Random Thoughts Thursday – Meme & Photo Bomb

Interesting, I share a birthday with my home state. However, I think that I knew that at some point in my life.


Although I was not really feeling the 4th of July this year mainly because of the most recent Supreme Court rulings, I did a few of my traditions in a very low-key fashion: 1. Had a hot dog at Dallas BBQ, 2. Watched Nathan’s 4th of July Hotdog Eating Contest at a bar (the bar was a couple of blocks from the restaurant), 3. Watched Independence Day (the hubby made the mistake and reminded me of that tradition), and 4. Watched Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular at home. Regarding the spectacular, I kept telling the husband: Oooohhh, they spend money on this shit. FYI: Dallas BBQ is not an authentic bbq place in NYC. In fact, it’s a place that you visit when you want to have big ass frozen drinks while eavesdroping on some of the most IGNORANT ass conversations known to man.

Speaking of the hotdog eating contest . . . Never come between Joey Chestnut (the reigning champion for the past 15 yrs) and his hotdogs.

A few animal rights activists stormed the stage during the contest. What is with this country and storming sh*t? I gotta give Joey his props because he took down a protester and managed to eat 46 more hotdogs for a total of 63 hotdogs in 10 minutes.

Since most places in NYC are all about reducing plastic waste, I was shocked when this restaurant served my margarita with a plastic straw. This might be lame, but I was actually excited over my plastic straw. I mean, do you know how annoying it is to drink a frozen drink with a paper straw?

On Sunday night I went to get some fresh air on the stoop of my apt building. By “fresh air”, I mean have a cigarette. When going back into my building, I noticed this bird on the front entrance door. Ok . . . so I have a slight fear of birds when they are really close to me. Immediately, I jumped back. Trying not to risk the bird attacking as I enter the apartment building, I threw a few rocks at the door. I was not trying to hurt the bird with the rocks, but I was hoping that the rocks would vibrate the door enough so the bird would fly away. The bird did not budge so I tested my luck, got my key ready, and ran like hell to unlock the door and enter the building. Since the bird never moved, I think something was wrong with it because they are often skittish. Also, this occurred around 9/10 pm, and I do not think that I’ve ever seen a bird out and about at night.

Now, the weird part.

The next day, someone in our street’s Slack group uploaded a video of the kids on our block finding a similar bird (hours before my encounter with the bird above) in distress and naming it Oreo. However, it died so one of the parents buried it near my apartment building. So I have a couple of theories:

  1. The bird that I encountered was looking for his friend, Oreo.
  2. Since both birds looked very similar, the bird that I encountered was the zombie version of Oreo.

Question(s) for the Day?

-How did you celebrate the 4th of July (if you celebrated)?

-What are some random thoughts in your head?

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  1. Normally we watch Independence Day as well but did a first and a stereotypical American thing to do at that but went and saw a local baseball game. They were offering a free concert by the York Symphony orchestra and fireworks after but our butts were too sore to sit anymore after the game. I will say I’m not sure there was much to celebrate this year… Freedom to take away women’s rights seems to have been the theme.

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