Eurovision 2023 – We have a country!!!

In water is wet news, it was announced that the UK will host Eurovision 2023!!! I said this is ‘water is wet’ news because something was announced saying the BBC would work with the Ukrainian broadcaster to put on a great show . . . or something like that a month or two ago.

Image courtesy of NPR

The country that wins Eurovision has the opportunity to host the following year’s contest. Although Ukraine won Eurovision 2022 (ESC22), the powers that be decided that the UK, the runner-up, should host since Ukraine is currently at war with Russia and there is no end in sight.

Image courtesy of Eurovision World

The winning song: Kalush Orchestra Stefania

The runner up: Sam Ryder Space Man

Of course, this announcement has been met with some drama.

Ukraine will be at peace by the time Eurovision 2023 rolls around

There are folks who still believe that the contest should be held in Ukraine as a way to show Ukrainians that Europe still supports them. A contest like this takes a lot of planning so it’s absolutely ridiculous that some folks feel that it still should be held in Ukraine even though we have no idea when Russia’s invasion will end. That said, I hope it ends soon.

Also (my personal opinion), if I was from Ukraine, I would be pissed off if my country allocated funds for a song contest. You know, funds that could be used for supplies to help my country’s people. Yes, Eurovision is a great way to increase tourism to a country during May, but how many folks will actually travel to Ukraine while they are at war (or immediately after one)?

Ukraine will win Eurovision 2023 through sympathy votes

Since some folks feel that Ukraine deserves to host Eurovision 2023 because of its ESC22 win, some are saying that folks will vote out of sympathy (again) this year or each year until Ukraine has the opportunity to host the contest. Although this is probably an unpopular opinion, I kind of agree that Ukraine won ESC22 (mostly) out of sympathy. That said, I do believe they would have placed in the top 10 even without the war.

The top ten overall finishers, televotes, and jury votes

Image courtesy of ESC Daily

Just look at the difference in the televotes for Ukraine (429) versus Moldova (239), the country with the 2nd most televotes. Honestly, I think Ukraine could have submitted a recording of waves crashing on a shore and still would have won. Maybe, I’m being someone of a hater because I find the lead singer of Kalush Orchestra a bit arrogant. Ok, enough ranting.

To be really honest, I do not think Ukraine should have competed in ESC22, but hear me out. Instead, I think Ukraine should have performed as an interval act for the contest instead. That way, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), could have donated a portion of the money collected from the televotes to Ukraine’s defense efforts. In my opinion, I think this shows more solidarity and support than handing Ukraine a glass trophy and giving them a slim possibility of hosting next year’s contest. A glass trophy that the winners eventually auctioned to raise money for Ukraine’s war efforts. It’s like “I know your country is suffering through an unjust war, but here is a trophy to make you feel better.”

How much of ESC23 should be influenced by Ukraine and by the UK?

Some feel that the contest should be 100% Ukrainian even though ESC23 will be held in the UK. I really disagree with this. I mean if someone throws a party in my house, I’m damn sure going to be involved with the planning . . . especially if I’m contributing financially. I’m actually looking forward to a Eurovision that will have a taste of two countries in one contest. Here are a few ideas that I hope will be incorporated into ESC23:

  • Have four presenters – two from the UK and two from Ukraine. But not the two blond dudes that co-hosted when the contest was held in Ukraine in 2017.
  • Depending if there is an even number of countries participating, half of the video postcards can be from Ukraine with the other half from the UK.
  • One semifinal’s interval can be Ukraine-inspired and the other UK-inspired. The final could have inspiration from both countries with performances from Kulush Orchestra 🇺🇦and Sam Ryder 🇬🇧.
  • Crap there was something else I was thinking of but I forgot. 😦

The UK shouldn’t host because it’s not in Europe

Comments like this were probably some of the dumbest that I’ve seen. The UK left the EU, not the European continent.

What’s next (I šta ćemo sad?, in Serbian)

War and drama aside, I am looking forward to ESC23. Now the next question is which city in the UK will host ESC23? Here are the 16 cities in the running to host next year’s contest: Aberdeen, Belfast, Birmingham, Brighton, Bristol, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, London, Newcastle, Nottingham, Sheffield, and Wolverhampton.

Eurovision playlists from the UK and Ukraine:

The UK


Ruslana’s Wild Dances and Go-A’s Shum are my favs. Note that Ruslana won Eurovision back in 2004. Ok, so her vocals were not that great, but it was a fun performance. According to the hubby, the late 90s and the early 00s were the bad years of Eurovision.

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  1. We’ve (Birmingham) hosted it before so there’s a bit of hysteria. Although we’re all about the Commonwealth Games at the moment so it’s calmed down. I think Ukraine will win again, yup.

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