United NYC Half Marathon Training Week 4

61 Days Until the United NYC Half Marathon!!!

Planned mileage: 18.75 miles

Completed mileage: 16.3

It felt nice getting in a full week of running and getting back on track for the United NYC Half Marathon. I will say that I kind of missed it over the Christmas and New Year break. Oh, I would have completed all of my planned mileage, but all of the treadmills were occupied for my three-mile run on Sunday. I did 30 minutes of elliptical work instead.

This will have to be a quick report because I have to start doing some work. Actually, this will be quick because I cannot remember much of what happened this week. I guess that my mind was still in vacation mode for most of the week.


Planned: 40 min X-train

Completed: 3 mi run, 25 min elliptical, and stretching

Basically, I did a morning run and an evening workout that consisted of elliptical work and stretching.


Planned: 4 mi run

Completed: 32 min on the rowing machine and 30 min stretching

I do not really remember why I did not run on Tuesday. Maybe it was raining in the morning.


Planned: 1.75 miles (7×400 meter speed intervals)

Completed: 3 mi (7×400 intervals) + warm up and cool down

Ok, now my mind is back. I really enjoyed this workout. I performed the 400-meter speed runs followed by 128-meter cool off. I am quite proud that I managed to run sub 2min for all seven of my intervals. Hopefully, I can extend a similar trend once I start doing Yasso 800m intervals in the upcoming weeks.  Oh shoot, I need to start doing some hill work soon too.


I really love Marcus Garvey park because it has a path that is very similar to a regular track. Oh, and the park is like one block away from my apartment. One loop is a little more than 500 meters, so it is perfect for running 400m intervals with a track vibe to it.


Actually, the folks smoking cigaweed first thing in the morning is a little annoying, but what can you do? I guess you could call the police, but snitches get stitches.


Planned: 3 miles

Completed: Nada

Eh, I overslept and missed my morning run. Then after work, I decided to get much-needed after work cocktails.

Actually, I overslept because I woke up a bunch of times during the night due to the BFs LOUD ass snoring. How do y’all cope sleeping next to a loud snorer? I need some tips.

The meme is 100% correct.



Planned: Rest

Completed: 3-mile treadmill and strength training

What KOS doing a workout on a Friday night?!!! I guess that one has to do what one has to do.

My local Crunch fitness installed new treadmills that are supposed to closely mimic outdoor running.


Honestly, I did not really see/feel a difference between this treadmill and the regular treadmills. Maybe I did not play around with all of the “fun” features. It seems as if the person who authorized this purchase for the gym may have gotten scammed. Great, so Crunch fitness will probably raise the membership fees for this waste.


Planned: 7 miles

Completed: 7.23 miles

This run made me feel like such a whiny baby. Well . . . the pre-run made me feel like a whiny baby. Saturday’s temperature was around 31 F, and as most know, I cannot stand running in the cold. I knew that I needed to get this “long” run out of the way. Also, I knew that I needed to do it because I need to start getting used to running in the cold. After bitching and moaning for most of the morning, I decided to get my act together and do the dumb run. And then, the cold weather was not THAT bad. For my upper body, I wore a short-sleeved tech T, a long-sleeved tech T, and very light hoody. Within 200m of the run, I had to take off the hoody.


I will say that I really enjoyed the run. Aside from the 28 F weather, it was a very lovely day. My run pretty much consisted of running to Central Park and doing loops around the Harlem Meer, which is about 0.8 miles. I really need to decide if I want to report my distance in miles or meters because this back and forth is really annoying me. 


During my one of my loops, I ran in and around Central Park’s Conservatory Garden. In all of my 16+ years in NYC, I have never visited the Conservatory Garden. The garden is quite nice, but I think the views would have been better in the spring and the summer.



Planned: 3 miles

Completed: 30 min elliptical and strength training


Without going into great detail, Sunday was pretty much a leg day.

Although I did not get into it in this update, I have been trying to do daily stretching and core exercises at home before going to bed . . . except on those cocktail nights.

Random: I really want this T-shirt.


That’s it out of me. I hope y’all are having a great start to your week.

Catch you in the streets.


I’m back . . . kind of sorta.

Not only did I take two weeks to “celebrate” the birth of my Lord, but it also seems that I took two weeks away from my half-marathon training plan. Very bad, KOS. Very bad, KOS. Now, I’m getting back to my routine . . . I hope.

Lol, I actually forgot the floor where my office is located. 


Word on the street is that we have 69 days left until the United NYC Half Marathon. I didIMG_4876 complete a very struggling 3M run this morning. Man, it was cold AF this morning (24F). Although this entry is not going to be my usual weekly training recaps, because I have not done shit since the 20th. No wait, I lie. I did attend ONE Zumba class during my break. Well, I did watch over 18 seasons of The Amazing Race. So, I did “run” 18 “races”.


Here are a few things that I think that I need to do to get back on track.

Lose some damn weight. OMG. How in the hell did I gain 18 pounds from June to last week?

Weight Loss Struggle

There were some good lows and bad highs regarding my weight in 2018.

This graph confirms one thing – Intermittent Fasting (IF) works for me, and I will start IF’ing tomorrow. During 2018, I IF’ed from February (the start of Lent) until June (my all-inclusive aka drink like a fish vacation in Cancun). It’s kind of strange that I gained weight while training for the NYC marathon. Actually, it’s not that strange (for me) because I tend to overeat while training. Just because I run 15 miles does not mean that I should eat a million tacos and wash them down with a million margaritas. Ok, I guess that I may have partied a little too much during December and January with all of the holiday parties and birthdays. I know too many people born in Dec. and Jan. Come to think of it, I have another bday party this weekend. Oh and my delicious eggnog martinis, eggnog smoothies, screwmosas, and any & all things whiskey- or gin-based did not help.

During today’s run, I noticed that the middle part of my back was super sore. I think my back muscles may have atrophied during my staycation because of my extreme couch surfing. Hang ten. I hope this is just an issue of getting back into the groove. For January 2017 and 2018, I have been cursed with flare-ups of my herniated disc in my lower back. Actually, Facebook reminded me that two years to this date, I was in the ER for FOURTEEN hours because of my back.


To get more integrated into some running communities, I have renewed my lapsed membership for the New York FrontRunners and joined Harlem Runs. The latter starts its runs a block away from the apartment so no excuses.

I hope everyone is having a great time meeting their new year’s resolutions. Or rather new year’s intentions. Recently, I learned that you are supposed to make intentions instead of resolutions. Ummm, aren’t they both the same thing? Something you start on Jan. 1st but fall off around Superbowl Sunday. Ok, let me stop hating.

Let me see what y’all have been up to over the past couple of weeks.

Catch you in the streets.

I feel it coming together – NOT

So this week did not go so well for my weight loss and fitness plans. I talked about some goals in my last blog ( *** ). Basically, my biggest problem is willpower . . . or my lack thereof. The BF went grocery shopping and bought all of this fun junk food. I‘ve never seen a Cheeto that I never liked. I damn near ate an entire big bag of Cheetos, as a matter of fact, I think that I may have eaten the whole bag. Also, I was not very good a logging my food during the week. Pretty much I failed at everything. Well . . . I did manage to fast stick with my 14-hour fast. That’s something, I guess. 

So, this upcoming week will be a reset. 

Although I did not have anything to train for, I decided to make a training plan to run a “virtual” half marathon on the first Saturday of March. I thought this could be an easy goal that I could incorporate into my new training plan. Honestly, I had fitness block (yes, I made that up) because I could not think of an obtainable three-month fitness/training goal. A half-marathon seemed like an easy enough goal to do. Plus, it is “easy” enough for me to run 13.1 miles without having to participate in a race. I even figured out the route that I was going to run for KOS’ Half-Marathon (yes, I made up that race’s name too).

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 9.59.16 PM

Random: Is it me or has Mapmyrun become so user-unfriendly? Maybe one has to upgrade so there is not all of that shit that makes the map too small for mapping a route. 

For the KOS’ Half-Marathon. I decided to use Hal Higdon’s Intermediate Half-Marathon Training plan ( *** ). This is a 12-week plan that has 4-5 days of running, with plenty of speedwork and X-training. Like I did for NYC Marathon 2018, I entered the entire training plan, day-by-day, into my Google Calendar, which took about 30 – 45 minutes. I was all set to start the training plan today.

The day after I entered my training plan into my Google Calendar, this happened. 

Half Marathon

I was completed caught off guard because I never expected to win the lottery (again) for entry into the United NYC Half-Marathon. Here’s the damn problem, for two years in a row, I had some back issue that prevented me from running this race ( *** ). 

  • 2017  – My back injury caused me to defer to 2018’s United Half-Marathon.
  • 2018 – My fucking luck. I had another flare up with my herniated disc, but I could not defer again. That was $130 down the drain. 
  • 2019 – Fingers crossed.

I was really sad that I could not run last year’s half-marathon because NYRR introduced a brand new course for the race.

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 10.14.12 PM

Since there is a clear trend of back injuries that happen sometime between Dec. – Mar., I definitely will need to take some precautions and incorporate more stretching into my training plan for the upcoming half marathon. Perhaps, I should dial back my running schedule to include 3-4 days or running. 

This Half will be held on St. Patty’s Day (March 17th), which is like the Superbowl for us “drunks” (even though the parade will be held on March 16th). Perhaps, folks will pass out beers and/or Irish whiskey along the route. 😉

Ok, this is getting long.

Oh, one more thing. I picked up my bib for my last 9 + 1 race for guaranteed entry to TCS NYC Marathon 2019. Hopefully, all will go well and I’ll complete the race so I will not have to run the Midnight 4 Mile on Dec. 31st. 

Ted Corbitt 15K

Ted Corbitt 15K

Questions for y’all:

Do you have any major races planned for 2019?

What type of offseason or base training do you plan to do during your downtime?

NYC Marathon Training Update XIV

Man. Are we already in week 14 of training for this damn marathon?

This past week was quite a struggle, because of a couple of setbacks. Most of these setbacks were experienced during the reattempt of my weekly long run. 

1.I have been dealing with a nagging pain in my inner, left calf muscle. I did not notice this pain during my speed and short training runs during the week, but it hit me during my “long” run. 

2.My lower back has been “acting” up a little bit. It has not been an “Ouch, I cannot move” type of pain, but more of a “Bitch, you may want to skip this run before things get worse” nagging pain.

2.5.I think that I may have to get surgery on my pinky toe, or rather a bone that is in between the pinky and ring toe. 

I was quite disappointed in myself this week because I wanted to hit 20 miles for my long run. 😦 Saturday, I was not feeling the long run at all. It was my fault because I did not leave the apartment until around 11:00 am so I was pretty much checked out before I even began the run. I took the bus to my starting point at 59th Street and 1st Avenue (I was going to incorporate some hill/bridge work in the long run); told myself screw it; and rode a Citi Bike home. Actually, I enjoyed a fish fillet from McDonalds before riding the bike home. At least, I did a 4-mile bike ride. 

The next day, I went to Central Park to try the 20-mile run again. Things were going well until I got to the third mile. That’s when my calf started to act up. Since it was not a stabbing pain, I was like maybe I can push through the pain a little more. The pain did go away (or maybe I mentally blocked it), but my lower back started to feel weird around mile 6. At that point, I figured that it will be better just to end the run. The slight pain in my calf and lower back aside, I just was not feeling the run. Those setbacks were quite annoying because Sunday’s weather was perfect (for me) for a long run. 

Obviously, this was an extreme kick in the face to my ego. Here, I am 40 days away from my marathon and I could barely complete 7 miles. 

Going forward, I’m a little concerned because I had a couple of failed long runs, and we are about 40 days away from the big day. I still have some time because my 20-mile run is scheduled for this weekend. I bumped up the 20-mile run because I want to attend my beer club’s Oktoberfest celebration on Saturday. Today, I plan to do an easy run just to check in with my body, but maybe I should take a week off. Honestly, I think some of my back pain can be attributed to sleeping on sleeping on the sofa for a couple of nights. Maybe I should spend today doing my back stretches and do the easy, check-in run tomorrow. According to my training calendar, this week is relatively easy – Monday (5 miles, easy), Tuesday (5 miles, pace), Wednesday (Rest), Thursday (3 miles, intervals), Friday (Rest), and Saturday (20 miles)

Yeah, this was more or less a rambling post rather than a training update. 

Let me see what y’all folks are talking about. 

NYC Marathon Training Update XI

Total Distance Ran/Planned: 20.7 mi /26 mi

There really is no point in doing a day-by-day rundown of my training “failures” this week. Buuuut, I did manage to do a 17 mile long run. Don’t folks say that the long runs are the most important runs for marathon training?

Aside from a 3-mile run on Monday, I did not do any runs this week because I was feeling some pain in my Achilles. It was a weird pain, because I experience tightness in both legs. The pain would start off kind of intense in the morning, then become dull throughout the day. I Youtubed some exercises that may help reduce this pain.

On Sunday, I was supposed to run 18 miles, but I ran only 17 . . . Close is better than nothing. I kind of “enjoyed” this run and tackled it as if I was running three separate 6-mile runs.


I really enjoyed the running along the west side of Manhattan, but the east side was really tough because the sun was quite intense and there was not much shade. On a personal note, this run was nice because it allowed me to briefly run down memory lane.

The Frying Pan

The Frying Pan is a fun club that is in a tugboat. I remember spending many Friday nights here, circa 2005. The only annoying thing is that this club was so far west (for us) because my grad school classmates and I lived on the East River.

The Hudson River and a view of the Freedom Tower from the Westside Highway.

Bridges on the East River – Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queensboro. For this run, I wanted to include a trip across the Queensboro Bridge since it is part of the NYC Marathon. Unfortunately, mile 17 put me in Murray Hill which is about 30 blocks from the Queensboro Bridge. During my run, something told me to cut across Manhattan on 14th Street, rather than running to the tip of the island. Next week’s long run is a 19 miler so I guess I can incorporate the Queensboro Bridge then. 

I met a friend near the Staten Island Ferry.


Oh, look it’s the place where I spent most of my 20’s during graduate school. NYU School of Medicine’s Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences in the house.


Man, this doggie is pretty strong.


A few things from this run:

  • My speed was not nearly as fast as I would have liked it to be. A LOT of people were passing me. My original goal was to complete the marathon in 4 hours, but at this rate, I’ll be grateful if I can finish in 4.5 hours.
  •  I’m at the distance where I need to bring my running ‘fanny pack’ on my long runs. 
  • I had to poop TWICE during this run. 😦  I hate using public restrooms to poop, but I could not ward off the call of nature this time. There have been times when I have gone home while bar hopping to take a dump. I was quite surprised that the restroom on the Westside was really clean . . . For a public MEN’S restroom in a park.


  • Speaking of poop, this flavor tastes like crap.


  • Pizza is always great after a long run. Casa Pizza  ( *** ) is a random place for a quick slice (or in my case, two slices). Also, the pizzeria has so many varieties of pizza, which is something that I appreciate. During this visit, I think that I counted 13 different types of pizzas. 
  • When I finished my run, I wanted to do exactly what this doggie was doing – laying in a puddle of ice-cold water. 


Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Buy a new pair of shoes. Yes, I know that I have mentioned this a couple of times in the past, but a brotha has been busy.  
  • Figure out an appropriate eating pattern during long runs. As of now, I eat / gu every 6 miles; however, I know that I need to take my fuel during the long runs. 
  • Register for some NYRR races. 
  • Hill work on the Queensboro Bridge. I even planned out my run that will include two difficult bridges. But, I’ll get to run in three boroughs and along a nice chunk of the NYC marathon. 

Screen Shot 2018-09-02 at 10.02.14 PM.png

One consideration:

Last year, I could not train as much as I wanted because of a super demanding and worthless job; a search for a new job; and the intense heat. The longest distance that I ran during last year’s training was 16 miles. At least I now know that I am at a distance where I know I can finish a marathon. Now, I just have to figure out how to finish the marathon in faster manner. 

See you on November 4th, 2018, Staten Island Ferry!!!


NYC Marathon Training Update VII

Total Distance Ran/Planned: 22 mi   / 29 mi

Reflections from the week

I do not know what to make of this week. I’m a bit in a marathon lull, I guess. I do not think that I am meeting my potential due to a couple of rainy, hot, and humid days.  Hopefully, it will change next week. 


Planned: 4 mi

Completed: 3 mi

Funny how things work. I laced up my shoes and headed out for this run. About 0.5 miles into the run, the heavens opened with an extreme downpour. Of course, the rain stopped as soon as I finished my run. Anyone who knows me, knows that I HATE doing anything in the rain. I could be dressed ready to go out for a night on the town. Once I see rain outside of my window, I will undress and watch TV.

Unfortunately, my iPhone got a little really wet, and now there is a watermark on the screen.


Planned/Completed: Rest


Planned: Interval ladders (7 mi)

Completed: Interval ladders (3.4 mi)

I woke up bright and early to get my run on, and it started to rain . . . Just like Monday. Yeah, F that. I turned my black ass around and went home to “do” yoga. I say “do” yoga, because I fell asleep on the yoga mat.

Although I was deterred in the morning,  I powered on and tried again later on in the giphyday. This was an insane idea. Insane because it was SO hot that it felt like 20 degrees above Hell. I ended up taking out the 2 mi component of these intervals. I figured that it’s probably better to run 3.4 miles than to pass out/die from heat stroke trying to run 7 miles.

After my run, I did grab some bougie ass drinks with my friend at some “Polynesian” bar.


Planned/Completed: Rest

Holy Hangover is all that I have to say. I guess that I had too many gin-based, bougie drinks with my friend the night before. Man, hangovers definitely get worse as you age.


Oh, how I long for my graduate school days for my ability to hang out till 3 AM and be in class and/or lab by 9 AM. Well . . . it did help living next door to work and school. 


Planned/Completed: X-train:

I hit up the gym to lift some weights and do some stretching in anticipation for my long run. 

The workout included: 

  • Barbell bench press; dumbell flye; barbell bent-over row; dumbell shoulder press; dumbbell biceps curl; and cable triceps pushdown


Planned/Completed: 14 mi

Geez. Where do I live, Oregon?  Another running day that invovled rain. Just grrrrrreat . . . it rained for all of my runs this week. After fighting off the urge to turn over and go back to sleep,  I got my act together and made it outside during the light drizzle. 

The plan was to do a couple of loops in Central Park, but I decided to think outside of the box and hit the pavement of the city. To be honest, running in Central Park, while convient, is getting pretty boring. Also, next week, NYRR will have the second installment of its NYC Marathon Training Series, which is a 15-mile run in Central Park. Side note: I wish that NYRR would alternate the direction of its races every now and then because it may be nice to run in a clockwise direction.

Overall, I had many up and downs with this run.

  1. There was a hard downpour for about 90% of the run. It’s a good thing that I packed my waterproof case for my iPhone. And by waterproof case, I mean a ziplock bag.
  2. I forgot to pack something to eat.
  3. My hips were very tight, and I had to stop every now and then to stretch them.
  4. Because of the rain, my dumb running shorts were pretty soggy and felt like a baby’s dirty diaper. So, yes, there was a lot of chaffing before mile 4. Also my “newish” jock strap was extra uncomfortable. 

Although I had a lot of up and downs, I did “enjoy” the run, starting at mile 6. One thing that I like about running (and cycling) is that you can be kind of random with your plans. Originally, I had planned to run just in Central Park. Then I was like screw it. Let’s run down the Westside Highway. When I got to the tip of Manhattan, rather than running back up the island, I decided to continue my run into Brooklyn.

Actually, it would have been better if I stuck to Central Park, because it would not have taken me an hour to get home from Brooklyn by the subway.

Although I did not run this 14 miler as well as I wanted to, with all of the stopping to stretch, it did feel nice to accomplish a long run in unfavorable conditions. Actually, the rain was not THAT bad, because I’d rather be soaking wet by rain than by my sweat from a high temperature day with crazy amount of humidity.

After arriving back to Harlem, I was wet, crabby, sore, and annoyed. Thus, I stopped by the bodega that sells bootleg, illegal cigarettes and bought a pack. Maybe . . . it was nicotine withdrawal. 



Planned: Gym

Completed: Rest aka binge watching Desperate Housewives


Goals for the upcoming week:

  • Incorporate some hill work. 
  • Investigate other running routes.
  • Start stretching more on my off days, especially doing more glut bridges. 
  • Take a zumba class. I realized that I have not attended a zumba class in WEEKS. 

Training Update

At the beginning of the week, I thought this would be a kick ass week for physical activity, but I kind of floundered during the middle of the week. Oh well. Real talk: I really need to start coming up with a legitimate fitness schedule, because I am half assing the one that I am currently on. Plus, it would be nice to mix it up from time time. I just wish that the weather would get warmer soon . . . it’s freakin April and it still is snowing/cold as hell. Watch in a few weeks/months, I will be complaining about how hot it is. Haters are never pleased.

Monday: Zumba and general cardio


This workout made me a little sad. I had some time before Zumba class (I arrived too late for the Abs and Ass class), so I figured that I would do a quick run on the treadmill. Little did I know that the treadmill part was a little too quick. My running endurance and strength was crap. I honestly was super tired and bored with running on the treadmill. In my defense, I have never been a fan of a treadmill, but I could hardly run. That experience was especially pessimistic, because I do have a marathon coming up in November. Although November is a while away, I need to get to a decent running baseline, BEFORE I start training for it.

Friday: Cize and T25

See I told you this week was a struggle in terms of working out. I promise that I will be better next week.


I mentioned in a previous post, that I am testing out Beachbody On Demand. Honestly, I am doing the free two week trial for Cize, but I think that I will purchase the 3 month subscription, once the free trial is over. More than likely this will be the situation that will have –  I will forget to cancel the subcription after the two-week trial and end up with the 3-month subscription.


From Amazon:

  • CIZE helps you get fit in 4 weeks as you master professionally choreographed dance routines.
  • Shaun T breaks down the freshest choreography step-by-step, move-by-move so that by the end ANYONE can bust out an impressive dance sequence.

This was my third Cize workout (Problems by Ariana Grande), since subscribing to Beachbody on Demand. Last week I did two of the routines back to back. In case you were wondering, the routines were for  Tressure by Bruno Mars (a song that I cannot stand)and Lose my breath by Destiny’s Child.  Lol. I guess that I have been doing it wrong. Little did I know that there is a calendar for the four weeks, and you are supposed to do each routine three days in a row. Doing the program, I was thinking to myself that I will be done with all of the workouts in a couple of weeks. Maybe in a future post, I will write a review of the Cize program.

Since I was feeling chunky for most of the week, remember I did not do any real physical activity, I decided to do T-25 right after Cize.


T-25 is another Shaun T workout plan that is based on 25 min of HIIT. Unfortunately, I could not go out as hard as I would have liked, because I did not want to disturb my downstairs neighbors hopping around the apartment. BTW, Shaun T looks “weird” with hair. Ugh, of course, Tonya is in T-25


If anyone has done Shaun T’s Insanity, then you have a secret hate for Tanya . . . just because she is so good.

Going forward, I think that I will do Cize with another Beachbody on Demand route, so I can get my daily helping of cardio and body-weight strength training.

Saturday: Zumba


I think that my days in this Zumba class are numbered; and, no, it is not because of shoe nut. We have found and maintained a reasonable ecotone, which is a region of transition between two biological communities. I may have mentioned that the original Zumba instructor has been out due to a knee injury. In that time, we have had instructors that were really good (not saying that he is not good). Now that has returned a few times since the injury, class has been well . . . underwhelming. I think that he is trying to get back into his own groove, because the music is noticeable slower and his choreography has been a little off.

For the immediate future, I think that I will lift weights on Saturday mornings instead of doing Zumba. Of course, that means I will have do these workouts at another Crunch fitness, because the E81st Crunch Fitness’ weight area is very compact and annoying. However, that Crunch’s steam room is one of the BEST that I have encountered in NYC. Hmmm, decisions, decisions.

Sunday: Cize and 22 Minute Hard Corps