Random Thursday

A little randomness for you.

1. When a blind person has a seeing eye dog, is he/she expected to pick up the poop? If so, how does he/she know where the poop is?

2. This could be ignorance on my part. But, why do some people cc themselves (with the same email address) on emails?

3. Why does this Baskins and Robbins lock up the ice cream during the store’s operating hours? People be hijacking ice cream and ice cream cakes like that in NYC?


4. Do you have a favorite treadmill that you must use at the gym?

4a. I found the perfect place to run hill intervals. 

5. I’m off to DC. I hope my SmartTrip still has some cash on it. You know that you gotta have money for your exit fare. 


6. Speaking of DC, I wonder how much are cigarettes?

7. Speaking of DC (again): Which running route will I follow for my half marathon training runs this week?

8. Netflix recommended this documentary, which I found interesting until the 12-minute mark. Let’s say it together. CORRELATION DOES NOT DEMONSTRATE CAUSATION. A lot of the claims mentioned in the document were more or less like saying 100% of cancer patients have drunk water, so water is the main cause of cancer. Also, half of the medical/dental experts looked crazy as hell. 


Have a great Thursday of fun randomness. 


United NYC Half Marathon Training Week 7


Planned mileage: 17.5mi

Completed mileage: 18.5mi

Actually, with this training update, I think that I may be on the right path for training for the United NYC Half Marathon. For once, I completed all of my planned training goals, and my back did not been bother me as much . . . for the most part.

Let’s get this started.


Planned: 50min X-train

Completed: Elliptical and strength training

Unfortunately, I arrived at the gym kind of late and was unable to do as much as I wanted to with my strength training (arms and chest). But something is better than nothing.

Since I did not do much on Monday morning, I had planned to run with Harlem Runs. In a previous post, I mentioned that I wanted to run with a running group. Harlem Runs has weekly Monday and Wednesday runs so I figured it would be a good start. I arrived home from work to change into my cold-weather running clothes, but the BF informed me that he washed our clothes AND the dryer was broken. No run for me because my cold-weather clothes were all wet. Oh well, there’s always next week.


Planned: 4.5mi

Completed: 4.5mi, 10min stair climber, 35min stretching

Man, I hate treadmill running.



Planned: 8 X 400m intervals

Completed: Rest. I think that I went out for drinks with friends after work. 


Planned: 3mi

Completed: 8 X 400m intervals; broken up 3mi run; 45min strength and weight training


What polar vortex? Since the temperatures were around 4 degrees, these runs were obviously done on a treadmill. One cool (no pun) thing about this polar vortex was the gym was virtually empty. Score.

Since I skipped Wednesday workout, I combined the intervals with my “3mi” run. I say “3mi” because I did a 0.5mi warm-up followed by the eight intervals and a normal 2.5mi “recovery” run. Actually, my workout was kind of awesome. Aside from the first two intervals, all of the other ones was sub 2 mins.


Planned: Rest

Completed: 20min elliptical and 30min stretching 


Planned: 9mi

Completed: 9mi 

This run was kind of make or break for me, especially after what happened with last week’s long run. Last week, my back really started to hurt within the first two miles of my long run. I managed to complete this run in Central Park; unfortunately, I had to walk a couple of times. But, 9 miles are 9 miles. I really noticed that I need to stop relying so much on the treadmill because it gives me a false sense of security when I eventually start running outside. In my defense, it has been really cold. Although I walked a few times (those damn Harlem and Sister Hills), I managed to eek out fartleks for a mile or so during miles 7 and 8. Or was it during miles 6 and 7?


Planned: Rest

Completed: 20min stair climber, 60min strength and stretching, and a couple of bike rides through the city.

I think that I may have a new Sunday morning routine. Now, I will work out at CrunchUNADJUSTEDNONRAW_thumb_2280 Fitness in FiDi (Financial District), then ride a CitiBike to Brooklyn (about 1.5mi), and teach my Sunday Bio class. Normally, I hate on many of the Crunch Fitness locations in NYC, but this one is amazing. Yes, I know that a lot of the awesomeness is because the gym is brand new. BUT, this location is HUGE, and there is actually enough room to workout. Plus, the locker room is also huge so you will not have to be on top of other half-naked men trying to change. Since FiDi is pretty much a ghost town on the weekends (and weeknights after 5-6pm), the gym is relatively empty. I have to say that I had a very pleasant experience on Sunday.

Oh wait, there was some BS associated with Sunday. While waiting for the subway to commute from Harlem to the gym, I sat in something that I thought was piss. Annoyed, I had to go home, literally wash my ass, and go back to the subway, which cost me 30 minutes. I think that I actually sat in malt liquor, but I’m still not 100% sure. I could have been malt liquor and piss combination – you never know with NYC.

That aside, I was really feeling Sunday for some reason. I think it had a lot to do with it not being a million degree below zero. After class, I was invited to a bday party on the UES. Rather than taking the subway, I decided to make it a bike ride, which was about 4.5 miles.


All in all, I had a GREAT training week, which is something that I have not been able to say in a VERY long time. I just hope that I did not overdo it, making this training week a hot mess. My back pain has greatly reduced; I think taking out the glute extensions was a major factor. Today after work, I was thinking about going to Zumba class, but maybe I should sit it out and actually take a REAL rest day.

Goals for this week:

-Definitely go running with the Harlem Runs crew. I’m thinking that I will go on Wednesday since that is the group speed workout day.

-Begin increasing the distance for my interval runs (800m or 1600m intervals).

-Although this may not happen this week, but I need to start introducing more hills into my runs. The first part of the new half-marathon’s course is somewhat hilly, and we have to cross a bridge from Brooklyn to Manhattan. For this Saturday’s long run (10mi), I think that I will incorporate the Manhattan Bridge, which on the United NYC Half’s course.

I hope y’all had a great running week.

United NYC Half Marathon Training Week 5

Planned mileage: 13.2 (+40min tempo)

Completed mileage: ~9mi (+2mi speed)

One, I really need to get back to a normal blogging schedule. After looking at three computer screens all day, I really do not feel like looking at another to update this thing when I get home. However, I need to get over this feeling, because I need to start doing some of this stuff at home. My resolution/intention for 2019 was to get more involved with scientific communications and to start a biomed/higher education blog. Also, starting next semester, I will be eligible to take graduate courses for free so I will have to start getting used to doing work at home. Wait, I have an MS and a Ph.D., do I want/need another MS?

Two, this entry will be a little woe is me.

Ok, let’s get this thing started.


Planned: 50min X-train

Completed: Rest


Planned: 4mi

Completed: 4mi


Planned: 40min tempo

Completed: 60min Zumba class; 2mi speed work

I just was not up to running. You ever have those days where you wake up and just do not care about running? That was my day. I tried to do the run after work, but I decided to attend Zumba class instead. I did ride 3.5 miles to the gym, so that’s something . . . I guess.


Planned: 3mi

Completed: 4mi

I was quite pleased with this one. Hell, I even did an extra mile. I did not manage to do my run in the morning so I did it after work. It was nice running alongside the Hudson River, and the change of scenery was quite nice. I did the first half of the run in easy mode and did the second half at half-marathon pace.

Hudson Running

The George Washington Bridge in the distance.


Planned: Rest

Completed: Rest


Planned: 10K at race pace

Completed: some bullshit (1.25mi)

This is where I am beginning to reach the end of my rope.

Since this was going to be a 10K race pace run, I decided to do this run in Central Park so I could run uninterrupted. I started the run with a simple 0.5mi warmup from my apt to the north side of Central Park. For those of you who are not in the know, Central Park spans north to south from 110 street to 59th street, and one big loop is about 6 miles.

Ok, I get to Central Park after my warm up then I do my standard stretches. Within the first mile, I started having some lower back pain. I did not even get a chance to make it to race pace!!! It was not excruciating, but I knew that I would not be able to finish 10K. Hell, I did not think that I could even complete 2 miles.

I was quite upset with the situation because almost every night I have been doing my PT back/core exercises before bed while listening to TV. WHY is this getting harder? Maybe I’m slouching too much on the sofa. 

Plus, I just did a really nice 4-mile run two days before this run. It seems like the more I try; the worse it gets. Just as an FYI, I did not have any back pain with any of my other runs or workouts during the week. One thing I can think of that may have affected this run is the hills big hill on the north side of Central Park. Most of my weekday runs are on pretty flat courses; however, my Thursday run had a couple of low-moderate hills. Being aware of the big hills at Central Park North was one of the reasons why I did the warm-up run. I did not want to shock my body with a huge hill (for NYC standards) at the beginning of the run. Again, I did not even get near a race pace.

Also, I was pissed because I did a pretty fast 7.5mi long run the week prior to this run. Basically, in a week’s time, I went from being able to complete a 7.5mi run to being unable to run a mile IN THE SAME SECTION OF THE DAMN PARK.

Another one of my issues. Once I’m over something, I’m over it. By the time I struggled to do the 1 mile, it may have been at 1.25mi at that point. I was like

  • “Ok, the run is not going to happen.
  • I’m close enough to one of the Crunch Fitness (W. 83rd) so I can do another form of cardio.
  • I get to the gym, hop on a stationary bike but after 5 miles, I was over it.
  • Kind of like, if I cannot run then I do not want to do anything at all. I did get a delicious salad from a random deli though.


Planned: Rest

Completed: I went bowling. Does that count?


Basically, I do not know what do because I cannot depend on my own damn body. In terms of running, I am in a super crabby mood and just do not give any shits about running this half marathon. What’s the point? I mean, I will have a great run one day and a week later have a shitty run. Also, I will set a goal, not meet it, then be pissed off for the following week. I would not be so down on myself if I did not do any prep work during the week. But the fact that I’m doing daily back and core stretching/exercises and my situation has gotten worse is the annoying part. The time wasted doing those exercises could have been allocated for something more productive like drinking or smoking.

End rant.

Random Thursdays

Just a couple of randomness for this windy day in January.

  • It is tough getting back into your professional and fitness groove after two weeks off.
  • I’m really getting into my half marathon training plan (after weeks off). I hope I can keep this up.
  • I really want a pair of these state flag tights. Too bad the ones for my states, Virginia and New York, have not been made. 😦 I think there are only Maryland, Texas, and California.


  • Speaking of buying tights, I need to buy more underwear.
  • After writing this post, I think that I’m going to register for a few races. I might as well start knocking off races for the 9+1 NYC Marathon entry for 2020.
  • After seeing YouTube posts about Lifetime’s “Surviving R. Kelly”, all I have to ask is WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!!!
  • I’m really starving . . . damn Intermitting fasting. When is my fasting period over?!