Random Thoughts Thursdays

-It’s a whole new world with contact lenses. Until Monday, I have been stuck with my thick ass eyeglasses for the past few weeks. Partly, because of 1) an injury and 2) my laziness to schedule an appointment to get new ones.

-Speaking of my contacts. I wonder if wearing my glasses contributed to my funk in regard to my lack of running motivation. Because I have been wearing contact lenses for day-to-day activities since 1994 (or was it 1995?) – don’t worry, not the same pair 😉 – I’ve only associated wearing glasses with being ill, waking up, and going to sleep. For some reason, I never put in a full effort if I have to exercise while wearing glasses . . . unless I’m on a stationary bike. In that case, I don’t really need to see where I’m going. Since I have a very strong prescription, I sometimes have a slight fear of losing my glasses while working out. What if I trip and my glasses fall off of my head? For this very reason, I tend to become a little nervous when I have to wear my glasses while driving. A couple of thoughts that float in my mind:

  • What if I get into an accident and lose my glasses.
  • What if I sneeze really hard and my glasses fly off of my face.

-Notification overload. What’s up with folks who feel the need to send a notification about everything in an office setting? A person sent me an email at around 6:30 am and sent a text message at 7:10 am followed by a Slack message letting me know that they sent the email. Oh, the email wasn’t super important. I’m from the school of thought where you give a person 1-2 business days to respond to a stupid, unimportant email.

-I always thought an ‘if need be’ meeting = you don’t have to meet. Isn’t this a polite way of saying ‘send your questions/concerns/issues’ in an email? Some folks love to meet just for the sake of meeting.

-I don’t know why, but I really like this song . . . Yes, it’s a song from Eurovision (Malta, Eurovision 2019; to be exact).

-A nice find from MapPorn, which is one of my favorite Reddit forums. Hopefully, it’s correct.

-Very true

-Going strong with randomly learning French on Duolingo. I started it out of boredom, but now I’m 30 days into it. I’m not sure if I’m really learning anything new because, at this point, I have covered most of the material that I learned when I did Rosetta Stone back in 2011.

Question(s) for the Day?

-Now that we are reaching the end of January, are you still staying strong with your 2023 resolutions?

-Since we live in a somewhat intense PC culture, do you think The Golden Girls (more specifically, Sophia) would have been victim to cancel culture if the show premiered in today’s times? She really liked to through around those sl*t bombs when referring to Blanche and Dorothy.

-If you had all the time in the world and unlimited resources to become fluent in another language, which language would you learn? I would learn Twi (my father’s language), Arabic, and German (the last two sound so authoritative). Honorably mentions go to relearning Spanish, Python, and R. Yes, programming languages count. 😉

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  1. Probably Spanish because it’s the most practical. I had four years in high school and three semesters in college… My original goal was to get a minor in it but I really struggled with my conversation class so I stopped. I definitely did better reading and writing it then listening and speaking it.


    • Going abroad and/or speaking on a daily basis is the best way. Unfortunately, it’s tough to do that as an adult unless you live near a large Spanish-speaking population and are integrated in said population.

      LOL. I fell into having Spanish as a second minor. I did a study abroad program in Ecuador during my 3rd year. When I was planning my 4th year classes, my advisor told me that since I racked up a shit ton of Spanish credits from the study abroad program, I could get a second minor if I took two more courses. And I was like CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

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