Getting it together (sorta)

After some brief soul searching, while drinking gin (of course) and playing with my excess belly fat on Friday, I’m gonna try out some new things for my fitness goals over the next few months. Let’s see if some of these crap will help me drop my COVID Chunk or Pandemic Poundage. This mental shift was caused after some enlightenment from reading “The Obesity Code: Unlocking the Secrets of Weight Loss” by Dr. Jason Fung. 

The Obesity Code, weight loss, insulin

Long story, short cracking this code (according to Dr. Fung and others) is based on regulating insulin levels and insulin resistance, which I’ve heard before. Basically, one should consider the effects of insulin regulation with any type of diet plan. 

Here are some things that I plan to do to get back in shape. Or rather, things to start my journey to a healthier lifestyle. Hopefully, I am not trying to do too many things at once. Every month, I plan to revisit this list and add or modify things. 

  • Move from 16:8 to 18:6 intermittent fasting. Eventually, I would like to get to a point where I can do one 24-hr fast per week.
  • Get to bed (on weeknights) by 11:30 pm at the latest. No more watching Unsolved Mysterious or other random crap on Hulu/Netflix/Amazon Prime till 2-3am. Hopefully, this will give me a better chance to wake up early enough, run my morning miles and, do HIIT workouts. Since gyms are still closed, I plan to incorporate some weighted resistance band training. 170BA1F1-7A9D-4DC7-9983-9A038C5ADAA7_1_105_c

I have learned that NYC is planning to slowly ramp up the reopening of gyms; however, I’m still a bit hesitant visiting my local New York Sports Club. I mean, my home gym was pretty yucky and a hot ass mess before this whole pandemic mess. 

  • Actually follow the hubby’s Whole 30 diet; however, I will give myself one (maybe two) cheat days a week. Let’s not get too crazy here. 😉
  • Reduce my amount of booze. Like most drinkers say, I don’t drink THAT much 😉 I do not drink every single day. BUUUUT,  when I let my hair down, I really go all out.
  • Take more mental breaks during the workday. During these breaks, I plan to go on 10-15 minute walks. If it’s too damn hot outside, I’ll do a couple sets of planks. 

I think that is a good place to start for now.

– Has anyone started incorporating weighted resistance band training in his/her fitness regimen recently? 

– If gyms have opened up in your area, have you started working out in them?

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  1. My gym has reopened. I’ve re-suspended my membership for another three months and I have requested to cancel. No way is it Covid-safe – the spin and yoga studios have no external windows and I can attribute two colds to having come from the yoga class over the last couple of years. So no. I’m organising our spare room so I can use my cross trainer and do workouts in there. I say.

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    • I’m kind of in the same boat. Even with an unlimited supply of lysol wipes (or the watered down version that’s supplied at my local gym), they would have to pay me to come back. Ugh, do not even get me started on the locker room.

      I think that I’m going to cancel my membership, because I know that NYSC is going to pull some sneaky crap. For example, when NYC pretty much went into lockdown, NYSC was still charging membership fees until the class action suit.

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      • Yes, mine did close down and suspend memberships but then opened and TOOK MONEY from our accounts without telling anyone it was open. Tried to tell me that I must have given them my wrong email address. Hm. Anyway, I have suspended, and instigated the cancellation process AND cancelled my direct debit. Not fit for purpose and I will argue that all over the place if I need to. Someone’s been in today and there’s no water and few wipes, ewwww.


      • Yeah, NYSC tried to pull the whole wrong email address bit too. Funny, NYSC still manage to email offers for purchasing personal training packages and online streaming workouts. Last that I checked, I only gave the gym ONE email address.

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  2. Our gyms still haven’t opened for the most part although some of the YMCA’s have classes outside in the parking lot but I’m not a member. I noticed the other day my upper arms are getting flabby so I really need to up my resistance training game!


  3. I have not visited a gym since things got serious. I don’t typically do much weight training, but I do miss using dumbbells. I’ve never used the resistance bands, but I hear it works out. I think to get the most out of any workout a focus on body weight pays off dividends.


  4. Great job setting goals! Gyms in my area are open though I’ve never used one since I rely on the DailyBurn app for my strength workouts and yoga. I think we have the same weighted resistance band set… Jason uses it for leg days but I’ve never tried it. I do use regular resistance bands for glute/hamstring work since going to physical therapy last year to heal my hamstring strain.

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