New Orleans Marathon (not so fast) Training Wk 1

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Well, isn’t this a slap in the face and a kick in the balls?

A few hours after posting my half and full marathon goals for the first part of 2022 and three days after booking my travel arrangements, I received this wonderful email from the folks at Rock n Roll.

Basically, the full marathon is canceled, but folks can “downgrade” their registrations to the half marathon, 10K, or 5K races. Or, folks can “exchange” this registration for one of six other Rock n Roll marathons. A couple things regarding this change in plan.

My training goals in case anyone was interested.

-Did the folks at Rock n Roll not cross their Ts and dot their Is? Maybe the city of New Orleans dropped the ball on this. Anyway, why would Rock n Roll open registration for a race when its plans were not finalized. I guess I’m partially to blame because when I registered back in Oct., the site did say that the marathon course would be updated soon. I guess Rock n Roll sure did update the course . . . updated it to no course. I have heard plenty of stories about Rock n Roll canceling their events (even before the pandemic), but I wonder if these were issues with Rock n Roll or the hosting cities.

-Since I’m trying to be more positive for 2022, I’m not going to get too upset over this news. Running the half instead of the full marathon will give me more time to enjoy the fun food (and cocktails) of New Orleans.

-Had I known this was going to happen, I would have planned for a full marathon in March, but that month is already spoken for with Love Run Philly Half Marathon.

Remember: I have a plan to run either a half or full marathon each month in 2022.

-Maybe, I’ll plan to run a full marathon in April. Rock n Roll does have a marathon near the end of April in Nashville. Do I risk another Rock n Roll screw-up? Actually, I do not have a choice because I still have one more voucher left in my 3-race voucher.

Shucks, all of this ranting and I did not even talk about my running. I guess I’m living up to my NYC Marathon motto.

Questions of the day:

-Any recommendations for a marathon in April (preferably on the east coast)?

-Have you ever been burned by the folks at Rock n Roll?

Goal(s) for the week:

Solidify a training plan – I have been kind of slacking on my non-running workouts.


  1. Oh, no, I’m so sorry! They just cancelled Liverpool here, this year being the last one – and people who had deferred or cancelled hadn’t heard anything back about their money last time I looked!

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  2. That does suck. Haven’t been burned by RnR personally but i don’t get just the full is cancelled, that seems odd to me when most of the time entire events get cancelled for pandemic. What are your thoughts on the Brooklyn full and half, April 24th? i must have checked it out, now i just get ads for it constantly. 🙂 I’m thinking to do the United NYC Half in March, but let’s see! good to have goals tho for 2022

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    • -Re New Olreans: That’s why I think it might be more of a city thing than an RnR. Then again, maybe RnR did not secure the necessary permits in time.

      -Someone in on of my FB running groups mentioned NYCRuns Brooklyn marathon. I checked out the route, and it looks nice. I was under the assumption that route was just going to be a bunch of loops in Prospect Park. While I’m not a huge fan of in and out routes, I do not mind the Prospect Park (PP) to Coney Island, Coney Island to PP component. I’m not trying to commute from Coney Island back to Harlem after running 26.2 miles. That’s like 2 hrs of subway riding.

      -I’m still on the french about the NYC Half bc I have the Philly Half a week after.

      Hope you have a nice holiday week.


  3. Blessing in disguise that now you can run the half and enjoy the city more? I’m glad you were notified before you got too heavy into your training! A buddy of mine was to run a marathon in Maine this Oct. and was notified about 3 weeks before that it was cancelled.

    I’m wondering if it was a city thing and they weren’t going to have enough of police/security to cover intersections for a full marathon course? One of my favorite races years ago was the Bon Ton 5 Miler and they stopped having it because the township it was ran in stopped providing police services for the major intersections.

    Good luck with training regardless of the distance!

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    • You know me, I will get too upset about the elimination of the full marathon distance. I’ll just register for a full in April. I just learned that the Brooklyn full marathon has a new course.

      Did the organizers refund your friend?

      While a huge exception because of the pandemic, didn’t folks find out Tokyo’s Marathon was canceled while en route to Japan? Imagine flying halfway around the world only to find out a marathon was canceled.

      Hope all is well (or ok . . . at least).

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  4. Wow, what a twist! Sorry they pulled the rug out from under you. Sounds like you have a lot of fun halfs in the works at least.


  5. Yes my friend did get most of his money back, I think 70 or 80%?

    Glad you’re finding another option! I agree flying to Tokyo to hear no go would be awful!

    All is pretty good. No inpatient chemo this week for Mr Weston as his ANC wasn’t high enough most likely from covid. Bummer to miss a treatment week but at least they’re home for Thanksgiving now!


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