Food Pic of the Week

Miss Mamie’s Spoonbread Too (***)

2366 W 110th Street, NY, NY 10025  

Bring me some soul food!!!!


Sorry for the blurry picture, but I was too hungry to mess around with my camera and take a sharp photo. Well . . .  I was a bit drunk so the blurriness probably looked normal to me. Actually, this new brand of contact lenses sucks because by 10/11 pm they get all gunky which causes cloudy vision in one or both of eyes. On one hand, I have not slept with these contacts because the cloudy, late, night vision annoys me to the point where I have to put on my eyeglasses by 10/11 pm.

Ok, I got way off the point.

I dropped by this restaurant after some boozing on the Upper West Side, technically I was in Hamilton Heights. I have not been to this restaurant for a LOOOOONG time. I believe my last visit was back in 2003. Because of the crappy food and “attitudie” service staff, I swore it off. Sixteen years later, I came back. I will say that I was thoroughly pleased with my most recent visit. The picture above is the soul food sampler, which comes with fried chicken, catfish, some “ribs”, and three sides. Everything was amazingly good. Also, my drunk ass had a nice little time chatting with the folks at the adjacent table. I’m surprised because the most recent Yelp reviews give this place a one star . . . out of five. Either I was really drunk and did not mind the food, or I visited the restaurant on one of it’s few good days. That said, I probably should go back in another 16 years so I will not risk having another bad experience.

HA! What a small world. One of the managers knew my grandfather and his cousin from his time in VA.


Food Pic of the Week

Angel of Harlem  (***)

2272 Frederick Douglass Blvd, NY, NY 10027  

Y’all know that I love a bottomless brunch, and Angel of Harlem definitely delivered.  The hubby and came here for a nice little brunch. For an extra $25, you can “level up” your brunch experience to include 1.5hrs of rum punch, mimosa, and sangria. I actually made up a drink that is called, “rum pumogria” . . . Eh, basically, I asked the bartender to put all the bottomless brunch drinks into one glass. No shame in my game. 

Random thought: From now on, if there is only one other person with me for a bottomless brunch, I’m going to request two seats at the bar rather than sitting at a table. You get your drinks pretty fast, and you don’t have to wait 80 hrs for a sever to refill your drinks. Win-win.

Shrimp and grits

Shrimp and grits



Rum punch and a mimosa

I really enjoyed this place, the food was on point and our bartender/server was AMAZING. Come to think about it, Amazing was part of her name, she said her first name is Amazing and her middle name is Grace. Not too sure if that’s true or not. Actually, I think this entry marks two consecutive weeks of WONDERFUL service in NYC.  Believe it or not, there are quite a few places in NYC where folks think that you should be grateful because they are your waiter/waitress. Honestly, I don’t get why some restaurant servers have snobby attitudes toward customers. Not to be a dick, but you are being paid to bring ME food and drink.

Besides the food and my multiple drinks, the DJ, which was spinning tracks from the 90s and early 2000s, really made the experience quite fun. Hell, the DJ even place a bit of New Orleans Bounce Music, which you NEVER hear in NYC. I remember popping my booty, like a few other customers, on the way out of the restaurant. I definitely see myself coming back to this place a few more times . . . plus it’s only a 10-15 minute walk from the apt.

Food Pic of the Week

 Harlem Hops (***)

2128 Fredrick Douglass Blvd, NY, NY 

The hubby and I had a date night that involved a movie and a dinner. We decided to see “Aladdin” and have dinner (and drinks) at Harlem Hops. I guess we both were feeling a little fishy because we ordered fish-based dishes.

Harlem Hops, Harlem

My dish – Brook Trout


Hubby’s dish – Grilled Salmon

Overall, the food was decent, but nothing amazing. I took a bit of a risk ordering the trout; mainly because you rarely see trout prepared in a non-fried manner. My trout was a bit dry, but the butter/lemon caper sauce kind of helped it out. The hubby really liked his salmon, and I’ll admit that his salmon was leaps and bounds better than my trout.

I do not know how I feel about coming back to this place;  I usually give restaurants and bars a second chance. You know, the restaurant could have had an off night or I could have been in a cranky/bitchy/hatin’ mood.

Annoyances of the restaurant:

  • The service was kind of struggle. The bartender spent A LOT of time chatting with two customers. I’m guessing that those customers were regulars at the bar. The bartender did redeem herself (slightly) but giving us a round of drinks once we finished.
  • The restaurant was SUPER loud for it being elatively empty. I have to say there were about 15 folks inside the restaurant. Maybe it’s an effect of me getting up there in age, but I’ve noticed that the volume of many newer restaurants is extremely high. Perhaps, folks are using building materials that do not have great sound absorbing properties.
  • I did not really understand the seating. We picked this place because it has outdoor seating. However, the hostess told us that she did not have any available seating BUUUUUUUT, there were a few empty tables outside.

Eh. Maybe I’ll only return just to grab drinks.

Oh, y’all like my movie treat?

Icee and booze

Movie drinks

Whenever I go to the movies, I always get a blueberry or cherry Icee and dump some booze (usually vodka or gin) in it.

Any fun plans for the weekend?

Food Pic of the Week

Cantina Taqueria and Tequila Bar

Yesterday, I accidentally fasted for 21 hours instead of my normal 16 hours, but I did not really notice until I left the office at 8:30 pm.


After work, I dropped by Cantina. This is the first restaurant the BF and I visited after moving into our apt.

Although I had not eaten for 21 hrs, I was not super hungry, I only wanted an adult beverage, to be perfectly honest. I decided to go with the nacho appetizer with chorizo (for an extra 3 bucks) and a frozen beverage. Overall, the nachos were a delicious gooey mess, and the amount of guacamole was quite generous. I was expecting a little, struggling side container of guac. I was a little disappointed that the cheese was a velveeta esque cheese because I was expecting REAL cheese from a Mexicanish restaurant.


How can you drink a frozen drink during a polar vortex? Ummmm, I’m not drinking it outside … duh.

At first, I was disappointed with the size of the beverage for the price of $14, but the Rum Punch definitely packed a punch (no pun).


I was bitching to the BF about the loudness of 90% of the restaurants/bars in this area of Harlem. He brought up a good point. The bars are super loud to keep talking to a minimum, making you drink more. That could be true. Yesterday’s visit to Cantina was an example of this logic. I really wanted to buy another drink but I was getting annoyed that the person sitting next to me couldn’t hear me. Oh well, I guess that I saved another $14.  Hey, that is almost the cost of a pack of cigarettes in NYC. Since I’m approaching 40, I typically leave after one drink in loud ass restaurant/bars. An exception – when I’m at a club/lounge-type of place because I’m expecting it to be loud as hell. (Not so) quiet as it’s kept, I’m usually the loudest motherfucker in a place.

Food Pic of the Week – Ethiopian

This week the BF and I decided to explore Harlem even though we have been living here for a little more than a year. Normally, I like checking out many different new places in an area and line up a few regular spots. But for some reason, I found my local watering bar within two weeks of moving to the neighborhood, and that’s my main go to. Unfortunately, the restaurant/bar will be undergoing “renovations” for the next couple of month. Many times, “renovations” mean the owner is striping the place so he/she can sell it. But we’ll see. 

We decided on Ethiopian food and visited, Abyssinia Ethiopian Restaurant – 135th and Fredrick Douglas Blvd. I was very pleased with the food.


A nice platter for two. 

Of course one cannot forget a nice (actually, I do not know if it was a nice bottle) of wine. 


Yeah, we tore that shit up, and there was so much leftover food. This is the first time that my hunger was fully satisfied with Ethiopian food. 


I’m a little mad with the server because I specifically asked her to pack the chicken bone in the doggie bag. I was going to make a stew. 😉

Random Thursday & A To-Do List

Even though NYC Marathon is 9 days away, I need to get all of my marathon crap together by Saturday. Against most of you folks’ advice, I decided to go to Spain with the BF from Sunday to Friday (he’s staying until Sunday). Basically, I got three days to get my marathon sh*t together. Since I’m arriving back to NYC on Friday night, I do not want to be running all over town on Saturday (aside from jogging the Abbott Dash to the Finish Line 5K race to the finish and picking up my marathon bib from the expo).

First, a shameless plug. Here’s my bib number if you will be watching the marathon in any of the five boroughs. Holla at your boy. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 1.24.20 PM

Crap to do before Sunday:

-Although I have not picked up my bag check bag, I want to have all my post-marathon crap that I want to check in one location of my apt. These items include a change of clothes, my tooth, cell phone adapters, cigarettes, lotion, (oh) and deodorant.

-Although I do not know what the weather will be like on Nov. 4th, I want to lay out a couple of marathon “outfits”.

-Find some disposable clothes for sitting in the cold before my marathon wave starts. Now, I wish that had not cleaned out my closet and tossed out my raggedy jeans.

-Purchase my marathon snacks, especially my GU’s and shit, hand sanitizer (so I can sterilize the seat of the portapotty if/when I need to poop before starting), and purchase a dumb book for me to read while waiting to start.

-Pray to the shipping gods that my all of my crap from Amazon arrives before Saturday. The thing that’s most important in this shipment is my external charger/battery case. 

-Make sure that the songs that are on my iPhone are actually downloaded on the phone. so I will not “stream” music and drain my battery during the marathon.  

Hmmmm, before writing this, the list in my head seemed way longer.

Random Stuff:

-Tapering is kind of fun. I wish all runs could be tapering runs. Yesterday, I really enjoyed my 3-mile run. Maybe I enjoyed because I know this training “plan” is coming to an end. Oh wait, didn’t I say that I was training to run the perimeter of Manhattan (32 miles) sometime in December?


-After God knows after how many years, I finally joined Instagram. I kind have to use it for work (recruitment), but I decided to make a personal account. 

-I love how Harlem converts itself into Halloween mode (or as I call it Harlem-ween). 

-If anyone brings this up later, I will deny, deny, deny, but Cardi B is kind of growing on me. 


-I keep getting facebook ads for these stupid briefs. After swiping past this the dumb AD for weeks, am kind of intrigued. Perhaps, men have to think outside of the box when it comes to underwear. Basically, the dick and nuts penis and testicles are placed in separate compartments. Eh, but I’m too cheap to drop $40 bucks on this BS. 


-Did y’all know Bill Clinton has co-authored a trashy crime novel?


Of course, I checked it out from the public library. I figure that this can be my traveling book for my upcoming trans-Atlantic flight. By traveling book, I mean to bring something that I SAY I will read, but it will sit in my carry-on bag for the duration of my vacation.