“Uff” is the Spain Spanish equivalent of Ugh. Maybe it’s more of a European thing; anyway, the bf, who is from Spain, says it quite a bit.

I’ve barely completed my first week of marathon training and I’m dead tired.


Technically, these two weeks of my training plan are more or less my pre-marathon training. Short, easy distances to ease my body into running four times a week. Also, they function to help my body get used to sticking to a training schedule, which has been going pretty well . . . for now.

From previous half- and full-marathon training, I realize that I did not listen to my body enough. I guess that happens to most folks who are trying to achieve a specific fitness goal. I have decided this time around that I would change that and listen to my body.  Yesterday, is a prime example. For my training plan, Tuesdays are either x-train or rest days. I signed up for a spin class, but I was so tired that I skipped it. I even brought my spin shoes to work with me, so I “knew” that I was going to attend the class.  As a matter of fact, I was in bed by 10 PM. Y’all, know that my “bedtime” is around 1/2 AM (that’s did-someone-say-shake-shackprobably another thing that has to change too). Although I listened to my body and rested, I may have listened to it too much. During the day, I had an intense craving for a burger, so I “listened” to my body, took my natural black ass to Shake Shack, and had a burger and bacon fries. Opppsss. At least I did not get a milkshake.

Now that I think about it, digesting that big ass burger and order of fries may have been a factor that contributed to my tiredness. Because of the intermittent fast, my body is not used to digesting a large amount of food at 3 PM. 

As most know, I have been intermittently fasting since February. However, my morning hunger pains have been super intense lately. By intense hunger pains, I mean headaches and shit. Actually, I could not make the full 16-hour fast for a few days. Yesterday’s Shake Shack excursion is a prime example. A couple of options regarding this hunger.

  • Dial back on the fasting.
  • Take this as my body is getting used to increased workouts in a fasted state. Kind of  like when my body had to get used to breaking its fast at 4 PM.

Oh crap there was something else that I wanted to write. Oh well.

One other UFFFF thing for the day. Today, I have scheduled meetings (from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM) to provide feedback to the students who were not accepted into the program that I direct. It’s not that I do not want to do it. In the rejection (I hate that word) letter, I gave the candidates the option to schedule a 15-minute meeting with me to discuss why they were not accepted into the program. Honestly, when I was rejected from various jobs and academic programs, I wished that someone would have provided some feedback on how to may myself a stronger candidate for applying to similar things in the future – especially if I made it to the interview stages. Actually, it a little strange that no one who was rejected tenorafter their interview asked for this feedback. I just feel a bit guilty for crushing their dreams of participating in this program. Perhaps,”dreams” is too strong of a word to use in this situation.*Crap what’s that saying? Don’t knock someone down without giving him/her a hand to pick them up.*

I may need an adult beverage after work . . . well, after my interval run. 

What has been an UFFFF moment for you this week?


  1. I don’t have a big UFF moment (yet) this week…just getting my mind and body right with the ever increasing Texas heat & humidity and running thru it. It kinda felt good this morning though with the early AM breeze. Run 2 is this evening with the run group in the FOR REAL heat. Should be fun.

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  2. Feeling also UFF! didn’t run or workout yesterday, just couldn’t face it. I’m training for marine corps marathon at end of October, but also going on vacation end of this month. Think i will have a solid 16 weeks once i’m back.


  3. Right now I’m “listening” to my body as it tells me to eat 1/2 the bag of those stupid Tate’s gluten free cookies. I listened to it too when it told me to buy them in the first place. They’re on sale it said. They’ll be good it said. You won’t eat them ALL at once it said. Uh-huh.

    I’ve learned that it’s really hard to listen to my body, since it’s a total liar. I also am pretty sure that it’s not my body telling me to buy cookies (my body actually would just like me to get more than 6 hours of sleep for a few nights in a row). I think I may have a teeny tiny cookie monster inside? Could be. It’s likely. LOL

    I feel ya, too, on what you said about feeling so tired just trying to get back into the running routine. It’s hard! And it is tiring! Just keep at it!

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    • Tates (the ones with gluten) cookies are my crack. I’m surprised that an ice cream company has not teamed up with them to make a Tates cookies and cream flavor.

      At the current moment, my body is telling me to order another martini . . . this would be number four. 😉


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