Random Thoughts Thursdays

-Heck yeah, we are a few days out from the Shamrock Half Marathon.

-Question: What/who the hell are the Shamrock Marathon Men? Are they like the Bacardi/Jose Cuervo/insert your favorite party liquor shot women who serve T&A at bars to convince drunk folks to buy more booze on St. Patrick’s Day? If so . . . then sign me the hell up. 😉

-Updated training goals for spring:

-Since I have been on the job market, seeing this article on Twitter really piqued my interest. (Link to article: ***)

In this suit, a man is alleging that Workday’s AI tools discriminated against him based on age, race, and disability status. If true, I hope that this case exposes discriminatory practices in hiring. However, I think this is going to be an uphill battle unless he has airtight proof. From my understanding, it is extremely hard to prove any type of discrimination (e.g. race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, disability status, ice cream preferences, favorite sports team, etc.) Ok, so the last two were listed to lighten the mode a bit. I think the article mentioned that he was not hired after applying to 80 – 100 positions in a 4-5 year span. However, I have a few questions/concerns/issues:

  • Was he not hired after the interview stage or did he not make it past the prescreening stage? Also, wouldn’t this be an issue with the companies to which he applied and not Workday?
  • Also, how does one prove that his race, age, and/or disability status was a reason why he wasn’t interviewed and/or hired? However, I can imagine that one or more of the factors probably played a role in the prescreening section? To prove discrimination, wouldn’t one have to submit the same application with the same education/experience to the same company, but change only the race, date of birth, (maybe) gender, and disability status? Also, how many separate applications for each of the four categories would one need (for each company) to show a significant correlation?

Perhaps (and hopefully), his lawyers have all of their Ts crossed and Is dotted.

-Lol, I wonder if I should try the same experiment? Because I received this bad body for a part-time, online adjunct position.

Keep in mind that I’ve taught a very similar course (Molecular Genetics) for about 2.5 years (in person and virtually) as an adjunct while I was living in NYC. Oh, well . . . you just gotta keep on keeping on.

-Currently reading:

-What luck! The other day, the hubby and I were having brunch. While we were leaving, the hubby noticed some money on the floor, and I was like oh look a dollar. I unfurled the bill in the parking lot and it turned out to be a:

Hell, we could have had a few more $1 brunch mimosas. 😉

-It finally has happened . . . hell has frozen over. Over the weekend, my dad and I met for lunch, and it was a very pleasant lunch without any arguments. Is he turning over a new leaf? Am I? Are the both of us? For the most part, it was fine, but he still made a point to lightly suggest that he does not approve of my ‘lifestyle’. You know what’s interesting? I think my father would rather for me to be addicted to crack than to be in a same-sex relationship. Oh well, Rome wasn’t built in a day . . . in reference to him approving my lifestyle NOT in reference to me becoming addicted to crack.

Question(s) for the Day?

-What random thoughts are on your mind?

-Any upcoming training goals for spring?

-What are you reading?

-If you use GIFs on Social Media or in texting, do you know the reference(s) of the ones that you use?

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  1. I’d say just go with it with your dad and try not to over-think it. Keep your time together brief and light (at least that’s what works with my mom).
    Currently reading Fast Girls: A Novel of the 1936 Women’s Olympic Team. It was most definitely a different time then as far as how people across the board were treated (except white men) and what was considered acceptable behavior. Wow!


    • He really wants to see me run this weekend’s half marathon. It’s kind of funny because for my high school cross country meets, he was more like I’m not coming, so just tell me what time and from where to pick you up.

      Speaking of overthinking: If he comes, I’m going to have to be a be sneaky. My original plan was to have brunch with the husband after the half, but I think that I have a work around. The half will start at 7 and I should be done by 9:30-45. I can hang out with my dad at the post-party party until 10:30, send him on the way, and have brunch with the hubby at 11 (the time our brunch spot opens).

      With all of Hitler’s f*ckery, I still cannot believe that the IOC let Berlin host the Olympics.

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  2. Well done on the meeting with your dad. It’s hard to know when such attitudes can be glossed over for the sake of the relationship, though, isn’t it. Regarding gifs, I don’t use them as I don’t really understand how to; also, I’m continually confused by White people using gifs of Black people reacting in a weird stereotypical eye-rolling way I thought we might have left behind; I’m not sure what I’m supposed to say to counter them, though, so I just stay quiet, don’t “like” and don’t “angry emoji” or whatever. Just seems weird.

    Anyway. On another topic we discuss from time to time, I am pleased to report that on our holiday in Malaga, I have a) passed so well as a Spanish person that little old ladies have gabbled away at me about who knows what, b) flirted/joked with a Chinese guy in Spanish, c) held two conversations in shops of more than one exchange, d) written quite a long email in Spanish about the shortcomings of our holiday apartment, with only a bit of looking-up, that Google translated back into what I wanted to say!

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    • I usually stick to GIFs of folks/shows that I know (usually the Simpsons, The Office, Arrested Development, and certain Real Housewives) because I don’t want to use a GIF of someone that I don’t know bc they might be a racist, homophobe, misogynist, and/or a general bad person. You bring up a good point bc that I’ve noticed many non-Blacks using GIFs featuring Black women. Someone on Twitter (I think he was from France) used a GIF from Real Housewives of Atlanta. I responded by finishing the housewife’s quote, but the person had no idea of what I was talking about. I didn’t say it, but I thought why use a GIF of something you don’t know anything about? It just seemed a bit weird to me. But, maybe I think too much about these things.

      It looks like you are all set for Espana . . . at least language-wise. During a trip to Panama, I was quite pleased that I could explain our country’s Electoral College to a couple guys from Chile. They didn’t get how Obama won although most of the US states were “red” (McCain).

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      • Ooh that’s advanced, well done! Now I need to find a hapless Spaniard to explain our voting system to (or perhaps how we do stuff democratically in the Labour Party, which is more complex!). And I think way too much about GIFs, seeing racism, sexism and homophobia everywhere, etc, but it’s good to remain alert, right!


  3. random thoughts today have not been too good…a 16 year old in my city shot two policemen and his mom early today….this world has become an ugly ugly place…..used to think Canada was different, but we’ve become about the same as everywhere else


  4. Good luck at the race! I am now having serious FOMO, I was thinking to run the Shamrock full for a minute end of last year, but decided against it (plus was not at all in any shape to be running a march full). Marcel Dinkins is my favorite Peloton instructor so now – fomo. I’m running my own shamrock half in NH next weekend and as for race plans, Marine Corps Marathon in October.
    GIFs, yes i use them but mainly with people that i know well and I don’t always know the reference but stick mainly to ones i do know.
    Hmm other random thoughts, very interesting about Workday, i work in HR/recruiting and we use Workday. I would say it’s more likely the recruiter could discriminate, Workday doesn’t pick people to interview, it just serves up all the applicants for the recruiter. Interested in how that story turns out.

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    • Thanks for the luck because I’m gonna need it. I might have hit the stationary bike too hard a couple of days ago resulting in some left shin. It’s not too bad when I wear a calf sleeve, but i have not put any real pressure on it (yet) for 13.1 miles. Good luck with your individual Shamrock Half; you should give it a name. 😉

      Yes. While writing the post, I knew one of my readers worked in HR, but I wasn’t sure which one. Thanks for confirming the process because I was under the assumption that a HR dept/company uses Workday to filter its candidates, but that the system itself isn’t selecting the candidates. Maybe part of the suit is focusing on Workday giving employeers the option to potentially filter out candidates based on age, race, and disability status.

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  5. So did you knock or did he call you?
    I’m training for Boston and my knee keeps causing me problems. I was supposed to do a 12-16 mile run today and did 5.2. Hoping to get out tomorrow morning for a few more miles.
    But it’s getting to the stage where I’m making bargains with my self: Just get to the start line. It’s okay to finish over 5 hours. And I’m telling my self that as a veteran of 20 marathons and by adding strength training this time- I’ve got this.
    So not so much random thoughts, but I’m beginning to get obsessed with just a few thoughts.


      • Sounds like you’ve made some good progress. Relationships with parents are always difficult. I did ok with mine, but now that they are gone I often wish I had done more. They may be difficult at times, but you wont regret these lunches.

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      • I will admit that I went into the lunch kind of guarded. Since it went so well, I’ll let down my guard for the next one. Hopefully, I’m not jinxing this. 😉

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