Random Thoughts Thursday

-In terms of work/life balance, we need to be more like Europeans. Let’s say that I had a couple of eye opening experiences regarding this concept while vacationing in Spain last week.

-I really miss being involved in biomedical research/discovery. Sometimes, I wonder if I screwed up my career trajectory moving from research in the biomedical science into administration in higher education. Honestly, I feel like I have more to contribute to the world as a scientist or someone who is directly involved in the scientific process.

-Why are some runners who don’t listen to music while running full or half-marathons so damn condescending to those who do?

-The power of social media. After seeing multiple insta posts about London’s Marathon, I really want to run it. While my chances are very slim, I signed up for next year’s lottery.

-Speaking of marathons, I’ve come to terms with realizing that this year’s NYC Marathon will be more of a “fun” run for me. I will be lucky to finish it. We are one month away, and my longest run has been about 16 miles. That said, I cannot blame anyone but myself for my crappy marathon training.

-Let’s see if I can get my act together with training for New Orleans’ Marathon in February.

-These two crack me the hell up. In most cases, listening to their podcast is more entertaining than watching most of the 90 Day Fiance episodes.

-Post vacation feelings:

-Because of articles similar to this, “Procrastinators beware: The backlog for U.S. passports is at least 4 months” (link: ***). I told myself that I would renew my passport, which expires Sept 2022, as soon as I returned from our trip.

  • The other day, I went to a CVS to get some passport pictures. I’m thinking that we were going to be about 5-8 bucks. Tell me why the dude was like that will be $18.50? For two pictures?!!! WTF.
  • Based on this chart, I’d have to send my renewal stuff via mail instead of doing it in person. Couldn’t I just throw my passport in the Hudson River and say that I lost it so I can apply in person? πŸ˜‰
  • I do not mind applying through the mail (in fact, I did it for my last renewal). However, I probably will travel to Va for Thanksgiving and/or Christmas, but my New York State driver’s license is not an acceptable form of ID. I fear that I will not get the new passport in time for these trips. Actually, I might as well just get a new “enhanced” driver license . . . I have to change the address that is on my current drivers license anyway.

-Speaking of photos: Why are post-race photos so damn expensive? For my post-half marathon photos, this site is talking about 30 euros for 20 photos (or 7 euros for individual photos) . . . in which my legs and arms have been cropped out in most of the pics.

-Until our Spain vacation, I had no idea that white asparagus existed or folks ate barnacles. BTW, both are delicious.

-Now that one of my FB friends said the barnacles look like dinosaur feet, I cannot unsee it.

Any random thoughts?

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  1. I’ve always been extremely nervous when mailing in my passport renewal but by some miracle I’ve always gotten it back. I haven’t gotten my Real ID drivers license yet either. I was happy to hear they extended the deadline but I know I can’t wait forever to renew. Still, there’s not much worse than going to DMV.

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  2. I’ve gone into the London Marathon ballot, too! And my friend Shaun just ran it on no more than 13 miles in training … but that’s not recommended, of course. Random thought at the moment: why am I so HUNGRY??? Oh, I ran 10.5 miles at a weird time this morning to see if I was OK to do my half on the 17th …


  3. I’m not ready to jump back into marathon training but I’m envious of you racing in NOLA.

    I don’t run with music, Jason does sometimes, and if I hate on him for it it’s because he will talk to me and I’ll respond and he will have the music up too loud to hear me.


  4. i saw your post and also joined the London lottery. what the heck, I think chances of winning powerball are better tho. I also need to get the Real ID driver’s license and am always flying with my passport. can we talk about people who play their music running a race with no headphones? not everyone else likes your music and it’s worse if you can’t speed up and get away! that’s my pet peeve for music!

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    • -Another one who has signed up for the lottery?!!! Just joking. πŸ˜‰ I think anywhere from 2-3% of the ballot entries get selected.
      -Like you, I am not a fan of people who run with speakers.


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