NYC Marathon Training Wk 14

Planned Miles: ????

Completed Miles: at least 10 miles 😉

Ack! With the sounds of London’s and Chicago’s Marathons on SM, I guess this means that we are getting closer and closer to NYC’s Marathon. Looks like we have a little less than 26 days until we all line up on Staten Island.

It’s around this time that I start getting nervous. No, not about training, but nervous about getting sick and/or facing some other injury. Things that freak me out 30 days until a marathon (or any other expensive race):

  • kids with colds
  • uneven pavement
  • random branches on the sidewalk
  • walking up the stairs
  • walking down the stairs
  • oncoming cars and bicycles

I wonder if I can find one of these bubbles on

While I cannot control most of the things that I just mentioned, I can control my training. This week’s training went pretty well because I did most of my training runs (I think). Also, I managed to get in a nice hill workout over the past week. Unfortunately, I have been neglecting hill work during this training cycle, and I am sure that I will pay for this on the Queensboro Bridge during Mile 16 of NYCM.

I stole this idea of running up and down Mt. Trashmore from one of my November Project buddies. During the post-NYCM season, I would like to do a challenge where I will run up and down the entire “mountain”, which will probably take me all damn day. Other than that, things have been pretty steady on the NYCM training front. Pretty much my plan for NYC M will be to run 1-2 miles and walk 0.15 miles from the Brooklyn side of the Verrazzano Bridge to the finish line. This pretty much is what I have been doing for my long runs. As I probably have mentioned before, this marathon will be a “just finish it” type of marathon.

Long run chronicles

Since I’m planning to do a 20 miler this weekend, I decided to take it a bit easy for my long run by running “only” 10 miles. But this was an interesting 10 miles because I ran the Crusader 5K run. Yes, I know 5K is not 10 miles. The Crusader 5K is a yearly fun run held by my high school, and this was my first time running this race.

For this event, I ran 3 miles to the race, the “5K”, and 4 miles home. I put 5K in quotes because I think the guidance counselor miscalculated the route. According to my Apple watch, we ran 2.9 miles instead of 3.1 miles. Normally, my Apple Watch says that I run more than a race distance.

The two-loop course was pretty easy breezy with nice views of the campus. It was kinda cool to see how much my alma mater has expanded since my graduation in 1998 . . . there’s even a nice track. Back in my high school track and field days, we practiced at some random high school’s track because we did not have one. Since we did not have our own track, we couldn’t host any track meets, which made it kind of sad not having a home-field advantage. Overall, I had a nice run, but I think that I ran too fast. The plan was to run 10min/mi, but I ended up running 9:18min/mi trying to keep up with folks 20+ years younger than I.

Random: I think this was the first time that I witness a massive prayer before a race. I had to LOL internally because I was like: Oh yeah, I remember the team prayers before games or boarding the bus en route to games.

Unfortunately, I stuck around a little longer than I anticipated because I was chatting with a couple of folks. The plan was to immediately run home after finishing the “5K”. Speaking of running/walking home: During my freshman and sophomore years, I wonder why I just didn’t walk home instead of waiting for a ride. Depending on the route, it would have been a 2 – 4 mile walk. I guess it was a case of suburban life . . . you know, we do not walk anywhere UNLESS absolutely necessary. After living in NYC, I’m like this meme

NYC Marathon 2022 Training Plan:

NYC Marathon 2022 Training Plan:

Image from Hal Higdon Training (Link ***)

Goals for the week:

-Add weightlifting to my training plan. Actually, this is more for general fitness rather than training for NYC Marathon. While I do enjoy my HIIT and fake pilates Beachbody workouts, I need to add more “real” strength training.

-Get a COVID booster and make appointments to see a podiatrist and optometrist.

-Purchase new running shoes. Hopefully, I can find a place that sells the same ‘make and model’ of my current shoes.

Long Run Playlist:

Questions of the Day:

-Which nerves or fears hit you 30-days before a major race?

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  1. Maranoia kicking in! I remember before my first mara, I went to a big party at a friend’s house in Cornwall. Wasn’t worried about stiffening/cramping up on the 6 hour car journey, nope. Couldn’t get out of the house across the approx 1″ high sill from the sliding doors without hanging on to someone or taking a huge step, in case I tripped over it!

    Brilliant that you did a race at your old high school, that must have been weird. We didn’t have a track, we had lines drawn on the grass in the summer! I used to walk to school and home (3 miles each way) because that way I got to keep my bus fare money … which I spent on sweets!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Maranoia . . . I like it! Hopefully, your fall did not mess you up too badly for your marathon.

      The only thing with the walking. Back then, we did not really have sidewalks for certain parts of what would have been my route. It was not a huge biggie because I typically did my homework with my some of my classmates in the cafeteria.


      • I didn’t fall there (though I did fall over a dog earlier in my training) I just thought I was going to! That’s difficult if there weren’t pavements – my main barrier when walking was going past the public school (that’s a big, posh, fee-paying school) and getting knocked into the road by all the entitled posh boys in their tweed jackets!


  2. I definitely worry about stupid injury like overturning my ankle before a race because I’m naturally clumsy. In high school I refused to use my trampoline during track season out of fear of injury.

    I LOVE that meme!! When we booked a cruise out of NYC and I asked the travel agent if we could walk from Penn Station to the cruise terminal she said well you could but I probably wouldn’t it’s like 2 miles. Jason and I were like that’s nothing for us!


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