Random Thursday (Music Edition II)

I had so much fun viewing every Billboard “Hot 100 #1 Singles of the 90s” that were number one on (or near) my birthday (***). I figured that I would take another walk down memory lane and check out the number 1 singles during my birthday for every year from 2000 to 2009.

Here goes. 


Never was an Enrique fan. At all.


This definitely was the song for the summer of 2001. It brings back some fun memories because I participated in a summer research program at NYU. This summer experience pretty much made want to attend grad school and live in NYC.


I was never a Nelly fan, but I gotta give him props on this song. Actually, I lie, I did like that song he did with Christina Aguilera.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_295f.jpgI don’t remember this song.



I will say that I still listen to this album often. I have to say that I think this was her last great/good/decent album.  “Bobby Womack on radio saying to me ‘if you think you’re lonely now.’ What a minute, this too deep. I gotta change the station.”


Oh look, my girl. I’ve been following Shakira since the 90s . . . back when she rocked her natural black hair color. Although I will say that I kind of like her earlier stuff a little more than the newer stuff. Oh well, I guess they call that the evolution of an artist.


Not a huge fan of Ri-Ri, but I did enjoy this song. Did you know “Umbrella” was originally intended for Britney Spears? I wonder how that would have worked.


Bah, next. I’m surprised this was #1 for only one week. I feel like “Viva la Vida” was ALWAYS on the radio. Wait, were folks still listening to the radio in ’08?


Eh. Not one of my favorites from the B.E.P.


    • I wonder how many I would like 2010-2019? Better question. How many would I know? Some studies suggest that people don’t follow new music around 30 years old, which would be 2010 for me.

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      • Ugh. I feel you. Unfortunately, I have to use Instagram for work; however, I have started using it for personal use. I still don’t really get it though. I have noticed that I don’t post as much on Facebook since joining Instagram.

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      • I think I would agree with that study particularly pop/rock music. For some reason I default to older stuff. I do tend to follow more new country music in terms of hearing it on the radio/learning the lyrics.

        I graduated high school in 2005 and college in 2009 so I feel 2000-2010 encompasses all the years of music I regularly listened to and had the most impact on me. I like music but it seems like most new stuff doesn’t affect me emotionally like music did back then. Maybe it just had to do with the age and being more hormonal/dramatic back then?


  1. Loved Umbrella, big Rhi Rhi fan. Also loved Lady Marmalade, Xtina just knew how to take that song to another level. Why doesnt she have any new jams out lately? Or does she? and I just missed them? I know she hosted that show for the longest time…

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