Random Thursdays

Just a couple of randomness for this windy day in January.

  • It is tough getting back into your professional and fitness groove after two weeks off.
  • I’m really getting into my half marathon training plan (after weeks off). I hope I can keep this up.
  • I really want a pair of these state flag tights. Too bad the ones for my states, Virginia and New York, have not been made. 😦 I think there are only Maryland, Texas, and California.


  • Speaking of buying tights, I need to buy more underwear.
  • After writing this post, I think that I’m going to register for a few races. I might as well start knocking off races for the 9+1 NYC Marathon entry for 2020.
  • After seeing YouTube posts about Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly”, all I have to ask is WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!!!
  • I’m really starving . . . damn Intermitting fasting. When is my fasting period over?!

United NYC Half Marathon Training Week 2

Planned mileage: 16 miles

Completed mileage: 0

Lesson(s) learned from this week:

Rest, not hot toddies and manhattans, is best for a flu

I did absolutely nothing for this training week because I was sick pretty much all damn week, which really sucks. I was pretty much a hot mess until Sunday . . . Eh, sh*t happens. But Sunday night, I went to the gym and did the stationary bike for about an hour. For the most part my snot is no longer green. Something is better than nothing. Now that I’m feeling better; hopefully all of this week’s festivities will not deter me from my training plan. 

Goal for the week:

This is a simple one . . . RUN. 

United NYC Half Marathon Training Week 1


Planned mileage: 12 miles

Completed mileage: 8

Lesson(s) learned from this week:

My hip abductors are really weak/underdeveloped so this is something that I will have to work on in the upcoming months.

Being sick kind of sucks. Also, hot toddies and manhattans are not so great for a cold. I thought whiskey cured everything. Maybe, that remedy works in your 20s and early 30s.


Planned: X-train

Completed: 30 min. cardio class

The BF and I attended BLT (Butt, Legs, Thighs), a low-intensity class at my gym. Man, that class really kicked our butts . . . no pun. I thought the class was going to be super easy, but I clearly was in the wrong. Let me step back. The class was not super hard, but I really have neglected those types of lower body exercises for quite some time. I definitely plan to do more of these types of exercises during the week.


Planned: 3 mi

Completed: 0 mi

Since the BF, his friend, and I went to our favorite seafood restaurant ( *** ) in Astoria, Queens, I was far too hungover to even think about running. Oh, after dinner, the three of us went to my beer club’s meetup at The Freckled Moose, which was a couple blocks away. Basically, on Monday night, I shared a bottle of champagne and wine, then I had a couple of bourbon neats, a few beers, and a couple gin and sodas.


Planned: 5 X 400 meters at 5K pace

Completed: 3 mi and 5 X 400 meters at 5K pace

Because the distance for this speed workout was pretty short, I decided to add Tuesday’s run to this one. Actually, it was quite refreshing to do some speed work. For the most part, most of my 400 splits were in the 7’48’’ – 8’04’’, which is faster than my normal 5K pace.



Planned: 3 miles

Completed: 3 miles and weight lifting

Unfortunately, I had to do this run on a treadmill. BOOO, but I was lucky enough to find a treadmill that was under a fan. For some reason, Crunch Fitness seems to have two temperature settings – HOT and HOT AS HELL.

My weightlifting activities primarily focused on the lower body. My exercises included: deadlifts, sumo squats, calf raises, barbell squats, dumbbell side bends, concentration dumbbell curls, dumbbell pullovers. It felt nice having time to combine running and weightlifting. Because of the short distances of the training runs for a half-marathon, compared to those of the full marathon, I like having enough time to combine two or more workouts while training for a half.


Planned: Rest

Completed: X-Train,

I tried out a newish class called BOING. Actually, I have attended this type of cardio class in the past. Basically, you wear these mini trampoline boots and bounce around to different music. This class further confirmed my need to work on my hip abductors. Although you are bouncing around, a lot of the moves incorporate front, rear, and side leg lifts. Also, the boots are a few pounds heavier than your normal shoe. The class was really fun, but I was disappointed in myself because I could not lift my leg too high and my hips were pretty sore. Even by Sunday, my hips were still sore. 😦


Planned: 5 mi

Completed: (Unintended) Rest

Since my hips and my right foot both were really killing me, so I figured that it probably would have been best to chill and let my hips and feet rest. Also, I woke up with a bit of a sore throat. Man, I cannot seem to win for this week. Saturday, I pretty much chilled at home to recuperate a bit.

OH, BTW. Where the hell have I been for the last 17 years?!!!! One of my guilty pleasures is Fox’s Hell’s Kitchen, and I watch it on Hulu. After the newest episode finishes, Hulu will randomly select other similar type show. Hulu decided that I wanted to watch “The Amazing Race: Season 1”, and I was not too mad at Hulu for this suggestion.


OMG, I am hooked. I pretty much watched the entire season in one sitting. Well . . . I did not see the final episodes, because I knew which team won. Basically, I did not like any of the final three teams, but of those three teams, I’m glad the two lawyers won.

One thing that kind of annoys me about this more (well some of the contestants on the show) is that it plays up to the mean, nasty American tourist stereotype. I was really disgusted when one team was saying the native people (I believe they were somewhere in India) were dumb and stupid. EVERYONE IN THE WORLD DOES NOT HAVE TO SPEAK ENGLISH. You are a guest in their country, stop being a-holes. I get that the show is a big race, but it is not their fault that you screwed up the challenge. Also, I really do not like how many of the contestants’ bark commands or requests to the host country’s citizens. Maybe . . . I do not like the show that much 😉

Goal for the week:

Try to do some type of foam rolling and/or stretching every night before bed.

Random Thursdays: Marathon Addition

Yeah, Yeah, I know this is a day late, but I was busy. After posting my update about the NYC Marathon ( *** ), I had some time to reflect on it and some other random things. I’m borrowing the theme of this Random Thursday update from A Tall Girl in a Small State’s blog. 

1. I would like to become a faster runner, circa my 2009 days. Can a brother get a sub 4:30 marathon, again?aA13Vqp_700b_v2 2. Surprisingly, I’ve made a full recovery from this year’s marathon. By Wednesday, I already was biking to and from work.   

3. I’m serious that I want to drop 20 pounds over the next few months. I’ve already started intermittent fasting again and beginning to put together a diet/food plan.


4. With regards to #3, I also have created a weekly workout plan.

5. Hopefully, I can continue to run 3-4 times/week during the winter months. I want to be able to run a half marathon at a moment’s notice. That was the plan for last year, but I had a stupid back injury which prevented that plan. 

6. I think that I may run the Manhattan Half Marathon. Maybe not, running 13.1 miles in NYC during January doesn’t seem like any fun. Seeing pictures of folks with frozen eyebrows, eyelashes, mustaches, and beards still haunt me. Oh, I hope that I am selected to run the NYC Half via lottery. Perhaps, luck may happen two years in a row. 

nyrr half

7. Speaking of running shit, I need to decide if I want to renew my Front Runner’s membership, join Black Men Run, or another running group.

8. Speaking of memberships, I’ve finally reached 100% of my 3 Gb limit for WordPress. Now, I have to decide if I want to upgrade my WordPress account.

9. Now that the marathon is over, I am excited to get my Friday nights and brunch Saturdays back.


10. I still do not really understand the point of Instagram. That said, go find me at Swosei12

11. Perhaps, I should cut down on the smoking because I’ve managed to smoke more since starting this job in 2018.


12. I kinda want to run a half or full-marathon outside of NYC. Wasn’t I supposed to run Philly’s Half Marathon?

13. I wonder if it is ok to “borrow” towels from my gym since it has increased the monthly fees from $81 to $94 bucks.

14. Why are people still wearing their Marathon medals? I get the day after or maybe even two days after. But, you are wearing the medal on Thursday?!!! C’mon!

15. Although the marathon is over, I’m excited that my next race is only a couple of weeks away.

be prepared

16. Maybe I’ll join a book club.

17. I wonder if I can squeeze in 45-60 min runs during my workday?

18. My cheap ass is still annoyed that medal engraving was $25 bucks.

19. These people are still my favorite folks from the marathon.


20. I wonder if NYRR would ever change the route of NYC’s marathon? I guess Staten Island would still have to be the starting/staging area.


21. One thing it did not mention in my previous post, the Michelob Ultra signs during the marathon. Even if my guts were on fire, I would never drink an ultra light beer. 


22. We were really lucky for the nice weather during the marathon. It rained the day before and the day after the marathon. 


23. If you are ever in the W. Village and want a no-frills, full-body massage for $35, this is the place to go. After my post-marathon massage, I want to treat myself to one every month. 


24. Now, that I am done with this marathon, I can focus on some health issues . . . mainly the issues in my stupid pinky toe. I may have to have a portion of my bone removed/shaved down.  

25. How do you get over the post-marathon blues? Also, how do people feel about wearing finisher shirts before/during an event?

26. I have to complete only two more race to obtain guaranteed entry into 2019’s marathon. 

0.2. Hopefully, I’ll be complaining about and reflecting on next year’s marathon.