Random Thursday

Man, at first, I thought I was going to have 2-3 short, random thoughts, but it looks like I kind of went off.

(+) I’ve been really getting into the old episodes of Unsolved Mysteries; we’ve been binge watching them over the past few weeks. FYI:Amazon Prime has all of the seasons. Back when I was 8 or 9 years old, the show was kind of spooky to me. I probably had no business watching that mess at that age anyway. Maybe the show is no longer so spoky because most of the mysteries have been solved. Then again, many of the homicidal maniacs have served their time in prison and are probably back out on the streets. EEK!

One other thing about Unsolved Mysteries involving the segments where folks steal millions of dollars. Why don’t they get massive reconstructive surgery and move to a random part of the world after stealing the cash? Let me steal a 1-3 million dollars, I’m gonna pull a Sammy Sosa. 

Sammy sosa

(+) Damn, maybe I should have been more religious with the Whole 30 diet because the hubby lost 17 pounds. I, on the other hand, lost only 5 pounds.

Whole 30, diet

Then again, in my defense (sorta), I was not super committed to following the regimen.

(+) I really needed to take a reset/break from running since I was constantly feeling disappointed in and beating myself up over not making any real progress. For example, I probably will not finish the two virtual challenges that I signed up for. 

(+) I think that I am going through feelings of “pandemic procrastination” because I have been so unmotivated about doing anything related to following a fitness regiment, developing myself professionally, developing/staying consistent with nonprofessional interests, etc. Lately, I feel like I do the bare minimum for (or half ass) everything and binge watch crap on Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix.

Since word on the street is that we more than likely will return to work starting Aug. 31, changing up my day-to-day routine may help me overcome pandemic procrastination. For the past couple of weeks, I have been in the dumps because worklife and homelife are starting to blend into each other. Even though, I actively breakdown my “office” every night, but I still end up doing some work on the sofa after “clocking out”.

(+) This book has been somewhat mindblowing. 


As a former “scientist” (molecular oncology and immunology), most of the concepts are not really new, but it’s interesting seeing them discussed in great detail in one place. 

(+) Speaking of science, what a cute title for a journal article about COVID. 


FYI: Interleukin-6/IL-6 is a protein that is secreted by various types of cells and has significant roles in disease initiation and progression, immunity, and inflammation.

Because of this pandemic do you feel like you are working from home or living at work?

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  1. I have been motivated to workout thru a peloton challenge the last few weeks but that is over now so I need a new plan. There is a half here in NH that still will offer in person and virtual in October. Thinking about it as a goal but it is tough to stay motivated in this strange new environment

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  2. Since I work AT my essential work my life has not super changed. I envy those of you that can work from home. I want a vacation / staycation really just so I can catch up with house stuff.

    I do however miss working at the gym. I hear the fall for COVID is going to be a hot mess, which is scary.

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    • I think COVID is pretty much going to be a mess until we have a decent vaccine. I read a scientific article that predicated the spikes over the next 5 years based on computational models, and the proposed numbers with a vaccine vs without a vaccine were quite scary. I know a computational model is not the real thing, but it’s still a bit terrifying. Hopefully, those researchers were wrong in regards to the number of spikes in the absence of a vaccine.

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  3. I love when I see a scientist with a sense of humor (the article above)! I agree with you that things aren’t going to change with COVID until we have a vaccine. Personally I will be one of the first in line as soon as that is available!

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