Random Thoughts Thursday

-Rant alert. How can people stand in a line for over 5 minutes and not know what they want to order OR have their money ready by the time they arrive to the cashier? What the hell have you been doing all of this time? PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE AND FOCUS FOR A MINUTE! 😉

-Because I have had some struggles with Grubhub deliveries last week. I think that I’m going to try not ordering food delivery until my New Orleans’ runcation.

-Speaking of New Orleans, I should schedule a tour of my alma mater.

-While the jury is out about running cadence, I have to admit that I’m seeing some benefits of it. Article from Marathon Handbook

-Is it me, or has this January felt extra long? Not sure what it is, but I cannot get into the flow of 2022.

-Since I’m pretty much over Shuan T’s Insanity, I’m going to try out this 645 workout program (also Beachbody) with Amoila Cesar. It’s called 645 because you workout six days a week for 45 minutes . . . we’ll see how that goes.

I was going to do my first workout the other day when my adjustable dumbbells arrived. However, after carrying the first box up three flights of stairs, I figured that I was done. In my defense, I saw the box when I arrived home after running 5 miles and bouldering for about 20 minutes.

-While I have my first half marathon this weekend, I’m perfectly fine with not meeting my 2 hr goal. That reminds me to register for a couple of half marathons for April and May.

-New 2022 goal: get out of Corral I. According to NYRR’s pace cut rules, I need to have a 10K converted pace somewhere between 8:58 – 9:19 min/mi to move from Corral I to Corral H.

-Although this was supposed to be a 2022 intention (or whatever we are calling resolutions these days), I think that I’m getting back on track with my 21-day plan fix/portion control and intermittent fasting.

-It’s great that we can receive up to four at-home COVID tests. I am a bit concerned that the rapid test has a tendency to give false negatives for folks who are asymptomatic. That said, I guess something is better than nothing. In case you are not in the know, you can order your four free tests here: ***.

-A few weeks ago, I had a nice long rant about the limited (or zero) number of appointments for Global Entry. However, I was so excited to receive this wonderful email the other day.

-LOL. THIS was my most popular Yelp photo?!!!

-I’m sure that I have posted more yummy food pics from 886 on Yelp *searching my WordPress media folder*.

What randomness is going on in your mind?

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  1. OMG that is my pet peeve too!! Literally do not understand when people cannot make up their minds ordering when they have had all the time in the world to do so.

    DoorDash has been my bestie lately (I even have a membership where they wave those HIGH ASS delivery fees). I see it as hey I’m not spending gas money driving to whatever location so it’s helping my old car save its miles and etc. I do need to chill though cuz I’ve found myself ordering things I could just walk across the street and get like wine and TP.

    Have fun in Nola! FedEx me some Cafe du Monde.

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    • I recently upgraded to GrubHub+ for “free” delivery. Once, I ordered from a restaurant that was less than one block away. The owner, who knows me, thought it was so funny that he personally delivered my food to let me know. Shoot . . . It was raining, and I didn’t want to get wet or put on clothes to pick up food. 😉

      I’ll DoorDash your Cafe du Monde. 😉 Wait, I think that I’m still boycotting Cafe du Monde from my college years (circa the early 00s). I’m not sure why I’m boycotting the spot, but it must have been for a good reason. 😉

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  2. My random thought in my head is why did that man in the park think it was a good idea to run really close behind me for a while? I just love being unnerved and rattled when out for a run (not)!


    • Aren’t folks (especially men) supposed to know that you do not follow someone while running? I thought that was the 3rd lesson in Running 101. Fortunately, he did not try or do anything too crazy.

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      • Oh it was worse than that – he was walking originally, not in running kit, tho athleisure, I ran past him, he moved out of the way, I said thank you, dropped down into the park, there he was suddenly behind me, I moved to the side, he stayed in the same place behind me then walked. I had to run out of the park and ask a postman to pretend he knew me while I looked to check he’d gone (postman was marvellous). He didn’t want to do anything more extreme as he could have quite easily, but he was badly educated on such things at best.

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  3. It seems like Americans are the worst when it comes to waiting in line (or queue as they say in other countries). We are all on our phone or doing who knows what and then suddenly it’s our turn and we’re all surprised or something and aren’t ready at all. People in other countries, on the other hand, have their cash ready and are actually ready to go when it’s their turn.

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    • Maybe my crabbyness about this is based on my experiences working at McDonalds in drive-thru and as a cashier at a grocery store during my high school years. *Thinking: Could you please have your money ready because you are messing up my customer checkout times?!!!!*

      I’m guilty of BSing on my phone while in line, but I usually get my payment and order ready before BSing on my phone.

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