Race Report: Joe Kleinerman 10K

Joe K 10K

DATE: January 8; 8:00 AM



WEATHER:  22F; 10F with wind chill  


Finishers: 4,503

SWAG: Long-Sleeve shirt

Image courtesy of NYRR

This race is held in honor of Joe Kleinerman, who was one of the founders of New York Road Runners and worked for/with the organization until he died at 91 years old.

Woo Hoo! My first race (hopefully of many) of 2022, and boy was it a cold one. The night before, I was quite nervous because the forecast called for 22F temps. I HATE running in subfreezing weather. Actually, NYC had a small snowstorm a few days ago, and I was afraid that the course would be super snowy and/or frozen. That said, the city did a pretty good job of clearing the course prior to the race.

Joe K 10K

Since this was my first race of 2022, I did not have any real goals going into this one. Well, my main goal was to perform better than last year’s Joe K 10K. To be perfectly honest, I could not have done worse than last year. For 2021’s Joe K 10K, I was dealing with lower back and GI issues – I vomited while running last year’s race.

Joe K 10K

I think that I’m just doomed to arrive late to races. The plan was to wake up and walk to the start, which is about 20 blocks from my apt. The morning of the race, I was all set to walk to Central Park, but my bowels said otherwise because I had to take a huge dump right before leaving the apartment. Luckily for me, the M1 bus (which is never around when you actually need it) was arriving just as I was leaving the apartment.

By the time I arrived to Central Park, the race had already started. Fortunately for my slow running ass, I was placed in Corral I and managed to hop into the race once I saw some fellow Corral I runners pass. I guess having a high corral placement is good for my tardy ass because you have about 15 – 30 minutes after the gun before reaching the start line.

Random thought: I guess running is a popular New Year’s resolution because the field seemed VERY packed for this race.

Random rant: Why don’t people go into their correct corrals? Ok, if you are placed in Corral I, but know that you have an injury or doing the race as a fun run, why not move to a higher corral? What’s the point of starting with the faster runners, if you plan (or have) to walk within the 1st 400 meters?

The 10K course is fairly straightforward – one outer loop of Central Park, which has been named Ted Corbitt Loop.

Besides the proximity to my apartment, I love races that start near the 102nd Street Transverse because the biggest climb occurs within the first mile. I will admit that I struggled with the first climb because the field was really crowded, and it was hard to move around. This struggle probably was a good thing because it prevented me from going out too fast. Also, it took me a little bit of time to get used to running with so much clothing. Because of the cold weather, I wore: an undershirt, a thermal tech, a tech T, a long-sleeve tech shirt, regular undies, two pairs of tights, shorts, calf socks, gloves, a gaiter, and a skull cap.

Around Mile 2, I was feeling some tightness in my hip flexors. I’ll admit that I have not been the most faithful with my daily running workouts, stretching, and foam rolling. My screwups like this are good because they will remind me about the importance of my daily stretching and foam rolling. Other than the slight tightness, I felt pretty strong throughout the race.

It was cool seeing my running group’s second cheer section around Mile 4-5. Also, it was awfully nice of some group members to stay out in the cold and cheer for us.

This location was purrrrrrfect because they set up shop right at Cat Hill (another climb). See why I did the purrrrrfect thing? πŸ˜‰ I think this gave me some momentum to start fartleking to finish up the race. However, I think that I went too hard during my fartleks because I ran out of juice for my final 400m sprint. Wait, that’s partially true. I could not sprint too hard because I was boxed in between a few runners that were pretty much over the race and a huge snowbank. It was either: 1) be rude and push my way through the runners or 2) slip on some ice and snow. I didn’t do #1 because I’m a nice person πŸ˜‰ or #2 because I did not want to injure myself. I figured that I have plenty of races for a strong finish.

LOL, I took this selfie because a finisher (not the folks who boxed me in) next to me said that I was “glistening”, and I wanted to know what the hell she was talking about.

Joe K 10K

As a way to celebrate my first race of 2022, the hubby and I had some tacos and margaritas for dinner.

Next Race:

Fred Lebow Half Marathon – Jan. 23

Questions of the Day:

  • Which running podcasts are you following?
  • Reading any good running-related books?
  • Are you planning to run any full or half marathons during the months of April, May, June, and/or July. If so, which ones? I need some inspiration for my race calendar.

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  1. I continue to be amazed by your commitment to running (and anyone who runs.) I was on a track team for a short time in highschool, and have jogged and run outdoors and on treadmills sporadically throughout my life as my commitment to exercise ebbs and flows. I plan to start back on the treadmill and see if I can get up to a regular fast paced jog, but I doubt I could or would ever take it to the next level for any kind of group run or marathon. I will settle for living vicariously through your blog. Keep up the great work! (And you ARE glistening in that pic.)


    • It’s either run or pack on more pandemic pounds/COVID chunk. Cheers to getting back on the treadmil . . . everything counts.

      Too much glistening because it was VERY cold (for me) this weekend.


  2. Running podcasts – 1. The Extra Mile Podcast (there are 2 versions – the regular and the Jeff Galloway Edition – I listen to both). 2. Run Eat Drink. 3. Run Run Live 4. Running Virtually. Haven’t read any running books lately. Nothing on the calendar yet except for the Shamrock 8k. Trying to see how the year is going to play out.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks. Based on the title, the Run Eat Drink podcast looks very interesting because I like eating and drinking. πŸ˜‰

      Yeah, it’s tough to plan for races too far into the future since we are still dealing with COVID.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks for the suggestion. I think I might have started that one last year, but I’m not 100% sure. You know, marathon books are pretty common nowadays. Did you like it?


  3. Well done for getting through it without vomiting – always a bonus! No races booked in here, but not doing any virtuals now, either. I have got some running books coming up – received one on running and mindfulness for Christmas (that doesn’t look full of annoying woo) so will try to get to that soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Nice race!

    I’m finishing Reborn on the Run tonight for my running group book club. I don’t listen to any podcasts.

    I have my first endurance run challenge on the calendar for April 9th called the April Foolish Run. It’s a 4 mile loop and you have 10 hours to run as many loops as you can/want. Pending how that goes I may sign up for God’s Country marathon in June.


  5. Looks freakin cold! While I miss running, I don’t miss the cold.
    At almost every race I see people line up in the front and then walk before the first half-mile has passed. WTF?
    You can’t do that at the Boston Marathon because they are pretty good about keeping people sorted by their bibs. I’ve run Honolulu twice and each time there were walkers before the first god-damned turn!
    At some races when I haven’t been in a good mood, I’ve actually considered plowing through any walker in my way. I nice tackle would make me feel so good! But probably like a big jerk the moment the person hit the pavement. Maybe.
    At one half marathon I lined up 3 rows from the front because I thought the race went in the other direction! I didn’t walk but within 100 yards all of those guys were gone.

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