Random Thoughts

-Yes, I know that I’m a day late for random thoughts, but better late than never.

-Why do I feel guilty over not running while tapering, but not so guilty when I’m actually supposed to run during a training program? That said, we are about 10 days away from NYC Marathon, and the nerves are hitting.

-Oh I bought new shoes for NYC Marathon. Since I’m in the green wave, I went with buying a pair of green shoes. Note, the shoes did not appear so bright on the website. Before folks flip out, my new shoes are the same brand and model of the shoe (New Balance 860s or are they 880s) that I have been training with. The only difference – they are newer and in a different color.

-Why the hell are race registration fees so high? Ok, I understand that a lot goes into organizing these races (eg city permits, police overtime, staff, SWAG, etc.), but come on!

The Chesapeake Bay Bridge 10K

Seriously $95 to run 10K over a bridge (without any fluid stations) AND parking is $10-$15 extra?!!! LOL. I was considering this race because I thought that it would be cool to run across one of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel’s bridges. While looking up the route, I was like why is this shit near Annapolis, Maryland? Turns out there is a Chesapeake Bay Bridge (Maryland) AND a Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel (Virginia).

-Another interesting, but overpriced race. Basically, folks are paying $75 to run a glorified Halloween fun run.

-To make it worse, virtual races are just as expensive. For the Wicked 10K, the virtual version is $65?!!! I get you are paying for the medal, the tech T, and shipping costs, but are these things THAT expensive? No matter the distance, I do not think a virtual run should be more than $35.

-I’m a bit disappointed with the finisher’s shirt for NYC Marathon 2022. It’s so plain and generic. I mean, use another color other than white at the bare minimum. C’mon folks.

-I’m not surprised by this news, but I did not win a lottery spot in TCS London Marathon.

Let see if I’ll have a shot with Berlin’s or Chicago’s lotteries.

-Speaking of marathons. Since I know NYC Marathon will be a hot mess for me, I need to redeem myself. Soooooo, I registered for the Newport News One City Marathon, which at $95 is not too pricey for my cheap a**.

-Sometimes, Today with Hoda & Jenna makes my ass itch with its cooking segments. Really, pizzadillas (pizza + quesadilla)? Um isn’t a pizza essentially an open-faced quesadilla.

What are they going to feature next? Hot Ham Water? Fans of Arrested Development might know the hot ham water reference – “it’s so watery with a hint of ham”

Question(s) for the Day?

-What do you think about race registration fees? Are they too high or am I just being cheap?

-Are you dressing up for Halloween? If so, what are you dressing as?

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  1. I didn’t get into London either – and am relieved, really, although I did look for 10 minutes into doing it for charity, leading me to Google “womb costumes” as I wanted to do it for Endometriosis UK. Anyway.

    I dressed up today for parkrun – we had a Halloween theme and I was timekeeping, I had been saying to a core team friend it’s a shame I didn’t have a scythe and he said, “Oh, I have one I can lend you” then, “(It’s plastic)” so I had a scythe and made an hourglass out of a drawing I did and laminated, then wore some vaguely scary makeup and put my hood up: Old [Mother] Time. We had pumpkins and a power ranger and all sorts, very amusing!


  2. It’s the Holiday weekend and I’m finally getting to most of my emails. 😉
    Race fees have gotten crazy and like you, for the most part I get it. But $95 for a 10K and you pay to park? Come on.
    It’s that time of year when many races are giving big discounts. Some races are many months out and a lot can happen. But I’m finding half marathons for $69 and even a full marathon for $89! Signing up for a half in March is still 4 months out.
    I always get excited and sign up for a lot of races between now and New Years.
    It’s the best way to fight inflation! 😉

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