Food Pic of the Week – Struggle Edition

Since I have an upcoming trip to a beach town, I figure that I should eat less and try to lose 30 pounds by May 29. FYI: I’m joking about losing 30 pounds in 14 days. 😉 That said, I decided to have a salad delivered to my apt for a lunch break. Is it still considered a lunch break when you have your first meal around 4/5 pm? Anywho, I ordered what I thought was a chef’s salad and was greeted with this.

What in the actual hell is this? Do not get me wrong, I love my meat (that’s what she said), but there was more meat than salad, which normally is a good thing for me. Also, I do not understand why the folks could not have finely chopped (or cubed) the meat? Also, to make it worse, rather than putting my dressing on the side like I requested, the bottom of the bowl was a pool of honey mustard dressing. I guess that’s what I get for trying to be healthy. Something told me that I should have ordered a Philly cheesesteak. Knowing my luck, this place’s Philly cheesesteak would probably have one thin slab of steak. You know, because the place uses all of the meat for salads. 😉 Oh well, live and learn.

Question of the day:

Should I give this place a second chance? Unless I get super sick from a restaurant or the service is beyond a hot ass mess, I like to give places two shots because everyone has a bad day.

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