Random Thursday Thoughts

-The United NYC Half Marathon course has been updated. No annoying hills in the northern part of Central Park. 


-Did you know that Times Square is closed to normal traffic only two times a year? One for the ball drop. The second for the NYC Half-Marathon. 

-Is it me or are students more aloof and delusional these days?

-Since this polar vortex or whatever it’s called is hitting 2/3rds of the U.S., I was wondering how cold is too cold for running.

-I do not understand when standing in a line with 5+ people why people never have their money, debit, or credit cards ready once they arrive at the cashier. You’ve been in this line for over 15 minutes and the thought of paying never occurred to you?

-iTunes should offer refunds. I purchased Thalia’s latest album. I bought it mainlyyjprvpeyr9k12bgttvgv2bng_thumb_2215 because I follow her on Instagram and constantly hear parts of the first three songs that were released. I purchased the album and was very disappointed. Those are the only good three songs. C’mon, girl. . . do better. 

-Continuing with that story. The BF wanted to rent a movie from iTunes. I straight up told him “Since I wasted money on this damn Thalia album, I am not giving iTunes another red cent over the next 24 hours!!!”

-Yum. The BF made an empanada gallega.

unadjustednonraw_thumb_2230-Fyre Fraud: This meme made my day. 


Enough randomness, I gotta put on 80 million layers so I can go to the gym. Right now, my weather app says that it’s 4 fuckin’ degrees . . . Fahrenheit. 


Random Thursday (on a Friday)

One of the cool things of dating someone from a different background is learning about different music artists. The BF from Spain knows that I have a tendency for nutty, loud, howling screaming artists so he introduced me to Monica Naranjo, who has been around since the mid ’90s. According to diva devotee, she is a soporano with a four-octave vocal range.

Anywho, recently, I have been playing this song, “Sobreviviré” (I will survive), at least 4-5 times during my runs. The song picks up around about the 1:15 mark. 


Sobreviviré! Buscaré un hogar entre los escombros de mi soldead. 

I’ll survive. I’ll find a place among the debris of my solitude.

Un paraíso extraño, donde no estás tú.

A strange paradise, where you are not. 

Y aunque duela quiero libertad, aunque me haga daño.

Even though it hurts, I want freedom, even if it hurts me. 

Speaking of running, I probably should be doing that right now.