NYC Marathon Training Wk 5

Planned Miles: 26

Completed Miles: 20

Before getting into the recap, I’m going to give myself a hand for making it through July. As always, with a new month, I’ll quickly check in to see how I’m progressing with my run 2022 km in 2022.

While I made some progress, I’m a little bummed that I did not run as many miles as I wanted to in July. However, I will not beat myself up too much over this because it was a bit difficult fitting in miles while moving and setting ourselves up in our new state of Virginia. However, I think that I have developed some sort of groove going forward.

Overall, I think this week went fine for the most part. Yes, it has been tough dealing with the heat and humidity of southern Virginia, but I’m getting it together, which is great because we have less than 100 days until NYC Marathon Sunday.

Since I have been complaining about the heat and humidity, I decided to do something about it and joined my local rec center that’s a few miles from my house.

Image courtesy of Yelp

Man oh man does this place bring back so many memories from my pre-teen years. While the rec center does not have all the amenities that a fancy (or near-fancy) gym might have, it has all of the basics needed. All I need is a treadmill so I can escape the heat and do some of my runs indoors. Oh, also, the rec center has an indoor track. However, I’m not sure if I will use it because 8 laps equal 1 mile, and I know that I will lose count if I have to do anything more than 3 miles. 😉

Running aside, I have incorporated swimming laps into my groove, and I will say that it was nice doing something different physically. Perhaps, in the near future, I might take some swimming lessons so I can relearn how to PROPERLY swim the four strokes and do flip turns. Also, I’m very much intrigued with checking out some of the Zumba classes at the rec center. For those that have been following this thing, I became a fan of Zumba as a means of recovery after a lower back injury. Random thought: I hope that I’m not the only one under 50 (or only male) in the class. 😉

Long Run Chronicles:

This week’s long run was 12 miles, but it was such as struggle. Unfortunately, I started the run a bit late at 8 am (instead of 6 am), which threw me off a little bit.

For my pacing, I have been following the times above that I obtained from Runner’s World calculator. We’ll just ignore the 1st Quarter Running Goals title. According to my chart, my long-run pace should be 11:31 – 12:55 min/mi, which is manageable. For my recent long runs, I walk about 1/10th of a mile after completing each mile. Even with walking it out, my pace falls around 11:55. So a couple of things:

  • Am I running too fast?
  • Am I taking it too easy on myself with the 1/10th of a mile recovery? I’m doing the recovery because I still do not think that I’ve fully acclimated to the heat and humidity here. Then again, does anyone really acclimate to the heat and humidity?

For the most part, the long run went well until the halfway mark. Here’s an example of my mental state.

For future long runs, I need to do a little research in the area and find a park with more shade. I’m usually fine running through neighborhoods, but things go a little left once I reach Mt. Trashmore. While it is a beautiful park, there is not a lot of shade . . . at least for me.

Tech annoyance:

While I’m not gonna let technology break me, I would be lying if I did not admit Apple Watch and/or Strava have been annoying.

For whatever reason, Apple Watch is not recording the complete routes that I have been running. For instance, I did start and end at the points indicated on this map. Also, I think something is going on with how my Apple Watch has been syncing with Strava. For instance, my Apple Watch recorded ~12 miles while Strava recorded ~8 miles. I know my Apple Watch’s distance is correct (or near correct) because I mapped out a similar route on the Strava app.


I’ve added daily yoga and Core de Force (an MMA cardio workout) to this week’s activities. Maybe, I’m doing do d*mn much.

From a recent yoga workout.

Um Faith, letting go of the stress and chaos is a lot easier than it sounds. 😉

NYC Marathon 2022 Training Plan:

Image from Hal Higdon Training (Link ***)

Goals for the week:

-Keep on keeping on, I guess.

-Try to attend a November Project meetup.

Long Run Playlist:

Questions of the Day:

-What are you proud of achieving this last week?

Social Media Plug:


  1. I think you will acclimatise and the way you’re doing it is sensible. You’re probably running your long run too fast but it’s hard not to – I’m so slow normally that when I looked into that stuff I’d have to run at walking pace to run slowly enough!

    I’m proud of managing to get through three medical appointments this week – one to establish the parameters of some only CBT modules I’m going to take to help with my anxiety (through the good old NHS), a dentist appt (hard to get but they seem settled now and I could book my next appt in a year, all good even though I’d not been able to go for 18 mo) and a phone doctor appt (needed to “persuade” her to continue to give me some meds to do with being a menopausal woman, didn’t need to persuade her at all, all written up). Phew!

    Liked by 1 person

    • LOL. I really did not have a choice because I wanted to fit in those appointments before leaving the city. It’s more my fault because I always wait until the last minute to do these things. Technically, the one dentist appt (my near yearly check up) turned into two additional appointments.

      Jeez another year for a dental appointment? Then again, it has been tough in the States to get medical appointments.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I have an annual appointment and was actually able to book it in advance this time, so it is getting back to normal – previously, 18 months ago, they said “book in a year” and I tried to and it was always full and then the next appt, as in the one I just had, was 8 weeks away! You can pretend to have an emergency if you want a checkup sooner. Anyway it all seems back to normal now. Doctor’s appointments are still on the phone for us.


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