Random Thoughts Thursday

-To the folks who are planning on wearing white shoes from here until Easter Sunday, Serial Mom has something to tell you.

-Yay for cooler temperatures. Hopefully, this means that I will be a bit more productive while training for NYC Marathon.

-Speaking of the marathon, I really need to start making my travel plans ASAP. I kind of forgot that I will need to do more planning for this year’s marathon because I no longer have the luxury of living in NYC.

-Come on, local morning show. That thing on the right is supposed to be a shrimp?!! I guess this is more of an issue with the Kiwanis Club of Williamsburg since they brought that thing to the Hampton Roads Show (HRS).

-Jokes aside, Shrimp Feast is a pretty good deal. Only $40 for all you can consume shrimp, hushpuppies, coleslaw, baked beans, hotdogs, water, and soda.

-In the suburbs, are you allowed to hunt bunny rabbits? This fella (or gal) hangs out on the front lawn every night. While I don’t have it often, I LOVE eating rabbit. BTW: My mother in law makes a delicious rabbit paella. Sorry for the distorted image, WordPress’s cropping tool is kind of crappy.

-Vacation bucket list item.

-This is so true now that I live in Virginia Beach.

Question(s) for the Day?

-Do you follow the rule of no white after Labor Day?

-Have you ever eaten rabbit.

-Do you have any vacation bucket list items?

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  1. did the NYC Marathon so many years ago. an amazing way to see all 5 boroughs in one morning, and the music on the route was amazing (Marcus Garvey Park was rocking)…I can’t remember the name of the hotel I stayed at (Rutherford?) was glad I did it before Boston, security was easier to deal with on Staton Island though….

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  2. I do follow the no white shoes after Labor Day rule. Yes to have eaten rabbit as well. My dad and brother used to hunt when I was a kid (mostly deer but sometimes rabbit and squirrels).
    I should be able to experience the midnight sun next summer when I (hopefully) go to Iceland. I have a whole long list of travel bucket items, probably not too surprising to you.
    You’re a true New Yorker if you think $40 for the shrimp feast is a good deal. I guess people there must pay it though.

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  3. I don’t think I’ve ever owned a white shoe in my life! Ha! Apart from trainers.

    Talking marathons, I’ve decided I WILL go into the ballot for London, even tho the ballot opens 1 Oct and the marathon will be c. 23 Apr and I am NOT marathon-training ready. But you get 8 hours and it’s LONDON and what if this year was the year I was destined to get in, right? Am I a fool? I’ll jeff it, and the training, so between that and the 8 hour thing …

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    • Oh, the no white after Labor Day also includes white pants, skirts, dresses, and pretty much anything you wear below the waist.

      For the marathon, you could always do some sort of walk-run combination and finish under 8 hours.

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  4. never eaten rabbit, we have bunnies in the yard but would never eat them, they are friends not food in our house (finding nemo reference LOL). not sure if you can hunt them in your own yard, but think shooting up the yard may be against some laws? you can probably catch them other ways? look forward to the next update on that!

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