Random Thoughts Thursday

-Where are all of the fun, interesting, old-school horror movies on Amazon, Hulu, Netflix, etc? The other night, I probably spent 30 minutes trying to find something good to watch for the spooky season. I ended up going to my Nightmare on Elm Street DVD set. Are we getting to the point where streaming services just aren’t worth it?

-Man, it’s hard keeping up with cancel culture? I’m not; I can’t; I won’t.

Link to the article: https://nypost.com/2022/10/12/gen-z-has-canceled-the-thumbs-up-emoji-because-its-hostile/

-Ohhhhh, check out this year’s NYC Marathon medal. I don’t know, but I’m a little underwhelmed with the medal’s design. Of course, that will change if/when I get one in a couple of weeks.

Maybe NYRR/TCS decided to make the medal smaller because last year’s marathon the 50th.

-Trying out new things. 😉

I was a bit tipsy and needed some sustenance while we were walking to the bar. 😉

-J & A Racing sure loves to use puns in their race promotions.

For this month’s Crawlin’ Crab, there were a lot of shell-related puns.

-Sounds about right to me, but it doesn’t work for me.

-Since Liverpool has been selected as this year’s Eurovision host city, Airbnb hosts sure as hell are taking advantage. Is there anyone on this green Earth who would pay $16,000 PER NIGHT for an Airbnb? I mean for that much money the listing had better be a castle AND the toilets had better wipe my ass for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I can understand jacking up the price around the time of a popular event, but jacking up the price to $16,000 a night? Let’s say that you stay in Liverpool for a week, that’s $112,000 just for this listing. Shiiiid, that’s probably enough for a downpayment to BUY the actual listing. Before the host city was announced (when it was between Glasgow and Liverpool), places in Liverpool were going for about $100-$300/night, which is somewhat fair. To make it worse: Many folks who booked Airbnbs (or hotels) before the city was announced received notifications of canceled reservations because of an “administrative error” after the announcement was made. However, they found that the ‘canceled’ listings were available for the same days but with a $500+ hike.

-On the flip side, some Eurovision fans also were doing some shady things. When it was announced that 7-8 cities in the UK were in the running to host Eurovision, several folks (at least on Twitter) booked places in all of the potential host cities during the 1st and 2nd weeks of May. If folks see that the demand is there, of course, they are going to take advantage of the situation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of the contest, BUT I’m not THAT much of a fan to spend $5000+ on accommodations. If I were to spend that much money on a trip, I’d rather take my butt to the Seychelles and watch the contest on Peacock with my VPN.

-Hell no!

Question(s) for the Day?

-What is your go-to Halloween movie?

-How much have you spent on a music festival/concert? Looking back, was it worth it?

-Would you try Cinnafuego Toast Crunch?

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  1. So many things here. I just don’t even know what to say about the “hostile” thing. The whole world has become hostile. Soon no one will respond at all because it might be considered hostile. Wait, maybe you’ll consider my response here hostile!
    I’ve never been one to spend big money on concerts. The most I spent was to see Paul McCartney with Elton John and that wasn’t crazy expensive. I think tickets were around $150 to $200 each. It was a concert to remember but I wouldn’t do it more than once.

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    • Since she rarely tours in the US, I spent about $175 to see Pink many, Many, MANY years ago. With advances in technology, I don’t even see the point of attending most concerts when I can watch them from the comfort of my own home.

      Re hostile environments: Not sure if I mentioned this before. A couple of years ago, I attended some training for work, and the seminar’s facilitator told us that saying “good morning” is aggressive. It’s aggressive bc you do not know what type of morning the other person has had, and it could make that person relive their trauma. In a few years, we will not be allowed to say anything to anyone.

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      • So even good morning isn’t acceptable? You’re right. We won’t even be able to smile or make eye contact because that could be aggressive.
        I agree about concerts now. Not worth it.


  2. I’m starting to think every word is soon going to offend and/or traumatize someone. Don’t get me started on the whole asking someone their pronouns bit… I have no problem referring to someone how they choose but why do I need to ask? I don’t ask every person named Michael I meet if he prefers Michael, Mikey or Mike?

    I usually spend around $100 average on concert tickets until taxes and fees are added on. I just spent $167 each on two tickets to the Steelers Ravens game in Jan. because my work offered them, they’re good seats and I’ve never been to a professional game.


  3. I do avoid the OK symbol because of its white supremacy connotations and I do check people’s pronouns and try to use them appropriately, and I encourage writers I edit to avoid some terminology that is being replaced by more neutral stuff (there’s a lot of master/slave terminology in networking / IT which doesn’t sit well) but some of it is over the top, yes.

    You WILL have that medal, btw.

    I am notoriously mean on concert tickets. I did spend £102 last year but that was on two days of the Moseley Folk festival, I got to see two performers I love who I see whenever they are there, but also got to see the Wonderstuff and Frank Turner, both of whom I really like, and various others, too, so seemed OK. It’s walking distance from our house, too, so no camping (shudder) etc. Normally it’s up to £30. We spent £46 each seeing Joe Lycett’s comedy show last month but that was worth it, especially as he had a big section about something very relevant to us, so it was very cool.

    Random thought from me: I’ve acquired about THIRTY books this month (already: see blog post admission coming later today) and I’m not even caught up with my blog reading, let alone read enough to make space for those!


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