Random Thoughts Thursday

-I think that I’m over NYC because there is way too much BS going on in this city. We have folks pushing folks in front of subway cars; letting out gunfire in emergency rooms; purchasing and using narcotics in plain view. I get that the pandemic has reduced a lot of the city resources especially those providing mental health services, but Jesus freakin’ Christ. Because of my fear of getting thrown in front of a subway car, the city has me waiting on subway platforms like this.

-I need to some restaurant and bar recommendations for my upcoming trip to New Orleans. Don’t say Cafe du Monde because I’m still beefing with them. However, I do not remember the reason why I have been “beefing” with them since 2001. 😉

-Because of my so-so time in last weekend’s half marathon, something has energized me to start performing better in my half (and hopefully full) marathons. Maybe I still have the endorphin high from this morning’s run. There’s probably not much I can do for New Orleans half marathon, but there is some potential for the 2022 Love Run Philadelphia Half Marathon in late March.

-I need some half marathon ideas for May-August.

-One of these days, I’ll break 150 points in bowling. The hubby came very close to breaking his goal of 100 points. Since I nailed a turkey (three strikes in a row) during three frames in the first game, I thought for sure that I was going to crack 150.

-How are folks liking Wordle? I’ve been doing the English and Spanish versions.

-So annoyed. One of our unlimited, bottomless brunch spots (Calle Dao) has changed their deal from 90 minutes to 60 minutes. 😦

-Yes, I hate when people do this especially in Zoom meetings. Just get on with the freakin’ meeting/presentation.

-Interesting stats from last weekend’s Fred Lebow Half Marathon.

Number of runners based on gender – male (green) and female (red)

It’s interesting (to me at least) that there is not more of an even split between male and female runners outside of the 20-24 and 25-29 age groups.

-I have been trying to get back into listening to running podcasts. I’ve started listening (err relistening) to the Marathon Training Academy podcast and received a great idea about reading while walking on the “dreadmill”

-BTW: While the scientific content of this book is interesting, I’m not too sure if feeling the theme of the book.

Question of the Day

-Based on my currently-reading book: If you could live to the age of 150 (or beyond) without physically aging, would you want to?

-What are some of your random thoughts?

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  1. OOOOH I am so here for the New Orleans recs. I went for the Rock N Roll Half in 2019 (blog post around here somewhere) and wanted to go back this year for my bachelorette but am doing AC instead.
    Felix’s for chargrilled oysters. This is a must. You can not order enough of these. Their Po Boys are just ok.
    Central Grocery for a muffaletta. Get the half order and eat it there in the back. Also the perfect airport food.
    Ruby Slipper Cafe (multiple locations) for brunch.
    Cochon for a fancier dinner.
    Mother’s is famous for their baked ham but I enjoyed getting both types of their gumbo and their jambalaya
    Cajun Seafood – in the 7th Ward. Get pounds of crawfish, shrimp, snow crabs, potatoes & corn, everything. We brought our own beer in here and nobody cared.
    St Roch Market if you’re in the Marigny and want some healthy options.

    Cafe du Monde. You have to visit the original on Decatur Street and get an order of beignets and a cafe au lait. However if you are at all near the Riverwalk mall (close to the convention center), go to that one as well. The beignets are fresher and you won’t have to wait.
    Cafe Beignet: also good for beignets and coffee. Better bathrooms than CDM.
    Spitfire Coffee: The best fancy coffee in the French Quarter.
    Aunt Sally’s to sample like 5 types of pralines

    Pat O’Brien’s for a Hurricane and a fountain selfie. Ask them to light it on fire for you (the fountain, not the drink).
    Carousel Bar: as seen in Girls Trip. Sit at the bar (go at a weird time or you will have to wait) and it slowly rotates.

    Plus so many more I want to do – Commander’s Palace, Kill PoBoys, Willy May’s Scotch House.

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    • Probably not because it seems so unnataural. Granted there are some folks out there that live past 100 years. However, I think it would be so weird to be 100+ years old but in a 20/30/40 year old body.


  2. The stats, I bet that’s women who have caring responsibilities, sad to say, so can’t make the time required for training. No recs for New Orleans but you have some great ones. Living longer: if I had my health, yes. I could get my TBR read (watch out for a terrible picture of stuffed bookshelves on Tuesday!). My grandma made it to 104 and was bedbound for a decade – no thank you.

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    • You’re right. Duh. Women tend to have more responsibilities compared to men. Hopefully, this changes a bit for future generations. I can see a wife saying something like YOU watch the damn kids, I gotta get in my long run.

      My recently deceased great grandfather made it to 99 (he passed the day after Christmas . . . the day before his bday). However, he was driving until 90/91 years old.

      My dad has always said that he does what to get to a point in his life where he cannot whip his own ass.

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  3. Would I have to work the majority of those 150 years like we do now before being able to retire? If so no thanks!

    Two suggestions for New Orleans… Napoleon House for a muffaletta and a Sazerac. https://lucyssurf.com/ for lighter, non traditional food. We ate so many heavy items while on vacation this place was great for something else. I had a quesadilla and Jason had a turkey burger.


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