Training Update I


Woo Hoo! Marathon training for November 2018 has begun. I do not know how many woo hoo’s that I will be saying once I really get think to middle of my training plan. Overall, this week (since I’m at the lower miles) has gone pretty well, and I cannot complain too much.

Total Distance Ran/Planned: 15.5 mi/14mi

The extra 1.5 miles are due to general warm ups and cool downs.

Reflections from the week

  • It’s tough starting something from scratch.
  • Although I enjoyed living (and running) in Brooklyn, I’ve really missed Manhattan during my 3 year hiatus.
  • Even though this was the first week of training, I think that it was a good idea putting my runs on my work and personal google calendars. Since my job is more or less dictated by Google calendar, I’m constantly reminded of the runs that I need to completed for the day and the week.


3 mile run (easy)



I need some Apple Watch help. I do not understand why the watch doesn’t/won’t/can’t record my heart rate during my zumba classes.


3.2 mile Run (easy)

I really missed running along the West Side Highway. I cannot wait until, I get into my longer distances, so I can revisit the spectacular views along this path.


3.0 mile run (too “fast”)

I do not know where the extra energy came from, but I ran this way to fast . . . according to my training plan.



Goal(s) for this week.

  • Take a new class at the gym. I really have not be utilizing my Crunch gym membership over the past couple of weeks.
  • Develop one aspect of eating cleaner. Actually, I should make this a goal the week after next, since I will be on vacation next week. What’s the point of starting something if you will be on vacation?


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