Food Pics of the Week – New Orleans Edition

Since the hubby and I had quite a few dining excursions in between me running Rock n Roll New Orleans Half Marathon and having fun, New Orleans-based cocktails, I figure that I would mention a couple of spots for this edition of Food Pics of the Week.

Overall, I thought the food for many from many of the spots was in the OK to good range. LOL because during the trip the husband kept asking me which restaurants were the best. I was like Dude, I do not know. I have not lived in New Orleans since I graduated college in 2002. Also as a broke a** college student, restaurants like the Outback were “fancy” spots for us.

Our Tops:

Chargrilled Oysters (left); Turtle Soup (right)

OMG. If I could, I would have these oysters every freaking day. This stop here was more of a snack break, but I wish that we had one of our dinners here . . . primarily to enjoy more of the chargrilled oysters.

This was my first stop after dropping off my crap at the Inn on Friday. I wanted to get something simple and easy (a shrimp po’boy) to line my belly before getting into some Bourbon St. f*ckery. Note: Since the hubby was meeting me the next day in New Orleans, I had all of my Friday night to myself. As some may know, I love my hole-in-the-wall spots. Good food without any BS.

While this was an impromptu visit, I’m glad this was our last meal in New Orleans. Look at that Ultimate Bloody Mary!!! C’mom this thing came with a fried crab, and five fried shrimp and oysters. Extra points for the presentation of the Bloody Mary. Also, my shrimp crawfish omelet was on point. A few points in deductions because the cheese was not completely melted.

The Wack:

Taste of New Orleans – Jambalaya, Red Beans & Rice, Shrimp Etouffee, and Crawfish Creole (left), Fish (don’t remember which one) Creole (middle), and Alligator Bites (right)

This probably was one of our least favorite dining experiences during the trip. While the restaurant atmosphere was nice, the food was struggling. Dare I say, this place was a bit of a waste of money. Put it like this, for my Taste of New Orleans sampler, the red beans and rice (probably the easiest New Orleans-based dish to make) were the best part of the “taste” . . . and they were not all that great. Also, my shrimp etouffee was WAY too salty and nasty. The Alligator Bites were tired, through, and delayed. Food aside, I was also disappointed that the restaurant’s bathroom was disgusting. I really hope that the restaurant was having an off night during our visit.

Honerable Mentions:

While I know this is a must-do in New Orleans, I never got the hype surrounding Café Du Monde (even while living in NOLA). Sometimes, I think some people over-hype Café Du Monde as a means to justify waiting 50+ minutes for french powdered doughnuts (yes, I know they are called beignets) and coffee. Actually, this excursion almost did not happen. I walked past Café Du Monde (Saturday morning) the way to pick my race stuff at the convention center. Let me tell you, that line extended almost two blocks, and I was like hell to the no. When the husband and I visited on Saturday evening (around 7 pm), I was shocked that there was no line. I think a lot of people were at the Chewbacca parade and probably hit up Café Du Monde after the festivities.

I guess that my nearly two-decade grudge with Cafe du Monde is officially over. I don’t remember what caused the grudge back in college, but a table and/or chair might have been turned over.

I’m always am going to be Team Biscuits and Gravy, and this place was pretty decent. My only (minor complaint) is that I think my plate was left out for a bit before the waitress bought to my section of the bar. That said, the restaurant was slammed packed, so I will not hold this against them. Also, there was quite a bit of confusion with a table of rowdy guests. But the restaurant gained some points because it has free refills on Bloody Marys (why not call it bottomless). Clearly, I did not read the entire description for the Bloody Marys and missed the part about free refills.

The lack of detail is what caused the confusion with the rowdy table. Four folks at a table ordered about 6+ mimosas each thinking they were bottomless, which they were not. Let’s just say that they were very upset when they received their bill because each mimosa was about $15. Unfortunately, they took this out on the waitress and left her a $4 tip. I mean, it’s not the waitress’s fault that the FOUR of you didn’t properly read the menu. However, I think the waitress should have mentioned that the mimosas were not bottomless especially seeing how many they were ordering and that they looked like they were in their VERY early 20s.

Final Thoughts:

We had a nice time dining (and drinking) on what New Orleans had to offer. However, the hubby mentioned that New York City has spoiled us, and to some extent, I can agree. Not to be like one of those people, but I do recall saying on a few times that I have had better (albeit inauthentic) Creole and Southern food in New York.

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  1. I forgot about Oceana Grill until I read this! We had our first meal there when we visited and really enjoyed it! We also ate at Daisy Dukes for breakfast the morning we flew home. Nothing fancy but we were in the mood for pancakes.

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    • We (well I) went to Daisy Dukes twice . . . but two separate locations. The afternoon after picking up my race crap (alone) and a few days later with the hubby bc another breakfast spot was closed.

      Liked by 1 person

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