Food Pics of the Week (FPOTW)

Todd Jurich’s Bistro(***)

150 W Main St Ste 100 Norfolk, VA 23510

A quickie FPOTW.

The other day the hubby and I hit up Todd Jurich Bistro for happy hour (adult) beverages and bites. Todd’s is one of my favorite happy hour spots in Downtown Norfolk because the place is kind of classy, but the happy hour food/beverage options are not pricey. Also, the place is not pretentious at all. Oh and the cocktails are strong AF.

Another nice thing about the restaurant is one of the bartenders is a very outgoing and funny guy. If you ever visit the bistro, you will know whom I’m talking about even without mentioning his name. He’s probably the loudest person in the place . . . besides me. 😉

The service is impeccable because the head bartender never will leave you waiting for a refill.

While we visited the restaurant for happy hour, we did have ‘ulterior’ motives. I wanted to check out Winterfest at Nauticus and on the Wisconsin. Since Todd’s is across the street from the USS Wisconsin, it was the perfect place to grab a beverage before seeing the holiday lights. Also, walking through the lights would have given us a chance to metabolize our adult beverages.

The view from Todd Jurich’s Bistro

“Explore nine dazzling light trails throughout the Battleship Wisconsin, and experience Mistletoe Marina – an immersive all-new waterfront wonderland. Explore all-new interior spaces aboard the battleship, enjoy two new shows nightly by the mischievous Grinch, come aboard a polar train journey, and enjoy sweets and treats surrounded by over one million lights!

Random trivia: I think the USS Wisconsin is the only battleship that ‘served’ in three wars (WW2, Korea, and the Gulf War).

Well, my plan failed was a bust because exhibition is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. 😦

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