I think that it may be over

Less than two weeks away from the NYC Marathon and I still have not been able toimg_3092 complete a 20-mile run. Work, life, and a slight pain in my shin have gotten in the way of my training. 

Big question:

At this point is it even worth it to attempt a 20-mile run this week?

My longest run was 18 miles, which was completed a couple of weeks ago. 

I guess this will be another marathon where I’ll run the first 13.1 miles strong and see where the rest of the marathon takes me. I really wanted to redeem myself from last year’s disastrous performance. 😦

Now changing topics:

This weekend volunteered at the Rising New York Road Runners Jamboree


Although this volunteer event was an opportunity for me to get my +1 credit to have guaranteed 9+1 entry into next year’s marathon. Since I believe in NYRR’s concept, especially with the work that the organization does in the various NYC communities, I actually would like to get more involved with the organization.

The good: The event was pretty amazing. It was fascinating to see some amazing young runners.  This jamboree was a purely for fun competition so there were no winners or loses for the various events (55 m, 200 m, long jump, shot put, and 200 m relay). 

Also, the Armory’s track is very beautiful. I think it has been about a decade since my last visit and it still looks just as nice as it did back then. 


The struggle: Ummmmmm, what was the point of volunteering? I was assigned to the long jump event. Basically, I did nothing but sit around for four hours. You can gauge my interest in the picture below (from NYRR’s Instagram). I’m the black guy on the bottom right corner.  


Oh BTW, this young girl in the USA socks was amazing. She killed it in all of her events. 

Now changing topics (again):

Now, that I’ve finished this hot mess of a book. 


I’m on to my next book. 


That’s it for me in this random post. I guess that was not much of a training update. 

Let’s see what y’all are up to. 


  1. The need for a 20 miler is a myth. If you got 18 in you don’t need a 20, especially if you dealing with anything. I’m in a similar situation at 6 weeks from my race and had to take all of my 20 milers out. Let’s do this!

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  2. I haven’t ran a 20 miler to train for a marathon in years. The highest I go is usually 18. I’m also slow, so maybe you shouldn’t listen to me…


    • I’m leaning toward what you suggested. I’ll pretty much follow my tapering plan for the next two weeks; however, I may run 12 miles instead of 8 miles on Saturday. At this point, “it is what it is”

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  3. I don’t think the 20 miler would do anything at this point for you physically and just put you at risk for hurting your shin more. 18 miles is still a solid distance.

    Didn’t they have you measuring or marking or anything when you worked long jump? I coach track and we always have like 2 or 3 helpers at the pit to measure and rake it after each jump. That’s a bummer if you were just watching for 4 hours.

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      • I agree. Although I do admit that I’m a little sensitive with some of the volunteering opportunities. I try not to volunteer for races because you never know what the weather will be like when you sign up 2-3 months before the event. One year, I volunteered as a course marshall and it rained (HARD) from 6:00 AM to 11:30 AM. My favorite volunteering event was handing out bibs for the NYC marathon. Just feeding off of the energy of the marathoners was an amazing experience. It made me a little jealous because I could not run the marathon that year.

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