I’m already messing up

Yesterday, I was supposed do a fast 5.5 mile run but I woke up very late. I could run only three miles on a treadmill. But hey, some miles are better than none. 

I think that I will adapt my training program so that I will not have consecutive running days. During my short run, I noticed that my legs just did not have the power to get me through the run. Today is a rest day, so maybe I can kill my 5.5 mile run tomorrow morning. 

Since I have a citywide Crunch Fitness membership, I checked out the Crunch express in Crown Heights. 

Crunch Express means: 

  • the gyms are smaller than the regular Crunch gyms. 
  • There is no towel or overnight locker service and no saunas
  • Most memberships are around 10 bucks, compared the the 70 bucks that I pay for the regular gyms. 

The problem with some of these express gyms is that the buildings and equipment are subpar, because they are built so fast. Here are a couple of the many “funny” notes that I saw yesterday. 

This treadmill could be “useful” for speed days.

All of that said, at least there is a 24hr White Castle next door

Ok that is it for today. Let’s see what the rest of WordPress is writing about. 

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