Random Thoughts Thursdays

-Sure, random sign from a brunch spot bc I don’t have anything else to do

-What makes folks so d*mn intense. Let’s just say unless someone is on fire, I will not be a happy camper if someone sends me a work-related email at 7 am.

-I don’t know what it is about VA, but the sunrises and sunsets (for the most part) are beautiful here. Perhaps, I didn’t appreciate these small things in NYC, bc there are 80 million buildings that block your views. 😉

-While I have said this a few times, I think that I would like to add an academic component to this blog. For instance, I would write about things related to biomedical research and higher education in STEM. Since I am trying to make a career pivot back into the biomedical sciences (which is proving harder than anticipated), writing about these topics will force me to read more about these topics.

-I did try this out using a separate WordPress account, but I became annoyed with signing out and logging into different accounts. Also, I couldn’t figure out all of the logistics regarding WordPress’ delegator feature (or whatever it was called).

-I think that I’m going to do this once of the Beneva de Montreal races because 1. Montreal is one of my favorite N. American cities; 2. I need something to help reduce my FOMO for not running NYC Marathon this year; 3. I am learning French on Duolingo. I guess I have to decide on running the half or full marathon.

-Speaking of running, I think this is the first time in a very long time that my race calendar is pretty empty In NYC, it was pretty easy signing up for races because you had two major race organizations – New York Road Runners and NYCRuns. Between the both of them, there was a race pretty much every weekend. I’m sure there are others NYC running organizations, but these two always have been my go-to. In these parts, I’m finding out that you have to actively search for races. The Run757 IG account has been helpful in listing the various races for a particular month. But I didn’t see anything too interesting.

-Although one of my 2023 goals is to run 2023 kms during the year, I would also like to work out for at least 45 min every day. Someone in my Beachbody FB group uploaded this cool calendar to keep track of your workouts. While this design isn’t groundbreaking, I do like hand-filling in things as I accomplish them. Also, I tend to leave these things on the refrigerator door as inspiration.

-I kind of want to go dancing . . . like club dancing. Perhaps, I’ll start going to Zumba class.

-Is it me or did everyone get a puppy over the holiday break. I will admit that I hope we can get a puppy/dog soon. I have been known to check out various local SPCAs’ websites when I cannot sleep.

Question(s) for the Day?

-How far would you drive for a workout or a race? I ask because I would like to check out more running groups in the area, but it seems wasteful to drive 10+ miles to do a 3-5 mile group run.

-Any random thoughts on your mind?

-If you are on social media, do you regularly engage with other folks (eg actively commenting on other folks’ content), or are you more of a make-a-post and move-on type of person?

-Any upcoming races?

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  1. I’ve got nothing on the calendar. I had planned on doing the Chills in the Mill Trail Half this weekend and the Colonial Half in Williamsburg next month, but work commitments are making that impossible. Chesapeake did an April half marathon at Dismal Swamp pre-pandemic, but it looks like the city has decided to let that one die. The Ashland Half (formerly the Patrick Henry Half) is a very pretty course, but there are some hills and it takes place in the heat of August. I may go back to that one this year. September is the month for Bird in Hand in PA. Fantastic race.

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    • Thanks for info about the races you mentioned. After the most recent Crawlin Crap was canceled, there was a pop up half marathon at Dismal Swamp (I think organized by Run757) for folks who changed their registration to a virtual half. However, I didn’t want to drive ‘all the way’ out there and did my virtual half + 3 miles at Mt. Trashmore. Actually, I lie . . . I didn’t wake up early enough to make it to Dismal Swamp for the virtual run.

      Hopefully, you can ‘escape’ from work to get in a race or three during 2023.

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  2. Unless I really liked the people in the group I don’t think I’d drive more than 10 miles one way for a 30 minute run or workout, especially if I wasn’t going to talk to them afterwards.
    I also love Montreal. I want to run a half marathon in Mont-Tremblent, about 1.5 hours north of Montreal. I’d love to see more of that part of Canada, though.

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    • -In NYC, I didn’t mind going out of my way to attend a group workout (you know, the very few that I’ve attended 😉 ) because NYC has a pretty good public transportation system. However, driving involves dealing with traffic (especially the groups that meet after work) and finding (or paying for) parking. By the time I get to the workout, I’m usually stressed out and annoyed, which is not a good combination for making a first impression. Also, some groups here are not very good with providing information about the meeting spot. The website will say something like we’re meeting in this park. Um . . . could you say EXACTLY where you are going to meet in the park. I don’t mind reaching out to the organizers, but it seems like it’s one extra unnecessary step.

      -I would like to explore more of Canada too. For my Canadian adventures – I’ve been to Montreal (a bunch of times), Quebec City (overnight), and Calgary (for a scientific conference). Note to self: never visit Calgary in February because boy was it COLD. I would not mind spending a bit more time in Quebec City. I was there overnight due to poor planning. That said, I had the BEST rabbit in my life in Quebec City. From time to time, I still think about how delicious it was.

      I hope you can make the Mont-Tremblent in the very near future.


  3. I tend to not drive to a race over 30 mins away unless it’s a half marathon. It seems silly to spend an hour one way to run a 5k. That said it has kept me from doing some cool sounding races.

    I deactivated my original Facebook in 2017 when idiots started up on Colin Kaepernick kneeling (my husband is an Army veteran and has never found his actions offensive). A few years ago I created a second one just to look up events and be in a few groups like our local running one. I have no friends on the account, if people I know try to add me I message them explaining what the account is for.

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    • I’m in the same place in regards to racing. For me, it doesn’t seem cost effective with gas and parking to drive 30+ min for a 5K . . . especially since the price of race registrations are on the rise.

      Sometimes, I go back and forth between setting up another Twitter account (same for IG). At first, my Twitter was supposed feature things related to biomedical research and higher ed. Now, it’s a potpourri of so many random things – running, higher ed, general bitching & moaning, eurovision, trashy reality TV. I hardly tweet about biomed research.


  4. I just don’t like doing races so I’m letting myself not do them now. I can run anyway, I don’t need a race to run, which is handy. At the moment I’m training with my friend Claire and then she will run a half while I won’t: perfect! Not having a car and living somewhere where you can walk and take public transport I will go a mile to running club run but not really any further. Harder in a more spread-out place.

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    • Yeah! Why run races if you don’t like doing them.

      I don’t mind driving too much; I mind other drivers on the road. 😉 It would be awesome if all of my potential running groups could meet in front of my house for their weekly runs. 😉


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