NYC Marathon Training Wk 1

Planned Miles: 22

Completed Miles: 21

Someone in one of my FB running groups posted this meme. Just as an FYI, I’m the Black dude in the back of the meme. πŸ˜‰ Here’s the original picture from which the meme is based.

It’s on like Donkey Kong

I think that my first week of NYC Marathon 2022 training went very well. Of course, it went well because the first week is the easiest week. I’ll admit that I do not feel so confident coming into this training season, but that’s 100% my fault. My fault because I did not put in a lot of groundwork during my pre-marathon training season, so I feel like I’m really starting from scratch. Actually, what are two levels below starting from scratch? For example, my 8.5 mi long was a struggle because I did a 1/10th of a mile recovery walk after each mile. I guess it was not too horrible of an attempt because according to my training goal, I still stayed within my long run time range of 11:31-12:55 min/mi.

Yes, I know these numbers are from the first quarter, which should have been accomplished in March. I’m just a few months behind my 2022 running goals. πŸ˜‰

I guess y’all are right: waking up earlier is the best way to get the long run out of the way. πŸ˜‰

You gotta fake it (with the smile) to make it at 6:34 am on a Sunday morning. Technically, I wanted to do my long run on Saturday, but I had a little too much fun hanging out with friends on Friday night (yes, there were shots were involved) and did not rise to the occasion on Saturday morning. While my running plan calls for Sunday long runs, I like planning my long runs for Saturdays. You know, just in case something happens on Saturday (well Friday night) then I have Sunday as a buffer. Come to think about it. Since we’ll be moving to VA in a couple of weeks, I do not think that I will have too many issues with missing my Saturday long runs.

I’ll say my worst run this week was my Friday easy 3-mile run. It was my worst run for the week because I could not get out to do the run until 12 pm when it was hot as hell.


Oh, I think this is the first time that I finished a Runchat scavenger hunt.

NYC Marathon 2022 Training Plan:

Image from Hal Higdon Training (Link ***)

Goals for the week:

-Return to daily stretching and foam rolling.

-Try to have at least one FULL day of clean eating.

-Return to my Core de Force MMA workouts.

Questions of the Day:

-Are you training for any fall half or full marathons?

Social Media Plug:

Random and LOL: It seems like I’m doing Instagram wrong because I’m actually losing followers.


  1. The quarterly running goals chart – did you make it or someone make it for you? I love the layout even though I only run half marathons and wouldn’t need the marathon times.

    Good job getting up early. It truly does make a difference!

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  2. I always get a kick out of the fact that your worst running days are better than my best activity days. Yes, I am finally beginning to train for my first marathon. I am starting out walking 10 minutes a day at a moderate pace. I figure I will be fully trained and ready to run a marathon in about 150 years.

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    • One thing I’ve learned, never compare your training or races to someone else’s. Hey, it’s perfectly fine to walk a marathon . . .it’s all about finishings. No wait, it’s all about making it to the start line. πŸ™‚


  3. Well done! And I was out at 6.24 this morning, so I beat you (by an extra 5 hours of course too) although I actively like going out early.

    Both my major running buddies are going to be unavailable in July so I think I’m going to go for more and shorter runs, probably before breakfast, as I find long lone ones difficult. We’ll see.

    Keep on going! And best of luck with the move, of course, too. Have you found somewhere to live yet?

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    • Finding a place was not an issue because I paid off and now own my deceased mother’s house so we’ll stay there until we figure out the next step (ie finding a job).

      We’re going to need the luck that you are sending over for the move. Have a nice week.

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      • Oh good news you have somewhere to go and it’s paid off so you don’t need to worry too much. Oodles of luck for the move and settling, though!


  4. I’m signed up for a new half marathon on Oct. 8th. It’s a figure 8 looking course (more interesting than out and back) that should have rolling hills in farm country, my preferred type of course!


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