NYC Marathon Training Wk 15

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Over the weekend, I wanted to run 20 miles for my “last” long run for this marathon training season, but that did not happen *insert frowny face*. However, I did make it to about 15 miles so that’s something. I’m going to try again to hit 20 miles this weekend. If it happens, GREAT. If not, oh well. I really hope to make the 20 miles because that will give me a bit more confidence in completing NYC’s Marathon. You know, if I can run 20 miles then I can run 26.2 miles.

Nerves Kicking In:

A couple of days ago, we received our wave, corral, and bib info.

At first, I was a bit disappointed to learn that I’ll be in a green wave because the green wave is the only wave that does not run on the upper level of the Verrazano Bridge at the start of the marathon. Now that I’ve gotten over the shock, I think it will be fine. One of my friends is running NYC, so I think I’ll try to figure out if I can start in her blue wave since her corral is higher than mine. I could be wrong, but I was under the impression that greens could not move to blue and orange waves unless you move to a later wave.

All of that said, I am fine if I cannot change wave colors. In fact, I’m so fine with the wave color that I even bought a new pair of GREEN shoes.

New Balance 860

Before anyone flips out over me buying brand-new shoes a couple of weeks before a marathon, this pair is the same brand and model that I have been training in. Joe’s New Balance Outlet says that I should get them by Friday. Hopefully, I can put a few miles in them before 11/06, which should not be a problem. Going forward, I think that I will continue to buy my shoes from Joe’s Outlet. Since I require a wide toe box for my right foot, I tend to have very limited options for “fun” running shoes.

My so-called weird feet.

It actually has gotten to the point where I always prepare myself to expect ugly colors before going shoe shopping. Looks like this will not be a problem, now that I have found Joe’s NB Outlet.

Side shoe rant: While I ordered these shoes online, I like to shop in brick-and-mortar stores for these types of things. Actually, I cannot remember the last time I purchased a pair of shoes online. It must have been at least 10 years ago. Anywho, I stopped by a local shoe store, and the salesperson had such a nasty, know it all attitude. I pretty much told him that I was interested in one type of shoe because of the upcoming marathon. I’m not really sure why he was telling me everything that was wrong with my current shoes and made recommendations of things that I did not want.

  1. This is my 6th or 7th marathon. While I’m nowhere near elite runner status, I have a pretty decent idea of what works for me.
  2. There is no way in hell I’m going to try something different regarding my footwear three weeks out from a marathon.
  3. Isn’t the customer always right? 😉 I was like Sheree from Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Running a marathon with someone:

If you have been following this blog for a bit, most know that I’m a fairly independent runner even if I try attending group runs. However, one of my friends wants to run NYC Marathon together. However, I’m a little nervous about doing this because she is a way better athlete than I. Also, she has been taking her marathon training quite seriously, while I have not. On top of that, she has been training in Colorado so I’m sure her cardio fitness is pretty top-notch compared to my training at sea level. Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure that I will not keep up with her, but I do not want to slow her down. Like I mentioned in a previous update, my plan pretty much is to alternate between running 2 miles and walking 0.2 miles for the entire marathon. It would be great to have someone to chat with (and boy can she chat), but I’m not sure that I want to chat with anyone for an entire marathon. I’m pretty much a blast my music through my earpods kind of runner

Avoid Post-NYC Marathon Training Blues:

During November and December, I’m going to reattempt The November Project VB’s RUNGO. Hopefully, I’ll stick with this and meet other runners in the area.

NYC Marathon 2022 Training Plan:

NYC Marathon 2022 Training Plan:

Image from Hal Higdon Training (Link ***)

Goals for the week:

-Finalize my NYC Marathon Playlist. I think that I’m off to a good start. 😉

-Make a checklist of all the things that I need to pack for the trip.

-Resume first thing in the morning and nightly stretching.

-Start making plans for NYC shenanigans. Word on the street is that the crown of the Statue of Liberty has been reopened.

Long Run Playlist:

Questions of the Day:

-Have you run a full or half marathon with someone who was at a different physical level as you? How did it go?

-Do you generally buy your running shoes (or other athletic gear) online?

What are your go-to songs while running or working out?

-If you have been to NYC (or live in NYC) what is the one thing that you like about the city and one thing that you hate about the city. Since I have lived in NYC from July 02, 2002 to July 15, 2022, this trip will be interesting for me because it will be the 1st time hanging out in NYC as a “tourist” in many years.

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  1. It’s getting real now! I have never run a full or half marathon with someone else. I wouldn’t like the pressure. For example if I needed to slow down I’d feel bad for the other person or if they needed to slow down, I might be tempted to drop them and then feel bad.
    I usually buy my running shoes online. It’s just so much cheaper and the selection is a lot better than the small local stores around here.
    What I like about NYC- the plethora of things to do and places to eat. What I don’t like- the pollution and constant noise. When I get home from NYC the first thing I always think is how much cleaner the air seems where I live.

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  2. My most recent half I ran with my dad which was the first I’ve ever ran a half with someone. It worked out ok overall. Sometimes I felt like I was making him push harder than he wanted (like on downhills) but I also feel like he helped hold me accountable to a pace and without him I might have lost a step or two. I did feel bad leaving him at mile 10 when I had to pick it up for my time goal, but obviously our relationship is good enough that I knew he didn’t care. It might be harder for me to run with someone who would get offended at me doing that and expected me to run with them the full race.

    I typically buy my shoes at the local running store, Flying Feet. I’m a member of their racing team so I get a good discount. That said I bought a pair online from Dicks when the new version was coming out because I was trying to wear the current version as long as a possible and they had a sale.

    The main thing I hate about NYC besides so many people crowding me at times would be the smell of sewer. The thing I’ve enjoyed the most is the city at night with all the lights just feels like no where else I’ve ever visited.

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    • I was about to say that I visited a Flying Feet in my neck of the woods in Va. Since you said it was local, I double checked and the store I visited was Fleet Feet.

      The sewer smell is one of the reasons why I try to avoid Chinatown during the summer.

      Hope all is well.

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  3. I would say that having run a few marathons and halfs with other people, have a chat and have a plan beforehand, so you are OK with one of you leaving the other and you can just do it. My first half, I’d trained with my friend Jen and we wanted to run together. We did, then she felt unwell at about mile 7. I then ran/walked with her for a whole mile, with her trying to make me go on and me refusing to leave her. Finally, an army guy in a full backpack said “Look, go, I’ll look after her”. I then ran and CRIED for a mile, I did see her on the out and back section, I ran with some other folks I happened into, it was all good. Next time I ran with someone I said, “Look, you’re fitter than me, when you need to go, go” and she did, all good with no tears or arguing.

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    • Yeah, I like the plan beforehand idea. Unfortunately, my friend told me that she did a trail run, tripped on something, fell, and screwed up her arm. Hopefully, she recovers in time.


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