Food Pics of the Week – Oyster Time

We have TWO restaurants for this week’s Food Pics of the Week.

The Rustic Spoon (***)

1658 Pleasure House Rd Ste 101, Virginia Beach, VA 23455

The hubby and I hit up this spot for a late breakfast on his birthday. Last year (or was it the year before last?), we visited this place right before driving from Va. Beach to NYC because the restaurant is on the way to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunel (US-13). This visit was a bit better (for me, at least) because I did not have to worry about driving for the next eight hours.

For my dining pleasure, I enjoyed the Fried Oyster Eggs Benedict.

I have a feeling that The Rustic Spoon will be one of my favorite go-to spots for brunch because everything always has been on point . . . at least for the last two visits.

A small LOL moment.

Since it was the hubby’s birthday, I secretly asked the waiter to bring out a slice of carrot cake after our breakfast. In the middle of our brunch, the waiter came to the table and told us that the computer “lied”, and the restaurant did not have any more carrot cake. UMMM DUDE! It was supposed to be a surprise. Since it was not a big deal, the hubby ordered an apple bread pudding. About 15 minutes later, the waiter came back to the table to tell us that the computer “lied” again, and the restaurant did not have the other dessert. Sounds like the restaurant needs a new computer. 😉 All was not lost because the manager gave us two desserts (a strawberry cake and some chocolate Oreo cake) on the house.

Orion’s Roof (***)

4201 Atlantic Ave., Va. Beach, VA 23451

After our massages, we hit up Orion’s Roof based on a friend’s recommendation, and I have to admit that I was quite blown away by this restaurant.

Or course, we started off with a round of oysters for appetizers. Then split quite a few sushi rolls. I wanted to try a few more things from the menu, but I was still kind of full from breakfast.

Normally, I ‘m not a huge fan of rolls with a whole bunch of frills (just give me rice and ONE fish), but I gotta say that I ABSOLUTELY loved the restaurant’s Triple Spicy Tuna Roll (spicy tuna, black pepper tataki tuna, red onion, serrano chili, cilantro, and ponzu). Man, I could have eaten six of these.

In addition to the yummy food, the restaurant has amazing views of the Va Beach Oceanfront. . . Well, with the exception of the construction at the hotel next door.

Question(s) of the Day:

-Have you ever had the same type of food multiple times in a day (eg in my case, fried oysters for breakfast, and raw oysters for dinner)?

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  1. Not the same food but I’ve definitely ate breakfast foods for both breakfast and dinner in the same day. Heck I might have even had it for lunch too at some point. I love breakfast foods!

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