NYC Marathon Training Wk 13

Planned Miles: Eh, it is what it is

Completed Miles: I dunno

Now that we have entered a new month, I guess it’s time to check into my run 2022 km in 2022.

While I’m about 64% done with this goal, I do not think that I will make 2022 km by December 31. Because of a somewhat hellish year, I am perfectly fine with not completing this goal. At this point, I’ll try to get as close to 2022 km as I can and worry about trying to run 2023 km next year. 😉

NYC Marathon Training

Ok, I think I’m getting my NYC Marathon training mojo back. Since we pretty much have 30 days until Marathon Sunday, I guess it is what it is at this point. Going forward, this marathon will be a “just finish the damn thing” type of event. Generally speaking, my plan is to run 0.85 miles and walk 0.15 miles for 26.2 miles after Mile 3. I’ve pretty much been doing this during my long runs so why rock the boat at this point?

Also, I think my mojo has returned because we have finally confirmed our NYC travel plans. I guess that I have taken it for granted living in NYC because I waited until the near last minute to book our accommodations. For our trip, we are staying in Bushwick, Brooklyn . . . Again, at this point, it is what it is. While I would have liked to stay in Manhattan, most of the hotel (and Airbnb) prices were too damn crazy. Actually, I do not think staying in Brooklyn will be too bad for my race logistics considering that I’ve lived in the same general area of Brooklyn for two NYC Marathons (or maybe it was only one).

Long Run Chronicles:

Since there is not much to talk about regarding my weekday training runs, I guess that I’ll just jump to my long run. The plan for this past week was to run the Crawlin Crab Half Marathon and add a few extra miles to that.

Because of Hurricane Ian’s aftermath, the organizers canceled the half marathon, which is totally understandable, a few days before the event. However, the organizers did allow registrants to convert their entries to a virtual half so I’ll receive the medal and T-shirt via mail. I wonder if they will also send the post-race beers and pizza? For my virtual half, I decided to run a bunch of loops around Mt. Trashmore Park for my 16 miles.

While the course was boring (I think I ran at least 6 loops), I actually that I enjoyed my long run plan. Why? I drove to the park but left my hydration and nutrition in the car, which made it wonderful not to have to carry all of my stuff on me. I gotta say that it felt really freeing to have this option, which is something that I might exercise in the future.

The folks at Run757 offered a pop-up half marathon at the Dismal Swamp for the Crawlin Crab Half Marathon.

I was || close to participating in this pop-up while taking my morning poop at 6:25 am the day of the event. However, I decided against it because I thought that it would be better to leave well enough alone. I made a plan and mentally prepared myself to run a bunch of loops around Mt. Trashmores. Why should I add extra stress by figuring out logistics to and from the pop-up half marathon? By logistics, I mean driving about 18 miles to and from the pop-up. In the end, I think that I made the right decision . . . mainly because I had a bit of numbness in my feet after running the 16 miles. The brief numbness typically happens after my 13+ mile runs, so no biggie. It probably was way safer to drive through neighborhood streets for 3.5 miles (from Mt. Trashmore to my home) than driving 18-20 miles on the interstate from Dismal Swamp. That said, it looked like folks had fun at the pop-up.


-I’m keeping my fingers crossed because I signed up for London and Berlin Marathon lotteries.

Since I have run NYC Marathon a bunch of times (and no longer live in the city), I figure that I should try to run another Abbott World Marathon Majors marathon or two. Especially since I no longer of having the benefit of participating in NYRR’s 9+1 NYC Marathon guaranteed entry program. I would imagine that it would be quite inconvenient traveling to NYC to run nine races over one year. I highly doubt that I’ll finish all six majors, but I would like to run one or two more. At this point, it looks like Chicago, Berlin, and London are my only options. I’m way too slow for Boston, and Tokyo is way too far for me.

-This was a great purchase made by the hubby.

NYC Marathon 2022 Training Plan:

NYC Marathon 2022 Training Plan:

Image from Hal Higdon Training (Link ***)

Goals for the week:

-Check out another local group.

-Make plans for things to do in NYC.

-Look into adult swimming lessons. Yes, I know how to swim but I would like to learn how to properly do all four strokes. Well . . . technically, I have the front stroke down, but I would love to learn how to do flip turns.

Long Run Playlist:

Questions of the Day:

-Have you run any of the Abbott World Marathon Majors beside NYC? If so, what was your experience (the race, the city, post-race, etc.)

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  1. I have only ran one marathon so no world majors for me. I have three buddies doing Chicago this weekend trying to qualify for Boston. The sheer number of people is a determent for me, I like having people to catch in races but I’m not into running with a herd of people.

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    • I definately see your point. Back in NYC, I did not even bother running hard for the first 1-2 miles in most races because of the congestion. It’s really not worth injuring yourself of others to shave a few seconds (or minutes) off of your finishing time. I will say that the start of the marathon is not too bad because the Verrazzano is pretty wide; however, it does get kind of tight in some parts of Brooklyn. Even more so, now that many restaurants still have their COVID outdoor seating that goes into the street.

      I hope your friends will get their BQ.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think I could handle the crowds if I went into it with the mindset of just running it for the course/experience and not caring about my time. That said, the whole logistics of getting to the start then waiting for however long (and worrying about fitting in peeing, if I need to eat again, etc) seems like a hassle to me too. I’m a show up, pick up, warm up, race kind of girl.

        Liked by 1 person

      • As I’m getting older, I am becoming more of a show up, give me my bib, and let me race . . . that is if I even sign up for a race. Now that I’m in Virginia, I cannot do NYRR’s 9+1 program for guaranteed entry to the marathon. I guess technically I could do the program, but it will cost quite a bit traveling to NYC 9 times a year. I think being in this situation will reduce the stress associated with signing up for a bunch of races and dealing with pre race logistics.

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  2. 16 is great, well done! And the car refuelling station an excellent idea. Before I refined my fuelling to be smaller and fit into a belt, I used to leave a pack of bananas, drink, hot cross buns in the paper recycling hopper in the top of our recycling wheelie bin (in a bag, I’m not a monster) and run past the house half-way to refuel. My late neighbour, Mr Jackson (emigrated from the Caribbean in the 60s, we never knew his first name though we lived next door to him for about 12 years!) used to think it was the.funniest.thing.ever and come out to say hello and have a laugh (I miss him).

    And I’ll see you in London, right?! I will not be proper marathon ready if I get in, especially as I’m having an issue with my back right now. I’m disappointed I won’t get to meet up with you for Eurovision, but do let me know if you come over and we could try for a meetup …


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