Something New


  1. New gym class
  2. Philly trip
  3. Run as One race

1.A new gym class

As I have mentioned before, Crunch Fitness has released its new spring line up of classes and I wanted to check out a few of them. Today’s subject will be The Acrobat’s Workout.

Crunch fitness' The Acrobat Workout
The class

I do not come from gymnastics background but I thought there would be a little more movement in the class.  The class, which some would consider acroyoga, involed some partner work and instructor-mimiced moves. We did a modified verson of a “table top,” which probably was the most advanced thing that we did. Oh and cartwheels. Surprisingly many people cannot do.

The class size was very small (about 8 people), so there was a lot of instructor involvement, which is a good thing. Speaking if the instructors, Joyce and Lorenzo were pretty chill, nice, and very hands on. You could tell that Lorenzo had some kind of background in gymnastics or dance because he was all about the toe point.

Big question. Will I attend again? probably not.

  1. It would a little difficult for me to leave lab and walk 10 blocks and 3 avenues to arrive to the class on time.
  2. There really was not much of a workout. You can see by comparing my Fitbit stats from two different workout classes. Too much lost effort for a 60 minute class – I only spent 1 minute in my cardio zone, which was probably while we were doing those damn cartwheels.
  3. IMG_6590
    The Acrobat’s Workout
    The Athlete’s Workout

    2.Philly Trip

    I decided to take a quick trip to Philadelphia for a couple days. It is kind of weird that I have been living in NYC for a good 14 years and I have NEVER visited Philadelphia. So, I purchased a couple of $10.00 Greyhound bus tickets and hit I-95 and I-476 to visit one of my country’s oldest cities.

I had a blast for the short time I was there and I defeinely would like  to visit again to do some of the more “local” things. Here, there was a perfect mix of history, a decent social scence, and food variety.

Run as One Race

One of the reason why my Philly trip was so short was because I registered for the Run as One 4 mile race on Sunday. At this point in the season, I really cannot afford (time-wise) to miss any races if I am going to qualify for the 9+1 guarantied entry to the 2017 Marathon. I kind of thought that I did better than the last 4 mile race but I did worse by 6 seconds – I even did fartlek starting with the second mile and I did a hard sprint for the last 200 meters. Perhaps, I “recovered” too much during the fartleks.  Who knows? But, I would like to break a 30 minute 4 mile.

Run as One is a race that focuses on raising awareness against lung cancer because Tom Labrecque, a never-smoker, died from lung cancer at 62 years of age. Actually, it felt kind of cool running in the race, since I have not smoked in over 7 months. Writing this post reminded me that I wanted to check into some of these organizations for some volunteer options. I realize that I have not volunteered for anything in quite some time and I would like to give back to the “community” on a regular basis again.

Ok. this is enough from me. Catch you later blogverse.


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