Food Pic of the Week (FPOTW)

It has been a while since I’ve posted an FPOTW. For some reason, I just have not been able to get into my WordPress groove . . . much like my diet plan. 

Tacuba Hell’s Kitchen ( *** )

The restaurant is a kind of bougie-style, slightly upscale Mexican joint. This was my second time visiting the restaurant. For my first visit, I really had to pee so I bought a margarita, which was delicious. Normally, if I have to use a business’ restroom, I will order an item . . . it’s just polite. This was my first time eating at Tacuba. Although the food was good, it was a bit pricey because I have eaten better Mexican food for half the price. In NYC, you pay for a restaurant’s rent, not for the food. 



I was playing around the small ass tortillas. Then again, I do have large hands. 


Some drink served in a pineapple

My roommate from grad school and I shared this $24 “adult” pineapple beverage. It seems as it was a $24 thing of pineapple juice. I believe that there are grilled pineapples in there somewhere . . . maybe that’s why it was so pricey. 

All in all, it was an ooooook place that I would visit once in a blue moon. I would not mind getting happy hour drinks, then going someplace else for food. I tend to visit more hole in the wall type Mexican restaurants because the food is cheaper and you get more bang for your buck


Food Pic of the Week

This picture of the week is not bougie or classy at all. The other day I wanted to deviate from my daily lunch protein shake and grabbed a slice of pizza from Sliced ( *** ). In addition, I was a tad hungover from the previous night’s Yelp Elite event, and we all know that pizza is a perfect hangover food.


A Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Pizza!!! I hate to say this, but I think that eggs on a pizza can work. However, it probably would have been better if the eggs were scrambled. After eating this slice, I was this close ||in ordering another slice.

Food Pic of the Week

Sottocasa Pizzeria -Harlem

The “bu” and I did not feel like cooking in our heat trap of an apt. I swear, boiling water increases the temperature in the apartment by 20, 000 degrees. We hit up a somewhat fancy pizza place in our hood. I guess it wasn’t that fancy since the wall was covered with children’s artwork.

Sausage Pizza

What a lovely spread.

  • Enjoyed the pizza and the ambience.
  • Did not enjoy all of the kids.

(Lame) Food Pic of the Week

This past weekend, my “sister-aunt” was town, and she visited me uptown in my new hood of Harlem. *I call her my sister-aunt, because she is mom’s sister, but she is only 12 years older than me”. We tried to eat at Red Rooster (a more extensive rant on that below); however, we settled for Corner Social – a place that I have visited a few times.

Corner Social ( *** ) is your typical American-style restaurant with a touch of southern flair. In my previous experiences, I recognized that the restaurant served huge portions of food, so the price point versus quantify of food was fine for me.


Or so I thought.

I order a fried fish “platter”, which was about $23, and this is what came out.

fried fish

Fried fish and romaine lettuce

When that mess came out, I was like:

  • Oh, so the rest of the food is going go come out a little later?
  • Maybe the rest of the “real” food is under the lettuce.

Hell, the restaurant could have supplemented that strugglin’ ass fish and lettuce plate with a piece of cornbread. Needless to say, I was very disappointed with the amount of food on the plate. Well . . . there was plenty of lettuce. Part of that annoyance could have been attributed to having ran a 12-mile race ( *** ) a couple of hours earlier.  Here is the thing. If this dish is NOT a salad, then lettuce should NOT be the main ingredient. Although my dish was a struggle, I ate the  rest of my sister-aunt’s shrimp and grits (and her friend’s toast and bacon), and was very pleased with grits.

Also, the plating of the food was nice.


Time to Rant

Red Rooster: what is it with over-hyped restaurants? I will warn that this is a bit of a hater rant, because I have not actually eaten at Red Rooster. I have said this before, there is no way in HELL that I will wait more than 45 minutes for a table at a restaurant or entry into a bar/club/lounge/crack den in NYC!!! There are way too many comparable options in this city to wait more than 20 minutes for ANYTHING. Like I mentioned above, I figured since and my aunt and her friend were tourists that I would take them to Red Rooster, since EVERYONE raves about this place. Honestly, I wanted to see what all hype was about too. Ok, I get to the restaurant and wait in the line, because I did not have a reservation. I was behind about 10 people, but I figured that the wait would be for about 3-4 tables, since most of the people were in groups. The line did not move for about 15 minutes, so I asked the hostess about the wait for a table. The hostess told me that the line was for PUTTING YOUR NAME ON THE LIST TO WAIT FOR A DAMN TABLE.


Also, the wait for a table could be 1.5 – 2 hours. What?!!! You mean these idiots were planning to wait over 2 hours for table, then wait another 30 – 45 minutes to order and receive your food. To me, that’s insane. After hearing that, I immediately told my people to meet me at Corer Social where I got that struggling plate of food.

I guess this is one of those place where you have to plan your hunger around getting a table. For example, I plan to be hungry at 1:30 pm, so we should arrive to the restaurant at 10:30 and begin the process of waiting for a table.

Word on the street is that Red Rooster is the restaurant of one of the Top Chef winners. Iimg_2242 do not care if Jesus, himself, was mixing drinks at the bar, an over-priced plate of food is not worth all of that waiting. Plus, the restaurant is too damn loud. Then again, I could be wrong, because I have not tried the food.

Another thing I’ve noticed with my limited/jaded view (due to my cheapness and general hater personality) of the NYC dining scene is that folks lie. By “lie”, I mean folks will front and say how great restaurant is, because they do not want to hurt their egos over waiting 2 hours, spending a ton of money, and leaving the restaurant still hungry and/or sober. I added in the sober part, because you know cocktails probably are around 20 bucks.

What’s was your most underwhelming dining experience?


Food Pic of the Week

Homemade edition

As I may have mentioned in the past, I am a member of a beer drinking group . . . shocking, I know. Honestly, the group is pretty legit, I think that we have well over 500+ members. For the group, we have events at different beer-friendly bars all over the five boroughs of NYC and drink beer. Sometimes, I sneak in a few gin-based drinks. Every now and then we have cook-off competitions, and in the past we have had a cook offs for meatballs, chili, and holiday cookies. I’ve only participated in the holiday cookie bake off, and my Acon-bay Ocolate-chay Ip-chay cookies placed third (I should have gotten first place and I’ll explain the reason at the bottom of this post). This time around, we had a salsa off.

I did not have a funky name for the salsa, but it was a sweet and spicy, pineapple, strawberry tequila based salsa. 


The finished product. . . I like “juicy” salsas.


After draining most of the excess “juice” from the salsa, you basically had a pineapple-based, tequila bloody mary . . . I guess that would be a bloody maria. Not only did I make a salsa, the excess product of the salsa was a cocktail.

Hell, I even made homemade rosemary tortilla chips. Which were a pain, because I baked (rather than fried) them, and my apt stays at the temperature of HELL.

chips and salsa

Yes, I did burn a few of the chips from the first batch.

What was the verdict? I came in FOURTH place and I was a little pissed.

After hearing the results, it took all of my strength not to channel Lisa “Left Lopes and/or Teresa Giudice and flip over a table. . . . because I was sitting on ready.



Any fun plans for the weekend?

Why I should have won the holiday cookie bake off. 

I am not trying to be a hater, but the winner off the cookie bake off was a f*cking pastry chef from Dean & Deluca. That should have been an automatic disqualification. That would be like if the beer club had science fair that focused on molecular biology and I entered a project; I was still a scientist back then. Ok, if he were disqualified that would have bumped me up to second place. Next, the second place contestant MADE BITE-SIZED BISCUITS. Biscuits are NOT cookies . . . he should have been disqualified too. Now, you see that I should have won the bake off . . . mostly by default. Hell, I will take a win whenever and where ever I can.

Food Pic of the Week

Rice and Beans ( *** )

Great Brazilian restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen. My steak was perfectly seasoned and super tender. I think that the steak actually melted in my mouth. Ok, that may be an exaggeration.


Of course you cannot have a Brazilian meal without a caipirinhas.


The funny thing is that I have walked past this restaurant A MILLION times without considering trying its food. I guess that I assumed from the name, Rice and Beans, that it was a general Mexican restaurant . . . boy was I wrong.