Random Thursday Thoughts

-Lookie at what I found in my inbox.

-Here’s the plan since I’m so terribly out of shape. NYCM 2021 will be my baseline marathon, and NYCM 2022 will be my real marathon. I just hope COVID infection rates do not increase so one or both marathons will not be canceled.

-I’m the only non-Europoean who loves Eurovision?

-Word on the street is that the US is going to have something similar starting in 2022. American Song Contest: Eurovision launches US version with all 50 states competing

-A couple of things regarding the American Song Contest:

  • It will be a sh*tshow. Like how does one differentiate between to culture of say N. and S. Carolina. Then again, most of the Eurovision countries submit very general pop songs.
  • If it is going to be called American Song Contest, shouldn’t countries in North and South America be able to participate?
  • Don’t we already kind of have something like this with American Idol?

-Which did you learn in grade school? North and South America are separate continents or North and South America count as one continent?

-Since I bought my bouldering “starter pack”, I guess that I’m officially a “boulderer”. I bought some climbing shoes, chalk, a chalk bag, and some cream to prevent/reduce calluses on my hands. I will say that the purchased shoes are 20 times better than the rental ones.

Question of the day:

What random thoughts are on your mind?

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  1. Looks like you’re a climber now! I just entered a half-marathon to make myself get in better shape for doing a marathon in Aug 2022 hopefully (I’d like to do Reykjavik again, knowing I can do it, as it was my first one). I bet rock-climbing is great cross/strength-training!


  2. I don’t think they told us that Mexico is North America! But they did distinguish N & S America.
    Random thought – do I really want to go back to the office or do I want to quit?


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