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After running (pun intended) this blog for a few years, sometimes it is a bit tough to come up with topics to write about. Fortunately for me, Sara Kurth has published a massive list of potential blog topics that focuses on running (check out her blog here, ***). The list of the running topics can be found in the Running Topics of my site (Link: ***).

What part of running do you wish you were better at? How can you work to get better

While I could write an entire laundry list of things that I wish I was better at, I think that I’ll stick to three things.


Man, it’s so easy to make a running/fitness calendar, but actually doing the work is tough. 😉 In terms of motivation, I definitely struggle with waking up early to complete my training runs for future half or full marathons. Lemme take that back. I do not have a problem with waking up early but, I have a problem with getting my act together in the morning (eg putting on my workout clothes).

Some solutions:

  • Setting alarms for getting to bed at a decent hour.
  • Preparing EVERYTHING for the morning run the night before. Actually, I’ve set an alarm to go off at 9:18 pm as a reminder. Oh, it’s set at 9:18 so I can hit snooze for a good 12 minutes.
  • Avoiding my phone and social media when waking up. It’s funny how checking Instagram for “5 minutes” ends up transforming into 30 minutes.

Becoming a faster runner:

It’s no secret that over time, my running performance has gone from average to a hot a** mess. We can use my 6+ hr NYC Marathon performance as a key example.

Some solutions:

  • More speedwork. Honestly, I tend to slack off with my speed workouts when training for half or full marathons. While speedwork is easier (compared to 10+ mile long runs) for me, I tend to have the mentality of: Oh, missing one speed workout will not be a problem. However, it becomes a problem when I say that every week.
  • Start running with folks, especially those who are better runners. Yes, I know many runners say that you should be running against yourself (or the clock) and not other runners. However, I think running with other folks (in a somewhat competitive manner) will force me to push myself. While I’m fine with doing my own training runs, I have noticed that I tend to slack off during most all of my runs.


I will say this has been the biggest thorn in my side. Also, I think this ties into the other two things that I’ve mentioned. For one, I’d probably be a better runner if I could drop a few pounds. Back when I first started running in 2010 (or was it 2011), I probably was at least 20 pounds lighter. Man, those pounds sure creep up on you over 12 years.

Some solutions . . . that I will probably screw up.

  • Stop eating so damn much . . . junk.
  • Take intermittent fasting seriously. Back in 2016 (or was it 2017), I was very much into intermittent fasting (16 hr fast / 8 hr feeding window). I probably lost about 10 pounds just doing that alone. The benefits were great for a couple of reasons. One, I had energy throughout the day (well . . . once I got used to having my first meal around 2/3 pm). Two, I would become full with smaller portions. At one point, I would order only an appetizer or two when eating at restaurants because regular entree portions would be too much food for me. It’s a little funny. I started intermittent fasting as giving up something for Lent (40 days/night). When I saw the benefits, I kept it going until my birthday getaway (mid-June) in Cancun. Hell no, I was not going to ‘starve’ myself at an all-inclusive resort. I’m gonna get my money’s worth by eating and (adult) drinking everything in sight. Si, señor! I would love to have two shots of tequila with my morning coffee and a sweet, sugary ass margarita with a vodka floater with my huge plate of chilaquiles. Gracias.
  • Shoot there was one more thing I was going to add.

Question(s) for the Day?

-What part of running do you wish you were better at?

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  1. I wish I was better at the other stuff around running – yoga, weight training and cross-training. I can run any time, in fact if I don’t want to do a run I take it seriously and don’t as there’s usually something wrong (I’m about to come down with a cold, etc.). But I find it so hard to make myself do online yoga now (was fine when I had a class), get the weights out or do bodyweight exercises.


  2. I need to get back into a regular routine of doing yoga. They used to offer it at my gym but then it closed during the pandemic and the other gym I joined only offers remote classes, which I’m not so good at doing. I think if I just put it in my schedule and actually start doing it at the same day and time I used to do it in person it might work (in theory).

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  3. I wish I liked morning runs more. It wouldn’t matter if I laid everything out nothing will get me out of a warm bed on a cold morning unless it’s Jason forcing me because we’re training for something. Fortunately that’s not the case this winter!

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