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Who’s ready for some football? I will admit that I do not really follow football (or any professional sport for that matter), but this year I need to run 9 races for my guaranteed entry into NYC Marathon 2023 so I figured why not. Actually, I think this was my first time running the Gridiron 4 Mile. Random question: Was this race always in Central Park? I feel like it used to be somewhere in Jersey, but I’m probably wrong.

Image courtesy of NYRR

Clearly, I did not pay attention to any of the weather forecasts for the weekend because I was kind of surprised that it was snowing when I woke up. I almost went with a hard pass because of the snow, but I powered through.

This weekend was pretty weird in terms of weather – Friday with temps in the mid-50s F and Sunday with temps in the 30s F PLUS snow. Since I’m training for a marathon in April, I wanted to combine this race with a 15-mile long run, but that did not happen. Oh well . . . there’s always next weekend. However, I did sandwich the race between a 1.5-mile warm-up and cool down. . . I guess that should count for something.

Random thought: I think NYC is so pretty during the first day of snowfall. Some views to and from the race.

Overall, I really did not know what to expect for this race because I did not set any goals. I guess finishing without slipping on ice and snow was the main goal. That said, I thought NYRR and NYC did a great job clearing the snow and slush from the course before the race. The course pretty much was a mini loop of Central Park, which started and ended right before the biggest Harlem Hill.

Not sure if this is snow or snot.

Unfortunately, I could not really pace myself during the race because my Apple Watch was still set on kilometers from Friday’s sprint workout. Miles 1 and 2 were pretty much a bust because of corral and course congestion. Perhaps, the NYRR races are becoming too large, because I do not remember so much congestion after the first mile. In fact, the race was pretty congested for the entire 4 miles. I guess that comes with the territory of now being a back-of-the-pack runner. Note to self: I really need to work on my speed so I can start these races in a lower corral.

Congestion aside, I thought that I did a decent job in this race and I did feel like I got faster with each mile and was surprised that I still had enough juice to run (well technically jog) about 1.5 miles home after the race.

The combination of racing and polling

Shortly after Mile 2, runners had a chance to choose whom they thought was going to win Superbowl LVI by picking a lane. I went with the LA Rams because the lane was on the inside of the curve. Hey, I do not like running a millimeter more than I have two.


This kid is finally on Spotify, and it took only 5+ years. Since Eurovision is around the corner, I listened to a playlist that contains the songs that have been released so far.

Next Race:

Mar. 6: NYRR Washington Heights Salsa, Blues, and Shamrocks 5K

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  1. I agree the first snowfall always looks so pretty! After that it’s like ok melt already and bring on spring!

    I’m guilty of saying that I’ll add on mileage before or after a race and it pretty much doesn’t happen. After our last 5 mile race Jason and I planned to run another 3 miles… we managed 1.5 before we said ok we’re starving let’s be done and order Panera. Getting any extra mileage is especially in cold/snowy conditions is an accomplishment!


  2. Who did win the super bowl? I have no idea. I did watch it once, on the TV with American snacks, in America. It was the Green Bay Packers I recall, because I’d been in Wisconsin before I went to New Mexico and saw many, many cheese-related items to help people cheer them on. There you go. Well done on the race, how many more do you need to do to get that entry? I should hear this week if I’m in London Marathon this year (eeps).

    Liked by 1 person

    • The LA Rams won, so I guess that I picked the right team while running the Gridiron 4M.

      So far, I have 3 out of the 9 done, but the organization has not scheduled the late spring and summer races yet, so I have not registered for all 9.


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