Food Pics of the Week

Since it was too hard to pick one favorite food pic or restaurant while vacationing in Spain, I figure that I would put my top meals in one post. This way, the next five entries “Food Pics of the Week” will not be food entries from Spain.

Madrid, Part I

Bang Cook

The hubby’s sister, her family, and other friend did not feel like eating Spanish food since they live in Spain, so it was Thai for dinner. Not that I had any problem with that choice.

Bodega Maribel

Normally, I am not a huge fan of blue cheese, but this dip was delicious. A “friend” of the hubby’s friend explained that the Spanish (technically the folks in Asturias, Spain) cure cheese in a different manner so it’s not as potent as normal bleu cheese. LOL @ “friend” (we’re gonna call him Sebastian). A few hours after running the half marathon, the hubby and I met up with his friend and his friend’s aunt at another bar, and we were introduced to “Sebastian” who was weird AF. Long story short and three bars later, Sebastian just bounced without even saying bye (or paying his portion of the bill). The hubby told his friend that Sebastian seemed a bit off. His friend was like: I guess; I don’t know him; I just met him tonight. UGH


La Casa del Indiano

OMG, these scallops were so freaking amazing.

Pab’s mom’s house

I never knew that folks ate barnacles, but I’m glad that I learned this because I’m going to have to have these every time we visit Spain.

Restaurant: ???

Everyone knows that I can eat octopus with olive oil and paprika all day, everyday.

Restaurant: ???

I do not know what the hell they put in the ravioli, but I could not stop eating this dish. Another dish that I must have everytime we visit Santander. Also, I do not know who came up with the idea of combining the tartare with an almond sauce, but they need a Nobel Prize. The dessert was kind of cute, because it’s supposed to be a high heel shoe.


Restaurant ???

La Mar Salida

If you are ever in Barcelona, you gotta hit up this spot, which is like a 10 min walk from the main beach. However, it is not a tourist trap because mostly locals eat at this restaurant. If you come, you definitely have to go with the black rice seafood paella. Unfortunately, I was in extreme starvation mode and did not have the opportunity to take pics of the other delicious dishes. Also, we were a party of eight or nine, and I did not want to seem rude constantly taking photos of dishes.

Madrid, part II

El Brillante

Because of it’s proximity to Madrid’s Atocha Train Station, this place has been either our first or last Spanish meal coming from or going to the airport. People seem to love it, but it’s always hit or miss for me . . . with more misses than hits. Unfortunately, it was a miss for our last meal in Spain. Well . . . the coffee was good. Plus, the place is far too intense for my liking and a lot of the waitstaff is attitudie.

Going forward, I probably should take pictures of the restaurants’ names and menus so I can 1) know the name of the restaurant and 2) know the actual names of the dishes. I did try to check in to these places on Yelp, so they would be in my recently checked in folder. However, many of the spots we visited did not have Yelp listings, and I was not trying to create new Yelp listings for these places.

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