Food Pics of the Week (FPOTW)

Bay Local Eatery (***)

72 Laskin Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23451

What an amazing brunch joint. This spot definitely is on the top of my list for weekend brunch excursions. The only issue: the place is super popular so wait times can be a bit long, and the place does not take reservations. Fortunately for us, we had to wait about 30 minutes for a table. You know how I am . . . I don’t believe in waiting more than 45 minutes for a table. Actually, that was my rule for NYC dining. Perhaps, I might have to update this for my suburban life in Virginia.

Great Advice, Bay Local Eatery.

As some might know by now, I love Eggs Benedict, and I love oysters. . . so of course, my brunch dish was a combination of the two. Overall my dish was pretty delicious. Although the prep crew could have worked on the plating just a little bit. šŸ˜‰

A slight rant:

Before I begin, this rant more or less is about dining in the mid-Atlantic region (specifically SE Virginia) and not about Bay Local Eatery.

Ok, I get that particular regions, states, and/or cities want their claim to fame in terms of cuisines. For example, N. Carolina and Texas, BBQ; NYC and Chicago, hotdogs and pizza; Southern California, fish tacos, etc. This region is known for crabs (and other shellfish delights) from the Chesapeake Bay, which is fine. BUT, here is what bugs me. Why do restaurants in the area have to put Old Bay Seasoning on EVERY GODDAMN THING?

Even in the picture of my food, you can see some Old Bay Seasoning on the lemon wedge. During brunch, my aunt and I were discussing this. I had to ask her to refresh my memory on whether this was a thing back in the day because I only remember having Old Bay Seasoning whenever we had steamed crabs. I never recalled seeing beverages with Old Bay Seasoning rims. Now, we have Bloody Marys, mimosas, margaritas, mojitos, and plain old glasses of water accompanied by Old Bay Seasoning.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO PUT OLD BAY SEASONING ON EVERYTHING because it really doesn’t elevate the taste of eggs . . . or water.

Ok, rant over

Question of the day?:

What foods or dishes is your region known for?

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  1. I am literally lol-ing because we go to Ocean City MD every summer and Jason flips about Old Bay seasoning being on everything! He can tolerate a little bit but not the way food there is drowned in it.

    York County is know as the snack food capital if I’m not mistaken because we’re home to Martins, Utz, Snyder’s and I think Frito Lay. So if you’re into pretzels and chips we have you covered!

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    • Ok. Glad to know that Iā€™m not the only one. Today, I learned that there is an Old Bay Seasoning hot sauce. šŸ˜ 

      I love Utz products. I was annoyed during my college years bc Utz products were hard to find in New Orleans. I think back then, Utz might have been an east coast thing.

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      • Turkey Hill iced tea is huge in this area (the plant is located in Lancaster, the neighboring county) and when I had former friends move to Alaska and discover it up there I was shocked!

        When I worked at a grocery store and we’d run sales on Tastykake cupcakes there were people who used to buy them up to send out to family in Arizona.


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