Random Thursday (Music Edition II)

I had so much fun viewing every Billboard “Hot 100 #1 Singles of the 90s” that were number one on (or near) my birthday (***). I figured that I would take another walk down memory lane and check out the number 1 singles during my birthday for every year from 2000 to 2009.

Here goes. 


Never was an Enrique fan. At all.


This definitely was the song for the summer of 2001. It brings back some fun memories because I participated in a summer research program at NYU. This summer experience pretty much made want to attend grad school and live in NYC.


I was never a Nelly fan, but I gotta give him props on this song. Actually, I lie, I did like that song he did with Christina Aguilera.

UNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_295f.jpgI don’t remember this song.



I will say that I still listen to this album often. I have to say that I think this was her last great/good/decent album.  “Bobby Womack on radio saying to me ‘if you think you’re lonely now.’ What a minute, this too deep. I gotta change the station.”


Oh look, my girl. I’ve been following Shakira since the 90s . . . back when she rocked her natural black hair color. Although I will say that I kind of like her earlier stuff a little more than the newer stuff. Oh well, I guess they call that the evolution of an artist.


Not a huge fan of Ri-Ri, but I did enjoy this song. Did you know “Umbrella” was originally intended for Britney Spears? I wonder how that would have worked.


Bah, next. I’m surprised this was #1 for only one week. I feel like “Viva la Vida” was ALWAYS on the radio. Wait, were folks still listening to the radio in ’08?


Eh. Not one of my favorites from the B.E.P.


Random Thursday (Music Edition)

I came across this youtube video, “Every Billboard Hot 100 #1 Singe of the 90s” ( *** ), that has clips of all of the Number #1 Billboard songs during the 90s. This post will show the screenshots of the songs that were number one during my birthday, June 25th.

Here goes.


I wasn’t too much of an NKOTB fan . . . I was more into New Edition.


I do not really remember this song.


Back when she could sing well.


This was the jam. Every dance, backyard bbq, random fuckshit event played this song. 


Major jam although I hated the lead singer’s ass voice. Actually, I was quite annoyed with this song. I think a new radio station was becoming established in Southeastern Va but the station had a rotation of like 20 songs and I quickly got tired of this song.IMG_7551


I do not remember this song AT ALL. 


Everyone I knew JAMMED on this one. 


Sad moment in rap. 


Wow! This song spent 13 weeks at #1!!! Briteny Spear’s “Hit Me Baby One More Time” spent only three weeks at #1. Oh random, one of my friends and I sing “The Boy Is Mine” at this random karaoke bar. Typically, I do the Monica part. I definitely was more “Team Monica” during the 90s. 


God this video was on every five minutes during Summer ’99. I prefer “Waiting for Tonight”.

I cannot say that I’m disappointed with too many of the songs that were number one during my birthday from 1990 to 1999. 

Random Thursday Thoughts

-The United NYC Half Marathon course has been updated. No annoying hills in the northern part of Central Park. 


-Did you know that Times Square is closed to normal traffic only two times a year? One for the ball drop. The second for the NYC Half-Marathon. 

-Is it me or are students more aloof and delusional these days?

-Since this polar vortex or whatever it’s called is hitting 2/3rds of the U.S., I was wondering how cold is too cold for running.

-I do not understand when standing in a line with 5+ people why people never have their money, debit, or credit cards ready once they arrive at the cashier. You’ve been in this line for over 15 minutes and the thought of paying never occurred to you?

-iTunes should offer refunds. I purchased Thalia’s latest album. I bought it mainlyyjprvpeyr9k12bgttvgv2bng_thumb_2215 because I follow her on Instagram and constantly hear parts of the first three songs that were released. I purchased the album and was very disappointed. Those are the only good three songs. C’mon, girl. . . do better. 

-Continuing with that story. The BF wanted to rent a movie from iTunes. I straight up told him “Since I wasted money on this damn Thalia album, I am not giving iTunes another red cent over the next 24 hours!!!”

-Yum. The BF made an empanada gallega.

unadjustednonraw_thumb_2230-Fyre Fraud: This meme made my day. 


Enough randomness, I gotta put on 80 million layers so I can go to the gym. Right now, my weather app says that it’s 4 fuckin’ degrees . . . Fahrenheit. 

Random Thursday (on a Friday)

One of the cool things of dating someone from a different background is learning about different music artists. The BF from Spain knows that I have a tendency for nutty, loud, howling screaming artists so he introduced me to Monica Naranjo, who has been around since the mid ’90s. According to diva devotee, she is a soporano with a four-octave vocal range.

Anywho, recently, I have been playing this song, “Sobreviviré” (I will survive), at least 4-5 times during my runs. The song picks up around about the 1:15 mark. 


Sobreviviré! Buscaré un hogar entre los escombros de mi soldead. 

I’ll survive. I’ll find a place among the debris of my solitude.

Un paraíso extraño, donde no estás tú.

A strange paradise, where you are not. 

Y aunque duela quiero libertad, aunque me haga daño.

Even though it hurts, I want freedom, even if it hurts me. 

Speaking of running, I probably should be doing that right now. 

15 Things on the 15th . . . 15 Facts about Me

Ok, once this entry is posted it will be the 16th; but technically, I wrote the post on the 15th. I got this idea from Tractorsandglam’s blog. 

Here goes. 

  1. Legally, I do not have a middle name. In Ghana, many folks combine their middle names with their last names. When my father immigrated to the States in the early 70s, he did the same. Speaking of half-assed paperwork. On my birth certificate for the place of origin of my father, it has Africa. Really, Virginia?!!! I’m sure that on June 25th, 1980, it was well known that Africa is a continent – NOT a country
  2. My favorite alcoholic beverage is gin. Most of y’all probably already knew that. 
  3. I almost drowned in Ecuador’s portion of the Amazon Basin. It was scary, and I lost a really nice watch. 
  4. I break out in hives whenever I see people with various types of skin disorders. Thankfully, it does not happen that much nowadays. 
  5. I love all of the Friday movies. I can probably recite most of the scripts for Friday and Friday after Next. “ Yes, you did. Cause my sister-in-law’s baby cousin, Tracy. told me that she saw you at the show all hugged up with some tramp. Now, tell me who she was.”
  6. Thanksgiving is my favorite family-based holiday. 
  7. Although I have a Ph.D. in Molecular Oncology and Immunology, I no longer do scientific work. However, I do miss conducting biomedical research from time to time. This reminds me, I have to respond to the reviewers’ comments for my manuscript. Ugh, I’ll do it tomorrow. 
  8. I really wish that I would follow more events in the news. 
  9. I’m an extroverted introvert. Although I can be really social, I kind of hate meeting new people. 
  10. Sometimes, I really hate being the only person of color in groups. 
  11. I think that I sing (and dance) much better than I do. 
  12. I wish that I was about 6 inches taller. 
  13. I really loved Christina Aguilera’s Spanish language album, Mi Reflejo. I think it was released back in 2001. 
  14. I have never seen a single Star Wars or Indiana Jones movie in its entirety. Oh Well. 
  15. I have been in only two fist fights as an adult. Which is surprising, because I do talk quite a bit of shit. FYI: I won one and “tied” for the other one
  16. (Ok a bonus fact). Sia’s “Breathe Me” makes me a little misty-eyed. I think it’s because the song was featured as the last scene during the last episode of “6 Feet Under”, one of my favorite shows of all time. 

Random Thoughts Thursday – Music Edition

OK rather than random thoughts, I thought that I would throw in some random songs/videos that have been going through my head over the past few weeks. 

JLO (or is it Jennifer Lopez, now?) “El Anillo pa’ Cuando”

I’ll keep it real, I thought this song was wack as hell when I first heard it, especially the rap part, but I can’t get it out of my head. 

Hueles como me gusta. Me besas como me gusta. Me agarras como me gusta. . . 

Earth, Wind & Fire  – September

Just because the song has the lyric “Do you remember the 21st night in September”, and the 21st was last week. 

MIC Drop – Feat. Desiigner, Steve Aoki

A Zumba song. 

 DJ Jubilee – Back that Thang Up

A little New Orleans bounce has never hurt anyone. Takes me back to my college years in New Orleans where 90% of DJ Jubliee’s songs had some kind of damn dance lesson. 

I say follow me because I’m a hot boy. Dem hater don’t like that  . . . Dem hoes don’t like that. What’s that DJ’s name? DJ JUBILEE!!!

Maybe this is why have so much lower back pain. 😉


Missy Eliot – WTF (Where They From)

La Quinta Estacion – El Sol No Regresa

She can scream a bit sometimes, but I love her voice and the note she holds at 1:37 . . . Wow. 

Beck – Hell Yes (Remix)

I loved his ENTIRE Guerolito album. 

Random Thursdays: Music Edition

I do not have any random thoughts in my head, so I’m going to do a simple music edition for Random Thursday.

To play this game:

-Open whatever music app that you use to listen to your tunes.

-Put it in shuffle mode

-Note the first 16 songs that are played.

  1. Comunmixta – Sol Pereya
  2. I Fought the Law – The Clash
  3. Who’s to Blame – Ozomatli
  4. Click Clack – Missy Elliot
  5. Island of Wonders – Nelly Furtado (I was just asking what Nelly is up to these days)
  6. Don’t Let Go – En Vogue (It just wasn’t the same when Dawn left the group.)
  7. Hey Mama – The Black Eyed Peas (I gotta say that during the summer of 2003, you couldn’t go anywhere in NYC without hearing the Black Eyed Peas)
  8. Lethal Industry – Dj Tiesto
  9. Nel Modo Piu Sincero Che c’e – Laura Pausini (I cannot wait to see her concert in August. Hopefully, she will sing more of her spanish hits than the italian ones)
  10. Tu Boca – Shakira (This song probably is one of my least liked on this particular album)
  11. Flip Flop Rock – Outkast
  12. The Brainwasher – Daft Punk
  13. Voluntad – Julieta Venegas
  14. Rollin & Scratching – Daft Punk
  15. Black Ice – The Goodie Mob
  16. Why do the Nation Rage – Handel’s “The Messiah”

In a random note, I think that I have figured why my phone goes through so much battery power during my runs. Yes, one reason is running multiple GPS apps at the same time. While doing this challenge, I noticed that many of these songs were not downloaded onto my phone. I guess when I had to get a replacement phone in November, all  1,749 songs were not downloaded to the new phone. Since these songs many of the songs were not downloaded, my phone uses cellular data to stream these songs from The Cloud.

What are your top 5 songs?