Random Thoughts Thursdays

-My first thing in the morning vibe.

-You know what’s interesting. Ever since the Verizon FIOS technician unexpectedly arrived this past SUNDAY at 8:47 am to bury a wire in the backyard, our internet has been sluggish AF.

-A couple of podcasts that I have been enjoying over the past few weeks.

The Spanish one – I really want to improve my Spanish comprehension. One thing about the Spanish one – I have to take care with not focusing too much on the podcast while driving. The running one because it’s nice to hear different perspectives on running. Also, the person who does the podcast is a local runner. Also (part II), I would like to listen to other podcasts besides the ones related to pop culture (ie crappy/trashy reality TV shows).

-Wow! Tubi (a free streaming app) has some ‘interesting’ shows/documentaries/movies in its roster.

-LOL, it’s getting to this point.

-OMG. Earlier this week, the hubby made a Salmon Wellington, which was delicious. However, I guess he forgot about my touch of trypophobia (“an aversion or repulsion to objects like honeycombs and sponges that have repetitive patterns or clusters of small holes. People with trypophobia are disgusted by the pattern of holes“).

Question(s) for the Day?

-What random thoughts are on your mind?

-Do you have any fears and/or aversions?

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  1. my biggest problem, too many random thoughts….I’ve tried to just stick to just focus, and do that running, or doing anything mindfully….never going to happen…so now I’m randomly thinking about that, tomorrow’s spin class, saturday’s clinic, sundays run club, dinner today, tomorrow, grocery shopping, planning for half and full marathons, signing up for another race next month called cold dead run…and….it doesn’t stop!

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  2. I must have a touch of that too because that picture bothered me. I’ve seen pictures of some mushrooms with holey tops that do it top. I’m ok seeing actual bees on honeycombs though?

    Smells are usually aversions for me particularly green veggies. The smell is probably why I can’t eat most.


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