Food Pics of the Week (FPOTW)

Mel’s Place (***)

5020 Ferrell Pkwy Virginia Beach, VA 23464

Nothing too fancy . . . or even near fancy with this entry.

At this point, I think Mel’s Place is our local watering hole, especially since most of the bartenders know our names. Mel’s Place was the first bar that the hubby and I visited when we moved to Va Beach back in July. We came here immediately after unpacking the UHaul truck because: 1) it is within walking distance from the house and 2) I did not feel like driving that damn truck anywhere else for the next 24 hours.

Mel’s pretty much is a come as you are and no frills type of place. Oh yeah, the food . . . pretty general bar/pub delights. Also, I had no idea that Virginia still allowed smoking in bars as long as there is a non-smoking area that is closed off from the smoking area. It’s funny how the smoking area/room is a smaller room in most places. Nope, not at Mel’s. At Mel’s the smoking room IS the main room.

The picture below is from our visit after I ran 16 miles for the (virtual) Crawlin Crab Half and NYC Marathon Training long run. Normally, my go-to, post long run meal is more on the brunch side of things (ie some sort of meal with eggs). However, I did not really feel like driving anywhere, and the hubby still does not have his driver’s license, so we settled on Mel’s.

Here we have a screwmosa (mimosa plus vodka), lumpia, and chicken waaaaaangs. If you eat anything at Mel’s, you gotta go with the lumpia. Hell, Mel’s lumpia tastes a bit better than the ones served at the Filipino restaurant a couple of miles down the road. Oh, lumpia is like the filipino version of spring rolls. Oh (part II), since we made this visit on a Sunday afternoon, the wings were only 50 cents for sunday football.

Also, it was here when I learned that there is no such thing as the Washington Redskins any more. Now, they are the Washington Commanders. Sorry, I only watch football during the Superbowl.

Question(s) of the Day:

-Do you follow any professional sports? If so, who is your team.

-Do you have any fun brunch plans for the weekend?

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  1. I’ve been a Miami Dolphins fan since 3rd grade when I decided they were my team based on their colors/mascot.

    We are regulars at a local restaurant for breakfast at least once a week but they don’t do brunch. They have pumpkin pancakes right now though so I keep ordering them! That said I wish we had a place that did a really good southern breakfast like one I went to when visiting friends in Palatine (suburb of Chicago) – biscuits and gravy were amazzzing.

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    • LOL. I remember when Starter Jackets were really popular in the 90, and folks selected their teams based on the colors. I’m sure many folks who were wearing Raider jackets were not true Raider fans. šŸ˜‰

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  2. Mine was Starter brand! I got another one in high school that I thought was the shit because it was reversible… One side was teal and the other black. I just realized the other day that my only long sleeve Miami shirt is still the logo from that era… I think I need to upgrade lol


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