Random Thoughts Thursday

-I’m such a nut. The other day while running, I saw a guy wearing a Crawlin’ Crab finisher t-shirt and was like that looks like a cool race . . . maybe I’ll register for it. Turns out I did register for it (back in early August), AND the half marathon is this weekend. OPPPPSSSS.

-Never tell my dad that I said he was right. Back when I got my first car in 1996 (a 1986 Mustang), he told me to always keep a roll of quarters in the car for emergencies. Cell phones really weren’t a thing for teens back then. The other day, I had to inflate my newish car’s tires, but the credit card reader for the air machine was broken. Don’t worry because I had my roll of quarters. Actually, it worked well because I needed 16 quarters to inflate all four tires. 🙂 That reminds me, I need to get another roll of quarters. 😉

-What is it about Chik-fil-a that makes people want to wait in a drive-thru line for 30+ minutes? Y’all better get some damn Dino Buddies and Chick-fil-a’s “Polynesian” sauce from the grocery store and call it a day.

-My smart mouth ass: The hubby mentioned that he wanted to study over the weekend for his written driving test (long story). I was like Jeez if these d*mbass teenagers can pass this thing, you should not have any problem. So, I took one of the sample tests and missed five out of forty questions. Ummmm . . . you can miss only six questions and still pass.

-FYI: I did not know driving with your hands at 10 and 2 on the steering wheel is bad. I guess because of airbags, it is recommended that you drive at 8 and 4 (I got that question wrong). Later, I tried 8 and 4, but it felt so uncomfortable.

-My “friend”, the rabbit (I’m gonna call him Sebastian), has returned!!!! I saw him while I was getting ready for a 6:00 am workout. Maybe his work schedule has changed so he can longer greet me during my 10:30 – 11:00 pm smoke break.

-Great pour, huh?

This describes me perfectly.

Question(s) for the Day?

-Have you watched Dahmer on Netflix? If so, what did you think about it? While I saw a few of the episodes (and probably will end up watching the whole series), I did question if there is really a need for another TV series or documentary about Dahmer. What other information will this series give us? His favorite color? His favorite plant?

-What fall TV shows are you watching?

-Have you picked out a Halloween costume?

-Do this happen to you?

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  1. In other news, of course you already know this – Crawlin’ Crab was cancelled. So now you have another year to forget about it!
    My sister is watching Dahmer. She says it’s interesting but seriously what else can be said?

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  2. Yes! I am very good at snatching late from the jaws of early!

    We’re watching Strictly Come Dancing and the associated weeknight 30 minute show with training updates and interviews, it’s exhausting. We have our Black History Month this month and the fun quiz show “I’m sorry I didn’t know” is on (Black participants with token White ones answer questions about Black history), and Taskmaster has just restarted. Not sure I’ll have time to work AND read …

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    • I’m going have to use that saying: snatching late from the jaws of early.

      As you probably know, we have our Dancing with the Stars, which used to be one of my guilty pleasures. However, I think they should change the name to Dancing with almost stars.

      Speaking of reading, I’m bummed (as you might say, gutted) because I 99.9% sure that I have lost a library book. 😦

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  3. We reactivated Netflix for one month to watch the latest seasons of Stranger Things and Cobra Kai. Now we’re watching new seasons of Reservation Dogs and Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu.

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  4. No Dahmer for me. But we are watching the White Lotus, She-Hulk, and some other show I’m blanking on right now.

    We don’t usually dress up for Halloween, but we bought matching Kangaroo costumes solely so we could put Harvey in a Kangaroo cap and carry him around in our pouches.


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