Food Pics of the Week

Captain Groovy’s Grill & Raw Bar (***)

8101 Shore Dr., Norfolk, VA 23518

This will be a quick and simple Food Pics of the Week entry. The husband and I stopped by the place for a quick lunch before I had to drop him off for one of his job interviews. We stopped by this place because it was near the place where the hubby’s interview would be conducted.

I gotta say this was the best bread pudding that I’ve ever had in my life.

No, I did not have only dessert for lunch. For my regular lunch, I had a crab cake sandwich with french fries. Honestly, the crab cake sandwich was a bit mediocre – especially for an area that is known for crab dishes.

It’s kind of funny that I did not care for bread pudding growing up, but now it’s my crack . . . when done properly.

Question(s) of the Day:

-Do you have a dessert that you hated (or disliked) as a kid, but now love as an adult?

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