airplane trays and surrounding areas before take off?


-Breakfast of champions. A picture from the Hawai’i vacation. We were about to swim with sharks. I guess that I should write a reflective post about the Hawaiian vacation. You know, the good, the bad, and the struggle.utrBqLvPQTy+bSSi2Ay6BA_thumb_3879

-Speaking of Hawai’i. Please do better, New York City.


It seems that NYC will provide some homeless families a year living expense stipend and send them to other cities in the U.S. My question. What happens when the family runs out of money in the new city? This clearly is not the right answer or solution to the homeless issue in NYC. So damn dumb.

-I really need to get my hair did.

-Is it me, or have NYRR’s races been filling up faster than normal? NYRR Manhattan 7 Miler (Feb. 9) is already closed. I guess that’s a good thing because more people are interested in running. However, it’s bad for my procrastinating ass.

Random Question: If you could run a half or a full marathon anyplace in the world, where would it be?